Please do not create a support ticket about a race or series which is not tagged "MXSLobby Official". "Server Owner Series" are hosted by people who are paying to be able to post races on the site. Please contact the race hosts directly with any questions or concerns about their races.

Migration Complete - 9/5/2023

by Sammy Holt

The data center migration is currently considered complete and things to be running normally again. Please send us a message through the website chat in the bottom left of the page if you notice any new issues. If you notice any data loss (such as a missing server that you have an active subscription for), please let us know via the website chat as well and we will work on fixing it. Thank you for the patience during this time.

Data Center Migration - 8/25/2023

by Sammy Holt

We are migrating all systems to a new server with new hardware and a newer OS version. We are hoping this resolves the random connection issues we have been experiencing. Everything has been transferred over but there may have been some small data loss if things happened in between the server transfers. Please feel free to send us a message on the website chat if you run into any new issues.

Discord Revamp - 10/24/2021

by MXSLobby Administration

We are transitioning all contact and support for the website to Discord. We have set up a FAQ announcements channel which will have all the information from our support articles. We are making this change because Discord is a more flexible platform than our previous support system and also because many of our users are already familiar with using Discord.

We've integrated a support bot so that you can click a button in the #support channel to create a private ticket which notifies the Support Staff and creates a private channel between just yourself and the staff.

If you had a previous support ticket still open with us, please note that we will be attempting to go through and resolve those existing requests in the coming days. If you do not receive a response from us within the next week and still need help, we apologize for the inconvenience but it will be best to create a new ticket in the Discord to get going again.

Check out the #start-here channel in our discord for all the information on the new Discord setup.

Discord Invite

Upcoming Server Maintenance - 3/26/2020

by MXSLobby Administration

Our datacenter has informed us that they will be performing maintenance on our servers on Sunday March 29th at 12 AM PST. This maintenance will result in about five minutes of network downtime, during which all services will be unreachable. This downtime could begin anytime between 12 AM and 3 AM PST, but will only last about five minutes once it begins.

Suspended Servers Removed - 2/1/2020

by MXSLobby Administration

All servers which were suspended have now been cancelled and removed. A suspended server means that it failed at least two payment attempts. If your server has been removed, and your PayPal account shows that you have been making the payments every month, please contact us using the support button at the bottom left.

New Support System - 8/26/2019

by MXSLobby Administration

Due to issues with our old support ticket system, we have integrated a new support system into the site. It is accessed by clicking the chat icon in the bottom left of the website. Click the "Search on Helpdesk" button to browse help articles which solve problems and provide answers for all frequently asked questions. Access a dedicated website for these help articles by clicking the link below this post. That website will always be available even if the MXSLobby site is experiencing issues.

Dedicated Support Center Website

"Posted" by MXSLobby - 2/10/2019

by MXSLobby Administration

Thanks to the suggestion of a few team members and users, we have created a section of the website for MX Simulator related content. The website will feature written content, screenshots, videos, and help guides from various content creators in the MXS community. We used to manage but the server for that website became too expensive to justify keeping it on its own. Since MXSLobby is in it for the long haul, we decided to move the concept of mxshelp to the MXSLobby platform. We have not spent too much time developing this since we simply ported the existing mxshelp base to the MXSLobby platform. As a result, there may still be some bugs so please let us know if you encounter any issues. We want to say a huge thank you to Matt Model for posting his Kickstart series on the website to get it "kicked" off. In the coming weeks and months, we hope to have a lot of the content that was posted on transferred to the new system.

View "Posted" by MXSLobby

Server Subscription Announcement - 12/21/2018

by MXSLobby Administration

Servers will now be automatically deleted when they reach end of subscription term. We have also added more email notifications for all activity related to the subscription. These notifications also appear in the "Transactions" tab of the server dashboard as they always have. PayPal will also continue to send notifications each time it attempts to bill the PayPal account associated with the server. We have also cancelled all subscriptions with a past-due balance. If your server was removed without being cancelled by you, this is most likely the reason. It means that multiple payments failed from PayPal, but PayPal did not automatically cancel the subscription. If you want more information, please check your emails from PayPal or your PayPal dashboard to see when the payments failed or when the profile was suspended.

The Future of MXSLobby - 7/8/2018

by Sammy Holt

We have created an in-depth post about the future of the website. We need your help to decide how we will proceed.

Read the Post

Suspended Servers Removed - 1/6/2018

by Sammy Holt

All servers which were suspended have now been cancelled and removed. A suspended server means that it failed at least two payment attempts. If your server has been removed, and your PayPal account shows that you have been making the payments every month, please contact us using the support button at the bottom left.

Fixed Mobile Loading Error - 1/5/2018

by Sammy Holt

We have fixed the error that caused some mobile browsers to not load the site correctly. We are still working on a mobile-friendly layout for the main website. We are aiming to complete work on the layout by Summer 2018.

Known Issue With Mobile - 1/5/2018

by Sammy Holt

We have identified an issue with the main website loading on some mobile devices. We are working on a new layout for mobile devices to make the site easier to navigate, but for now it seems the site will not support certain mobile devices. We will update if the issue is fixed before the mobile layout is completed.

Disabled Team System (For Now) - 12/27/2017

by Sammy Holt

We have made the decision to disable the team system in order to completely rework the system. The way teams have worked up to this point has been buggy and causes a lot of issues with other parts of the site. We feel it is best to disable the system as it has been hogging much of the site and development resources. We have no estimated completion date for the new system, but it will not be for some time. References to team names will be removed from the various places they are located throughout the site.

New Support System - 12/2/2017

by Sammy Holt

We have a new support system! Due to an issue with our old support system, we have migrated to a new and more advanced service. You can now simply click the blue "Support" button on the bottom left of the page anywhere on the website. This will allow you to search for help articles, or contact us if you can't find a solution to your problem. If a support member is online, you will have the option to live chat with them. You can also directly visit the support portal to view help articles or create support tickets. It may take some time for us to receive the data from our old support service, so please send us a new request if you had an open ticket that has not been resolved yet.

Support Portal

Short Issue with Support Ticket System - 12/1/2017

by Sammy Holt

Our support ticket service is currently having an issue. They should have us back up shortly. We will not receive any messages sent through the contact form or email for the time being. Please message us through Facebook if you need to contact us in the meantime.

Facebook Page

Facebook Page and Emergency Information - 9/14/2017

by Sammy Holt

Due to the recent issues we have been having with our data center, we have created a Facebook page to make sure we always have a way to post updates and receive support requests. This page will also be used to make general announcements and interact with users. All status updates also post to our Discord and Twitter feeds to make sure you can see the announcements from any platform. In addition to this, we have created an emergency link for when the website experiences downtime. View that page here:

Facebook Link

Discord Server - 4/30/2017

by Sammy Holt

We have just posted a public discord server. Please feel free to join. We are working on some cool stuff to add in the very near future such as a bot which can pull data from the website and do things like alert when a race has been posted or when a race is going to start soon. Come check it out!

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Qualifying and Dyno Fixes - 3/29/2017

by Sammy Holt

An issue was fixed which prevented the new dynos from being homologated in races. Also, qualifying times will now automatically update every 3 minutes instead of every 30 seconds.

New Dyno Support - 1/31/2017

by Sammy Holt

The site now fully supports the new bikes added in the new snapshot from earlier this month, including FC bikes and the 2017 bikes.

Speed Improvements - 5/11/2016

by Sammy Holt

We found a memory leak in the race page logic that cause a large amount of resources to be used in an unnecessary manner. This bug has been fixed. Race hosts, please pay attention to the notifications on your event pages.

Short Downtime Today - 4/24/2016

by Sammy Holt

The site had some downtime for about 30 minutes this morning. Changes were being made to the site and an incomplete update accidentally got pushed to the live version of the site. It is fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Bug Fixes and News System - 4/17/2016

by Sammy Holt

We have fixed minor bugs within some of the website functionality. Also, we now have a news system that allows us to post news easier and keep track of the posting user.

Fixed Email Issues - 4/11/2016

The issues with recovery and activation emails not being sent have been fixed. The new email system has been tested with many major providers. Please check your spam folder before reporting an email bug.

New Support System - 3/15/2016

We have partnered with FreshDesk to bring a new support system to the website and server dashboards. This new system will allow us to better communicate with you since full conversations and information can show up on the ticket pages. You can send a ticket from the contact page, or you can visit the helpdesk webpage. It supports logins by email, twitter, facebook, and google!

Visit Support Webpage

Website Migration Complete - 3/15/2016

We have completed the migration to our new datacenter. There may be bugs that we haven't caught, so please visit the contact page if you have any to report. It may take up to 48 hours for traffic to properly redirect to the new server. Some data may have also been lost in the process, especially new user accounts and signups. Please create your account again or sign up for an event again if this issue happens to you.

Website Migration - 3/9/2016

Our current datacenter has been giving us a number of problems for the past few months. The response time of the site has slowed and stability issues have started occurring. As a result, we are in the process of transferring the entire site to a new host. This could take from a few weeks to a couple months to fully transfer and make sure all site functionality is still working. There should be no website downtime during the transfer process.

Website Performance Optimizations - 3/7/2016

There have been many rewrites to the website code and configuration which should allow for faster and more stable connections. If you see any issues with the website, try clearing your browser cache.

New Dyno Support - 2/26/2016

The new 2016 dynos are now supported by the site. If there seems to be an issue with them still, please use the contact form to report a bug.

Bug Fixes - 9/16/2015

Fixed a bug where new accounts were registered with the incorrect values for the email field. Those accounts had their email value completely removed for safety reasons. Check your settings page to make sure your email is correct. Other minor bugs were fixed as well.

Server Owner Series Announcement- 9/1/2015

Please do not contact MXSLobby staff about incidents with "Server Owner" series. All questions/comments/concerns should be directed only to the host of that series. Please only directly contact MXSLobby about the "Official" tagged series.

Server Owner Series - 8/14/2015

FlowTech server owners can now host a maximum of one series per month on the website. All non-official series and races are clearly marked to make sure users know which type of race they are entering.

Get Your Server

Upcoming Races Change - 8/14/2015

The "Upcoming Races" box can now be expanded and collapsed. The default position is collapsed when a page is loaded. Click the green bar to expand or collapse the box.

Support Us - 7/10/2015

Please consider checking out our affiliate links to help us out. If we can grow the site, we may one day have the ability to ask for discounts and prizes from lots of companies.

Learn More

Team System - 7/8/2015

A dedicated team system has been developed for the site. You can now create a team and apply to a team. It is easy to apply to a team, however you will only be able to apply to one team at once and you can't apply to a team that has closed recruitment. Team names are no longer something you can change in your settings or when you register. Team pages display all the riders and also team statistics. Look for more team statistics soon. Team owners can add team managers to the team and these team managers can accept or deny team applications. I hope everyone enjoys this!

Make a Team

Profile Page Update - 7/1/2015

The profile pages have been completely redesigned and have been given a lot more useful information. It now displays all kinds of rider stats. If you think of more stats that could be included, send a suggestion from the contact page.

MXSLobby Rulebook - 6/14/2015

The Official MXSLobby Rulebook has been created. You must read it to create an account and compete in races held on the site.

View Rulebook

Upcoming Races - 6/14/2015

There is finally a new upcoming races system built into MXSLobby. When there is at least one race with open signups, the upcoming races box will appear at the top of every page on the site. You will be able to click on the race to be taken directly to the race page. If there are no upcoming races, the box will not appear on any pages.

More Design Changes - 4/11/2015

There's some more changes around the site. Delete your browser cache to see the updates.

Keep Me Logged In - 3/31/2015

I've finally finished the "Keep Me Logged In" option for the logins. If you check that box when you log in, you should stay logged in for 30 days. If it doesn't work, make sure your browser supports cookies and has them enabled.

Design Tweaks - 3/25/2015

Some new design elements have been added to the site. Make sure to refresh your browser cache to notice them.

Timezone Update - 3/15/2015

User timezones have been added to the website! Make sure to update your timezone in settings. Times for races will display the correct time for your timezone if you are logged in, or UTC times if you aren't logged in.

Welcome to the site!

Welcome to the new site! Please register an account and request a new license if you want one. This can be done from your settings page. The site will continue to develop further and will be the location of some cool races! As this site is still in development, it may have some bugs. Use the site at your own risk and if you find bugs, report them to [email protected]

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