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Open(Open) - Top 24 Qualify

1Hunter Root8752APrivateer 0:36.851
2Brady Standley3452APrivateer 0:37.023
3Connor Lynds17192CPrivateer 0:37.101
4Devin Davis4275APrivateer 0:40.289
5Ethan Parks17880ADead Meat Racing 0:40.578
6Brent Heintzelman683APrivateer 0:43.250
7Tony Rubio4455BTM Factory-Racing 0:43.875
8Dima Pavluchenkov4970CPrivateer 0:43.992
9Weston Weets10532CPrivateer 0:44.757
10Elliot Phillips18161CPrivateer 0:45.046
11Zander Bigwood11486AMMoto 0:45.359
12Walter Gebhardt12235APrivateer 0:46.101
13michael mudge14924CTeam Toast 0:46.875
14Antonio Pallarés16172CPrivateer 0:47.359
15Tanner Thorsen16669CPrivateer 0:48.890
16Zachary Lerma4456BFlowTech Racing 0:50.562
17Sammy Holt2445AFlowTech Racing 0:52.562
18Zachery Nobrega2759BFlowTech Racing 0:56.234
19Dakota Money8543CPrivateer 1:01.859
20Thomas Jaz8626CPrivateer 1:06.203
21Madis Lepikov14555CPrivateer 1:06.218
22Joe Koenig17310CPrivateer 1:28.390
23Alex Carlo3950AMotoChasinNo Sessions
24Logan Heagney6521APrivateerNo Sessions
25Matthew Model10018BPOGONo Sessions
26Grant Dawson10828CDead Meat RacingNo Sessions
27Eneas Tavella10863BPrivateerNo Sessions
28Ty Loeman14639CNo Sessions
29Rush Chapman14794AMotoChasinNo Sessions
30jack Lea17615BPrivateerNo Sessions
31Rowdy Houston17764CPrivateerNo Sessions
32spencer brooking18109CPrivateerNo Sessions
33Jordan Moxey18285APrivateerNo Sessions
34Owen White18361CPrivateerNo Sessions
35Aleix Canals18986CPrivateerNo Sessions

Open Results

1Hunter Root875225
2Zachary Lerma445622
3Walter Gebhardt1223520
4Tony Rubio445518
5Rush Chapman1479416
6Dima Pavluchenkov497015
7Weston Weets1053214
8Tanner Thorsen1666913
9michael mudge1492412
10Zachery Nobrega275911
11Matthew Model1001810
12Ethan Parks178809

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