We are MXSLobby

More widely known as FlowTech

Custom Dashboard

Our dashboard allows for full control of your server from any web browser.

Fair Pricing

All servers cost $15 per month. This price allows us to keep paying for dedicated server hardware and all other expenses that go along with running a website.

Secure Card Information

Payments are set up through PayPal, so none of your financial information is stored by us.

Fully Responsive

Our dashboard is fully responsive. That means it scales to fit all different types of devices and screen sizes.

Built-in Support

Simply click a button to get support from a staff member or developer. There are also many support articles which will be suggested immediately by the search bar based on your question.

Latest Server Updates

We update the servers as quickly as we can when a new update is officially released. This means we are always quick to support the newest server features.

Watch the Overview Video

FlowTech Server Control Panel - Version 1.0 Update

The control panel is finally out of beta! It has been completely rewritten and is finally in a state where I feel comfortable enough to give it the official 1.0 release title. Since this video was made, track presets, server logs, and the ability to let others access your control panel were all added.

Watch the 1.1 Update Video

FlowTech Server Control Panel - Version 1.1 Update

Here's an overview of all the stuff that has been added since the last video.

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Feature List

Full list of features available in the current release. May be missing some of the newest features.

  • Completely Custom Control Panel
  • Mobile Optimized Mode
  • View Server Stats in Dashboard
  • Unlimited Player Slots
  • Let Friends Use Your Control Panel
  • Live Timing
  • Player List w/ Commands
  • Live Updating Player List
  • Broadcast Messages to Entire Server or a Single Rider
  • Editable Ban List
  • Drag and Drop Upload Trackinfo Files
  • Editable Track List
  • Track List Presets
  • Track List Changes Update In-Game Without Shutting Down the Server
  • Customized Settings
  • Drag and Drop Upload Scripts
  • Execute/Preview/Edit Scripts
  • Download Server-Recorded Demos (Archives Cleaned Every Few Months)
  • Live Server Chat
  • Server Log
  • Race Hosting Apps
  • Host a Series on MXSLobby (Through Optional Add-on)
  • View Detailed Server Logs and Transaction Information
  • Much more!


All core server features are included, however there are
some additional features which can be purchased separately as an add-on.

Integrated Series Hosting - $5.99/month

Host a series through the MXSLobby website. Qualifying, sign-ups, results, and standings are integrated into the website. The server control panel can also automatically generate the scripts for races.

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