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Arenacross(125/250) - Top 32 Qualify

1André Santos8204APrivateer 0:27.421
2Dade Honeywell931APrivateer 0:27.703
3Conner Peavy14821BBPC 0:27.757
4Jeremi Seabolt9061APrivateer 0:27.851
5Sammy Holt2445AFlowTech Racing 0:28.109
6sol Coburn13150CPrivateer 0:28.187
7Gustavo Diniz3399APrivateer 0:28.281
8Diogo Pereira8351CPrivateer 0:28.414
9David Wright15131APrivateer 0:28.414
10Chase Blakely10410ABPC 0:28.492
11Olle Sundberg13088CPrivateer 0:28.632
12Ryan Burke12214APrivateer 0:28.828
13Brodie Carter10852APrivateer 0:28.929
14Josh Betts5604AMotoChasin 0:29.156
15Tanner Thorsen16669CPrivateer 0:29.289
16Tony Rubio4455BTM Factory-Racing 0:29.625
17Nick Carvalho12802BGYTR Yamaha 0:30.140
18tommy zimmerman15696BPrivateer 0:30.156
19Steven Sowry5754CPrivateer 0:30.671
20Hunter Mead11781CMotoChasin Mx 0:31.945
21Jackson Brown17827CPrivateer 0:33.765
22Jamie Kinna9656CTavella Bros Racing 0:40.031
23Greg McCann17079CPrivateer 0:50.695
24Gavin Smith10250BPrivateer 0:51.156
25fernando andrade3449CPrivateerNo Sessions
26Jimmy Freestyle4167CPrivateerNo Sessions
27Jarno Aalders11645CPrivateerNo Sessions
28Jordyn Anderson11945BPrivateerNo Sessions
29Nick Uzick12424APrivateerNo Sessions
30Khamar Glover16708BMotion MXNo Sessions

Arenacross Results

1André Santos820425
2Jeremi Seabolt906122
3eduardo simoes204820
4David Wright1513118
5Dade Honeywell93116
6Tony Rubio445515
7Chase Blakely1041014
8Conner Peavy1482113
9Gustavo Diniz339912
10Tanner Thorsen1666911
11Diogo Pereira835110
12Sammy Holt24459
13Jackson Brown178278
14Nick Carvalho128027

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