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Arenacross-Lites(250f/250T) - Top 40 Qualify

1Steven Pierce13273CPrivateer 0:21.695
2Chris Santino2083BMotoStar 0:22.078
3Unclaimed Account8573CPrivateer 0:22.117
4Chris Schmieder321BMotoStar 0:22.242
5Austin Wansick16556CPrivateer 0:22.257
6George Hodkinson6222BHeckman Productions 0:22.265
7Jeremy Atkinson5381BMonster Energy Yamaha 0:22.328
8David Wright15131APrivateer 0:22.492
9Ricky Williams14444BPrivateer 0:22.531
10Dima Pavluchenkov4970CPrivateer 0:22.851
11Sergey Kurashev13104CPrivateer 0:22.867
12Colton Steiger5443CPrivateer 0:22.890
13Tanner Thorsen16669CPrivateer 0:23.828
14Tony Rubio4455BTM Factory-Racing 0:23.914
15Davis Hughes3305CPrivateer 0:24.171
16Jes Colman307CTM Factory-Racing 0:24.570
17Brayden Rabalais11879CPrivateer 0:24.742
18Mike Smith15870CPrivateer 0:24.789
19Aaron Vargas14986CPrivateer 0:24.828
20Kennedy Wilson17506CMotion MX 0:25.117
21Jeff Carollo16324CPrivateer 0:25.421
22Phil Doyon14561BPrivateer 0:27.617
23Kyle LaFrance17338CPrivateer 0:27.890
24Jarno Aalders11645CPrivateerNo Sessions
25Andrew Thacker16973CPrivateerNo Sessions

Supermini(125) - Top 40 Qualify

1Tayler Belle7094CART/Reflexx Designs 0:21.898
2Brandon Hedge10326ARithMx 0:22.812
3Bryan Hedge16864CPrivateer 0:23.187
4Parker Rasmussen6687CPrivateer 0:23.335
5Max Prokhorov12603BPrivateer 0:23.468
6Collin Mckinney13198CPrivateer 0:23.703
7ed kozak8532CPrivateer 0:23.726
8cody mckinney16917CPrivateer 0:25.289
9Jerad Shirley15393CPrivateer 0:25.757
10Kirill Plotnikov13107CPrivateer 0:26.109
11Taylor Davis3022CMotoStar 0:26.468
12Michael Worthley11210CPrivateer 0:26.906
13Paul Bratenski13108CPrivateer 0:27.554

Arenacross-Lites Results

1Dima Pavluchenkov497025
2Chris Santino208322
3George Hodkinson622220
4Austin Wansick1655618
5Phil Doyon1456116
6Jeremy Atkinson538115
7Steven Pierce1327314
8August Sanders213
9Chris Schmieder32112
10Ricky Williams1444411
11Taylor Davis302210
12Jeff Carollo163249
13Michael Worthley112108
14Bryan Hedge168647
15Brandon Hedge103266
16Aaron Vargas149865

Supermini Results

1Brandon Hedge1032625
2Max Prokhorov1260322
3Chris Schmieder32120
4George Hodkinson622218
5ed kozak853216
6Tayler Belle709415
7Phil Doyon1456114
8Bryan Hedge1686413
9Taylor Davis302212
10Ricky Williams1444411
11Jeff Carollo1632410
12Michael Worthley112109
13Paul Bratenski131088
14Aaron Vargas149867
15Parker Rasmussen66876

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