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Open(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1James Armstrong4591APrivateer 1:24.796
2Dima Pavluchenkov4970CPrivateer 1:27.328
3Triston Wyatt12434CDead Meat Racing 1:27.507
4Grant Dawson10828CDead Meat Racing 1:28.101
5jt dee15235BPrivateer 1:28.562
6George Hodkinson6222BHeckman Productions 1:28.781
7Alex Heckman18576AHeckman Productions 1:29.023
8Grant Slater14586CPrivateer 1:29.140
9Roman Rositani18967CDead Meat Racing 1:29.210
10James McKie4448CPrivateer 1:29.289
11Alex Carlo3950AMotoChasin 1:29.375
12Jeremi Seabolt9061APrivateer 1:29.414
13Ty Smith11180CPrivateer 1:30.304
14Johnnie McIntyre17547CDead Meat Racing 1:30.328
15Dustin Biland17466CPrivateer 1:30.617
16Conner Peavy14821BBPC 1:30.765
17Aaron Bonneau17548ADead Meat Racing 1:31.304
18Bronson Gasparian6331ATagger Designs 1:31.343
19Gregory van Hoeve6574APrivateer 1:31.375
20Rush Chapman14794AMotoChasin 1:31.445
21Dwayne Cusano18759CFFMX Racing 1:31.453
22Nick Kuenzig16791CHeckman Productions 1:31.906
23Caleb Stillman12216CDead Meat Racing 1:32.179
24Ethan Parks17880ADead Meat Racing 1:33.023
25brock hardy3325APrivateer 1:33.476
26Hunter Hawkins13251CPrivateer 1:33.781
27Bo VanWyngarden13210CPrivateer 1:34.109
28Walter Gebhardt12235APrivateer 1:35.039
29Unclaimed Account6842CPrivateer 1:35.875
30will clark11019CFantom MX 1:36.367
31Owen Payne2108CPrivateer 1:36.968
32Manuel Wiedmann10673CPrivateer 1:37.664
33Jeffrey Johnson5906CDead Meat Racing 1:37.703
34jake webb12163CPrivateer 1:37.835
35Aaron Moudry14827CPrivateer 1:38.523
36Johnny Grant17726CPrivateer 1:38.539
37Fredrik Langagergaard12475APrivateer 1:39.125
38parker allen14948BPrivateer 1:39.890
39Steven Drew15693CPrivateer 1:42.109
40Evan Berwick11323AMotoOption Clothing! 1:42.296
41John Dagan8589CPrivateer 1:43.921
42Nick Carvalho12802BGYTR Yamaha 1:44.351
43Angelo Cribari17564CDead Meat Racing 1:45.890
44Robert Galloway5395CPrivateer 1:46.382
45Dylan Copeland5675BTagger Designs 1:46.609
46Ryan Turner17899BArchitech Designs 1:49.039
47Rowdy Houston17764CPrivateer 2:06.421
48alex cuntingham7878CPrivateerNo Sessions
49Jerry Robin13308ATagger DesignsNo Sessions
50Matthew Sanders18770CFifth Pinned RacingNo Sessions

Open Results

1James McKie444845
2Grant Dawson1082845
3Ty Smith1118040
4George Hodkinson622234
5Aaron Bonneau1754829
6Ethan Parks1788028
7Roman Rositani1896723
8Nick Kuenzig1679122
9Bronson Gasparian633121
10Rush Chapman1479420
11jt dee1523519
12Evan Berwick1132318
13Dustin Biland1746618
14Josh Boaz684217
15Caleb Stillman1221616
16Dwayne Cusano1875912
17Alex Heckman1857610
18Owen Payne21088
19Bo VanWyngarden132106
20Grant Slater145866
21parker allen149483
22Angelo Cribari175642

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