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250 Pro (125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Tyler Horvath2800APrivateer 1:02.500
2Tanner Rogers7877APrivateer 1:02.968
3Colby egeland23901BPrivateer 1:04.679
4Zoa Cross10610AMotoChasin 1:04.750
5Jack Zarse10854BPrivateer 1:05.578
6Ethan Howell15268APrivateer 1:05.710
7Rush Chapman14794AMotoChasin 1:05.945
8Jason Pama7106CPrivateer 1:06.109
9Gustavo Diniz3399APrivateer 1:06.359
10Jake Worden24316BMotoSavage 1:06.687
11Mack Spokes16908CPrivateer 1:07.882
12Clint Martin 17154ABPC 1:08.804
13Tyler Frye5597CPrivateer 1:08.812
14Austin Ecklund23267CPrivateer 1:08.867
15Zander Bigwood11486AMMoto 1:09.765
16Tallon Coane18892CPrivateer 1:13.093
17Colin Moore 19357CPrivateer 1:17.789
18Walter Gebhardt12235APrivateer 1:19.546
19Cody Branson15155AOfficial DeCal Works 1:22.945
20Alex Dodd18282CGet Dirty Racing 1:23.531
21Unclaimed Account3008CPrivateerNo Sessions
22Fredrik Langagergaard12475APrivateerNo Sessions
23Tyler Lang14539APrivateerNo Sessions
24NYASHA MUSARIRI17803CPrivateerNo Sessions
25patrick hartle23213BPrivateerNo Sessions

450 Pro (Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1James Armstrong4591APrivateer 1:02.054
2Alex Stinson12463CPrivateer 1:03.976
3eduardo simoes2048AMadCape 1:04.765
4Caden Speck17074CKeystone Racing 1:04.867
5Michail Ming-Woodley8479BMotion MX 1:05.203
6Brandon Roland23732CMotoSavage 1:05.851
7Jakob Hubbard23971BPrivateer 1:06.109
8Tom Paterson4458CPrivateer 1:06.328
9Anthony Twidle4100APrivateer 1:06.765
10blake curry2346A303 Kawasaki 1:08.218
11Jay Jones11066BPrivateer 1:08.718
12rasmus bemberg8592APrivateer 1:08.976
13eric kidney8694CPrivateer 1:20.179
14Garrett Olver17543BPrivateer 1:23.523
15Travis Dare21133CPrivateer 1:37.625
16Deegan Bannister21181CPrivateer 1:52.070
17Bailey Croom4880APrivateerNo Sessions
18colton mitchell6767AVurbmotoNo Sessions
19Bryce Whealon11838APrivateerNo Sessions
20jt dee15235BPrivateerNo Sessions
21William St-Laurent16254AMadCapeNo Sessions
22Kevin Ferzacca17299APrivateerNo Sessions
23Ethan Parks17880ADead Meat RacingNo Sessions
24Braden Carter18235A NovaGFX No Sessions
25Logan Leitzel19661AMGX GraphicsNo Sessions

250 Amateur(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1hayden stevenson23379BPrivateer 1:05.578
2Tom McHugh17332CPrivateer 1:05.695
3Alex Vusttos23629CSpanish MX Gamers 1:06.343
4Noah Karassy19791CNCK DECALS 1:06.453
5Steve Harris23215BPrivateer 1:06.531
6Phil Doyon14561BPrivateer 1:06.664
7fernando andrade3449CPrivateer 1:06.742
8carsyn forcum17002CPrivateer 1:07.054
9Austin bartlett18081CPrivateer 1:07.125
10Allyn Brooks1029BPrivateer 1:07.554
11Stephen Cameron10658CKeystone Racing 1:07.578
12Dakota French6217CPrivateer 1:07.765
13Dalton Witter18454BVertex 1:07.945
14Kyle Scott17417CKeystone Racing 1:08.210
15Jaxson Whetstone11959BPabst Blue Ribbon Racing 1:08.726
16Tanner Thorsen16669CPrivateer 1:08.960
17Charles Gable17611BPrivateer 1:08.960
18Justin Dye8287CPrivateer 1:09.101
19Luca Marsalisi16572CPrivateer 1:09.210
20Preston Taylor17377CPrivateer 1:09.468
21Andrew Lipsett18459BPrivateer 1:09.500
22Rowdy Houston17764CPrivateer 1:09.515
23Logan Heagney6521APrivateer 1:09.820
24Zach Easter23319CPrivateer 1:10.726
25Jayden Fabry17385CPrivateer 1:10.937
26byrd green14928CQuality Designs 1:10.984
27Blake Rowland21197BMotoSavage 1:11.093
28Reno Brennan14256BWilside Designs 1:11.140
29Jacob melton19865BPrivateer 1:11.140
30Kevin Gonzalez23185BPrivateer 1:11.804
31David Nolasco19863BMotoPro Graphics 1:11.820
32E M16888APrivateer 1:11.914
33Dar Bolicki16684CRedline Racing 1:12.148
34Junior Benevides20912CPowerDream 1:12.492
35Payson Johnson12870APrivateer 1:12.765
36Christoffer Bergman8029CPrivateer 1:13.335
37Thomas Stead24034CPrivateer 1:13.820
38James Beston14951CPrivateer 1:14.031
39Fisher Houston23266CPrivateer 1:14.171
40Bryce Foley18416CPrivateer 1:14.406
41Matthew Marguglio19387CPrivateer 1:14.460
42Lane Pierce7749CPrivateer 1:14.835
43Caleb Clark11831CFuel Clothing|FMF Honda 1:14.890
44Freddy Karlsson12577CPrivateer 1:15.812
45Ethan Olsen23759BXFR Motorsports 1:15.906
46Aleksander Silva10414CPrivateer 1:16.039
47Ethan Lenhardt21039CPrivateer 1:16.117
48Colton Durand12641CDCMX RIDERS 1:17.031
49Garett Crose24931CPrivateer 1:17.039
50stephen Quick2930CPrivateer 1:18.648
51Alexander lagerkvist11392CKulan Visual 1:18.687
52Lewis Hayward12969BPrivateer 1:19.125
53Nolan Keckley18746BPrivateer 1:19.296
54Braiden Ehle17003BPrivateer 1:20.078
55Greg McCann17079CPrivateer 1:20.578
56Kobe Herrick24552CPrivateer 1:23.703
57Ethan Holland16925CPrivateer 1:26.281
58Matis duchesneau22284CPrivateer 1:29.015
59Ian Brauning19909CKal-Gard Yamaha 1:32.445
60Trey Conant13947CPrivateer 1:36.187
61Lukas Reagan17661BPrivateer 1:37.054
62Matthias Thijsen21923CPrivateer 1:48.273
63Kristoffer Botilsrud24860CPrivateer 1:57.914
64Dean Reymen21924CPrivateer 2:27.343
65kalani racoma11270CPrivateer 2:45.195
66Dallas McConnell7044BPrivateerNo Sessions
67Ben Lake9718APrivateerNo Sessions
68Alec Weiand10739CPabst Blue Ribbon RacingNo Sessions
69Oliver Gjerding13462CPrivateerNo Sessions
70Mateus Felipe14053CSilverSkate No Sessions
71keith ball14956CPrivateerNo Sessions
72Dale Mullins15496CBPCNo Sessions
73jayden vacher15742CPrivateerNo Sessions
74Donald Hopper17364CPrivateerNo Sessions
75Robert Pink17914CPrivateerNo Sessions
76Jacob Heun19586CPrivateerNo Sessions
77tommy duchesneau20665CPrivateerNo Sessions
78Kyle Oftedahl23180CPrivateerNo Sessions

450 Amateur(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1André Marcondes Feitosa11361CPrivateer 1:03.750
2Carlos Beasley15805CRockyMountainATV/Mc 1:05.296
3Jett Wisdom18931BPrivateer 1:05.570
4clifford robinzine17877BPrivateer 1:05.617
5Nick Pomeroy20301BPrivateer 1:05.734
6Michael Geraci16811BPrivateer 1:06.210
7David Prevost6819CSkouad 1:06.585
8Kieran Hildebrand10808CPrivateer 1:06.648
9Unclaimed Account22433CPrivateer 1:06.671
10Ricky Williams14444BPrivateer 1:06.914
11Jake Fisher21230BRockyMountainATV/Mc 1:06.921
12Kam Goff19283CPrivateer 1:07.000
13Jake McCracken17731CPrivateer 1:07.015
14Tommy Dallaire19520BPrivateer 1:07.578
15Michael Hodge9575CPrivateer 1:07.625
16Josh Donaruma18747CPrivateer 1:08.023
17Morris Stevenson10335CPrivateer 1:08.132
18alex cuntingham7878CPrivateer 1:08.320
19logan boye19737CPrivateer 1:08.453
20jarno steegmans19627BFasthouse mx racing 1:08.625
21Jacob Gosche17019BPrivateer 1:08.953
22Carter Mckissick19926CPrivateer 1:09.718
23Jeremy Gwiozdowski7750CSPINC 1:10.304
24Justin Witteman8709CPrivateer 1:11.265
25Connor Wells20897BTavella Bros Racing 1:11.890
26Robert Kubat17031CPrivateer 1:12.078
27Dustin Mitchell23905CPrivateer 1:12.609
28Cameron Mitchell16561CPrivateer 1:12.992
29Casey Sanders 10150CPrivateer 1:13.640
30Gabriel Pilegi3787CPrivateer 1:14.734
31Dwayne Cusano18759CFFMX Racing 1:14.984
32Tyler Fogarasi24226CPrivateer 1:16.257
33Joaquin Morales19127CDouble Dank 1:16.695
34Martin Karlsson20024CPrivateer 1:17.398
35Tyler Nichols12071APrivateer 1:19.281
36Dylan Mecalis19126CTeam Voltage 1:19.367
37Cj Ruggero4720CPrivateer 1:19.468
38cole v18195BPrivateer 1:20.179
39Nick Pleshek1730CPrivateer 1:20.523
40Jesper Bredgaard 6286CPrivateer 1:20.757
41Hunter Plomb18901CPrivateer 1:26.226
42Jake Moszyk20699CPrivateer 1:27.031
43Ryan Ashman16403CMMoto 1:28.085
44bryan kelly11386CPrivateer 1:29.726
45kaden eversole14353CPrivateer 1:31.242
46Anders Kirial10886BPrivateer 1:34.718
47manu da silva20243CCLEVER SCHOOL 1:37.843
48kenny southerland18903CPrivateer 1:43.710
49Eric Burdell23344BVans 1:43.789
50James McKie4448CPrivateer 1:49.085
51mads kirial20490BPrivateer 2:01.000
52Kevin Davis2425CPOGONo Sessions
53Zachary Corbett3262CPrivateerNo Sessions
54Ty Lynch3661BPrivateerNo Sessions
55Zack Wells9227CCrushed MXNo Sessions
56spencer brooking18109CPrivateerNo Sessions
57lewis smith18241CPrivateerNo Sessions
58Dylan Hale20763CPrivateerNo Sessions
59Matt Miles22326CPrivateerNo Sessions
60jackson korableff23118CPrivateerNo Sessions
61Quinten McDaniel24002CRedline RacingNo Sessions

Open Novice(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Cameron Perkins14568CWCP Racing 1:08.046
2Dakota Washburn23340CWrigleys Motorsports 1:09.406
3michael mudge14924CTeam Toast 1:09.734
4Tyler Mcguire20231CPrivateer 1:10.093
5Jordan Crowder18885BPrivateer 1:11.039
6Blaine Stegenga23702BPrivateer 1:11.406
7TJ Jarvis13970CPrivateer 1:11.507
8Bradley Smith21414CPrivateer 1:11.585
9Brandon Crase17934BPrivateer 1:11.617
10Issac Morgan2249CPrivateer 1:11.976
11Guilherme Cabral14492CPowerDream 1:12.148
12Jack Clasen18139CTavella Bros Racing 1:12.507
13Rafael Moreno24707CPrivateer 1:12.695
14Wyatt Carter13203CWCP Racing 1:13.015
15Conner Pate18289BPrivateer 1:13.085
16Adam Robson16652CPrivateer 1:13.640
17Evan Welle19854CAEO Powersports 1:13.890
18Aaron Moudry14827CPrivateer 1:14.617
19wristin grigg21385BPrivateer 1:14.968
20Trey Brodersen24132CPrivateer 1:15.500
21Hayden Grimes24806BPrivateer 1:15.507
22Zachary Adams18905BTavella Bros Racing 1:15.531
23Evan Payer18744CPrivateer 1:16.054
24Jacob Baboolal20444CPrivateer 1:16.656
25Ian Farry16117CPrivateer 1:17.203
26Chris Ledbetter19930CCustom Specialties Motorsports 1:17.531
27Nathan Kennett23117CPrivateer 1:17.765
28Trey Smith20848CPrivateer 1:18.312
29Geovane Santos24047BDirtMX 1:18.742
30Tyler Bartlett23482CPrivateer 1:19.625
31Tas Hutch21887CPrivateer 1:19.687
32Dillon Holmes24824CPrivateer 1:20.156
33jack perry18306CPrivateer 1:20.500
34Aaron Stackhouse18405CPrivateer 1:21.179
35John Clement1572CPrivateer 1:21.710
36Brock Stewart19075CPrivateer 1:22.101
37Owen Adams22023CPrivateer 1:22.351
38Austin Brown17653BPrivateer 1:22.367
39Matt Damon17693CPrivateer 1:22.562
40tanner walker24195CPrivateer 1:23.250
41Unclaimed Account21470CPrivateer 1:25.156
42Hunter McClung23322C 1:25.281
43Colton Davie24489CPrivateer 1:26.593
44hunter braun19534CPrivateer 1:26.984
45Jackson craig14355CPrivateer 1:27.507
46Connor Papora19746CPrivateer 1:27.726
47Caden herch23813CPrivateer 1:29.281
48Tom Lees Jr.19228CPrivateer 1:29.437
49Cameron Campbell15409CMonster Energy/ Pro Circuit Kawasaki 1:30.414
50Scott Pugh24321CPrivateer 1:31.976
51Dillon Carlson17801CMNGRL Racing 1:33.859
52Joshua Brown7309CPrivateer 1:34.460
53Daniel Johnson2452CPrivateer 1:36.710
54thomas siesse24322CPrivateer 1:38.835
55Ernesto Cota 23601CPrivateer 1:39.023
56Tedward Sarangerel19029CPrivateer 1:40.140
57Brandon McCracken23041CRHK Motorsports 1:44.132
58cody akers15895CPrivateer 1:46.195
59Matthew Strong20351CPrivateer 1:47.242
60Wesley Oliveira21153CPRO RACE TV Husqvarna 1:50.835
61Braxton Knapp23492CPrivateer 1:56.726
62trevor TOMKINSON1373CTeam Toast 2:02.265
63Gustavo Lincon15676CGZ Grafx 2:28.859
64lucas alpaugh12382CPrivateerNo Sessions
65pedro lusitanos13542CPrivateerNo Sessions
66Zach Fischer15392CMXSD RacingNo Sessions
67bruce murphy15640CPrivateerNo Sessions
68Joel Melo15758CPowerDreamNo Sessions
69Micaias Ferreira17954CPrivateerNo Sessions
70jacob sterritt18688CPrivateerNo Sessions
71Unclaimed Account19818CPrivateerNo Sessions
72Robert Quesenberry21247CPrivateerNo Sessions
73Jacob Rothman23584CPrivateerNo Sessions
74Trey Brodersen24312CPrivateerNo Sessions

250 Pro Results

1Tyler Horvath280025
2Tanner Rogers787722
3Jake Worden2431620
4Jack Zarse1085418
5Colby egeland2390116
6Zoa Cross1061015
7Mack Spokes1690814
8Logan Heagney652113
9Jacob melton1986512
10Hayden Grimes2480611
11Gustavo Diniz339910

450 Pro Results

1James Armstrong459125
2Alex Stinson1246322
3broc pearson750820
4Jakob Hubbard2397118
5Brandon Roland2373216
6Tom Paterson445815
7Travis Dare2113314
8jayden vacher1574213

250 Amateur Results

1Dakota French621725
2Alex Vusttos2362922
3Phil Doyon1456120
4Dale Mullins1549618
5hayden stevenson2337916
6Logan Heagney652115
7Justin Dye828714
8Dalton Witter1845413
9Noah Karassy1979112
10Jacob melton1986511
11Stephen Cameron1065810
12Thomas Stead240349
13Preston Taylor173778
14Charles Gable176117
15Reno Brennan142566
16carsyn forcum170025
17Jaxson Whetstone119594
18Blake Rowland211973
19fernando andrade34492
20Allyn Brooks10291
21Kobe Herrick245521

450 Amateur Results

1André Marcondes Feitosa1136125
2Jake Fisher2123022
3Jett Wisdom1893120
4clifford robinzine1787718
5Jacob Gosche1701916
6Jake McCracken1773115
7Kam Goff1928314
8Robert Kubat1703113
9Michael Geraci1681112
10Cj Ruggero472011
11James McKie444810
12Kieran Hildebrand108089
13Carlos Beasley158058
14Dustin Mitchell239057
15Ty Lynch36616
16Joaquin Morales191275
17Justin Witteman87094
18Cameron Mitchell165613
19Zachary Corbett32622

Open Novice Results

1Dakota Washburn2334025
2Issac Morgan224922
3Conner Pate1828920
4Adam Robson1665218
5Guilherme Cabral1449216
6wristin grigg2138515
7Zachary Adams1890514
8jack perry1830613
9Trey Smith2084812
10Dillon Holmes2482411
11Brandon Crase1793410
12Trey Brodersen241329
13Cameron Perkins145688
14Geovane Santos240477
15Tas Hutch218876
16Tyler Bartlett234825
17Aaron Moudry148274
18Evan Welle198543
19tanner walker241952
20Matt Damon176931
21Blaine Stegenga237021

  • Name of Protested Rider:
  • UID of Protested Rider:
  • Demo Link:
  • Demo Time:
  • Type:

Protesting Rider: Phil Doyon

Protested Rider: Preston Taylor | Flexmoto(17377)

Protest Message: "He never moves (hes being lapped) and he goes from left to right.. "

Preston Taylor will be given a warning but I dont see enough blatant disregard for the blue flag as he just tried to hold his line as not to mess the leaders coming around behind him. We will keep an eye on it in further rounds but no suspension at this time.

Demo Time:7:20

Protesting Rider: Phil Doyon

Protested Rider: Fernando Andrade | PRORACE TV/ DIRTMX(3449)

Protest Message: "Fernando tries to pass me back (he literally races with me) and he end up making me crash at the end of rythem section"

Fernando showed no care for leaders around him and seemed to be targeting leading riders in multiple instances. Fernando will be under a 2 week suspension and will be closely watched in future rounds. Fernando will be able to sign up again in round 4 of the series.

Demo Time:9:35 to 9:55

Protesting Rider: Phil Doyon

Protested Rider: Fernando Andrade | PRORACE TV/ DIRTMX(3449)

Protest Message: "This is my 2nd protest against Fernando... he gets up and tries to race me again, i make a small mistake and he tried to triple in = caused me to crash again.. what an idiot seriously.."

Demo Time:10:05 to 10:20

Protesting Rider: Phil Doyon

Protested Rider: Thomas Stead | Privateer(24034)

Protest Message: "he knows im a leader and he takes the inside on me ... = i crash in the berm"

Thomas Stead will be given a warning as he had no idea that Doyon was actually a leader as there way 3 individuals in the corner. Though he did end up causing Doyon to crash. We advise that Stead is a little more cautious when getting lapped in future rounds.

Demo Time:10:25 to 10:32

Protesting Rider: Noah Karassy

Protested Rider: Dakota French/Mike French(6217/22433)

Protest Message: "Believe this is very unfair to us other riders as he races with two accounts"

The second account has been banned from racing the remainder of rounds in the series unless it is proven that it is another person and not Dakota French running a second account.

Demo Time:The Picture and Skype Evidence if needed