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Open(Open) - Top 35 Qualify

1Tanner Rogers7877APrivateer 1:54.484
2Conner Peavy14821BBPC 1:58.257
3Finn Collins12049AVurbmoto 1:58.328
4Hunter Root8752APrivateer 1:58.515
5Brady Standley3452APrivateer 1:58.531
6Chase Dunivant7418AMotoChasin 1:59.195
7Samuel Bergeron6315AMadCape 1:59.585
8cody penwell6443APrivateer 1:59.710
9Johnny Grant17726CPrivateer 2:00.257
10colton mitchell6767AVurbmoto 2:00.406
11Will Whiteley14553CPrivateer 2:00.828
12bobby bonds7254BPrivateer 2:02.406
13broc pearson7508CPrivateer 2:02.718
14Andrew O'Hagan4891CPrime Design Graphics 2:03.210
15Jack Fowler9092AMadCape 2:03.242
16Tyler Lang14539APrivateer 2:03.257
17Sean Klein18646ADead Meat Racing 2:03.289
18Benoit Krawiec10380CPrivateer 2:04.671
19Zoa Cross10610AMotoChasin 2:04.679
20Mitchell Culpepper4362APrivateer 2:04.757
21Holden Cote5629APrivateer 2:05.031
22Chad Greene13409BPrivateer 2:05.031
23Phil Doyon14561BPrivateer 2:05.640
24Nick Carvalho12802BGYTR Yamaha 2:06.210
25Ryan Spengler8505BMotoChasin 2:06.351
26Liam Mulhall3461CPrivateer 2:06.640
27Alex Carlo3950AMotoChasin 2:07.828
28Tyler Groening14814BPrivateer 2:12.015
29blake curry2346A303 Kawasaki 2:12.640
30Jake West6739CPrivateer 2:13.500
31AJ Fisher15549CPrivateer 2:13.593
32Mark Mabe17681CEast Coast Motosports 2:15.500
33Wes Teague16531CPrivateer 2:16.507
34Tanner Thorsen16669CPrivateer 2:16.609
35kaden eversole14353CPrivateer 2:16.843
36Zachary Corbett3262CPrivateer 2:17.046
37Jack Diduch14349CPrivateer 2:19.007
38August Sanders2APrivateerNo Sessions
39Jack Roberts1001CPrivateerNo Sessions
40Dominic Saulnier1809APOGONo Sessions
41Carson Tickel2700CPrivateerNo Sessions
42Blake Shiman3654CPrivateerNo Sessions
43caleb white4321CPrivateerNo Sessions
44Harry Harris5410CEast Coast MotosportsNo Sessions
45Josh Hamilton8430BMGX GraphicsNo Sessions
46Tyler Louis10034BVurbmotoNo Sessions
47Eneas Tavella10863BPrivateerNo Sessions
48Jarrett Frye14243BPrivateerNo Sessions
49Tom Lees Jr.19228CPrivateerNo Sessions
50Jason Mancuso125598CPrivateerNo Sessions

Open Results

1Hunter Root875250
2Finn Collins1204938
3Jack Fowler909233
4Johnny Grant1772633
5colton mitchell676731
6Chase Dunivant741830
7Jeremi Seabolt906129
8bobby bonds725427
9Samuel Bergeron631524
10Will Whiteley1455320
11Holden Cote562918
12Brady Standley345217
13cody penwell644314
14Conner Peavy1482114
15Sean Klein1864613
16Phil Doyon1456111
17Tyler Lang1453910
18Jack Roberts10017
19Brock Papi152447
20Devin Davis42756
21Zoa Cross106105
22Mitchell Culpepper43623
23Chad Greene134093
24blake curry23461
25Liam Mulhall34611
26Nick Carvalho128021
27August Sanders20
28Carson Tickel27000
29Alex Carlo39500
30Andrew O'Hagan48910
31Tanner Rogers78770
32Tyler Louis100340
33kaden eversole143530
34Tyler Groening148140
35AJ Fisher155490
36Wes Teague165310
37Tanner Thorsen166690
38Mark Mabe176810

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