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250 Pro(125/250) - Top 18 Qualify

1Braden Carter18235A 0:48.289
2Holden Cote5629A 0:49.476
3Jakob Hubbard23971A 0:49.679
4Frank Jackson12581B 0:50.171
5Ethan Parks17880A 0:50.625
6carson west42576C 0:50.640
7Zane Urek4422C 0:50.835
8Tyler Lang14539A 0:50.906
9Evan Holte43345C 0:51.281
10Seth Shirley31547C 0:51.468
11alec zellner28734C 0:51.929
12Erin Rockafellow25349C 0:52.179
13Trevin Thompson28741C 0:52.343
14maximus vohland47539C 0:52.523
15Luke Fauser46003C 0:52.593
16Noah McLaughlin30022C 0:52.601
17Harrison Gafford37181C 0:52.796
18JR Reyes37458C 0:52.953
19Sonny Spicer23831C 0:53.171
20Bronson McClure40848C 0:53.171
21Christopher McPherson31857C 0:53.195
22caleb hall10047A 0:53.406
23Arthur Miranda44934C 0:53.421
24hollywood wascom31521C 0:53.507
25Lennart Schmidt13475C 0:53.523
26Tyler Blowers32835C 0:53.578
27Dalton Caudill38625C 0:54.289
28Emmanuel Cepeda10106C 0:54.375
29Jeremy Estrella33135C 0:54.710
30Tyler Bannister36134C 0:55.250
31Kyler Smith40191C 0:55.671
32Tanner Thorsen16669C 0:56.648
33Aiden Freeland35998C 0:57.000
34jordan miller36618C 1:09.625
35Donald Carawan29178C 1:10.781
36Curt Wilkins47245C 1:25.585
37Landon Bartol34215C 1:43.117
38Nick Tomasunas8501CNo Sessions
39Jack Fowler9092ANo Sessions
40Ricky Hardman13567CNo Sessions
41Zach Fischer15392CNo Sessions
42carl novak24545CNo Sessions
43Isaac Lawyer43399CNo Sessions
44chace lawton43584CNo Sessions

Open Pro(Open) - Top 18 Qualify

1Braden Carter18235A 0:47.132
2Matt Cromie5149A 0:48.039
3Jakob Hubbard23971A 0:48.453
4Frank Jackson12581B 0:49.281
5Holden Cote5629A 0:49.476
6braden castellaneta13568C 0:50.179
7alec zellner28734C 0:50.578
8carson west42576C 0:50.640
9Zane Urek4422C 0:50.835
10Tyler Lang14539A 0:50.906
11Evan Holte43345C 0:51.281
12caleb hall10047A 0:51.453
13Dakota French6217C 0:51.468
14Seth Shirley31547C 0:51.468
15brandon larsen38230C 0:51.601
16Nicolas Marchini35445C 0:51.875
17Erin Rockafellow25349C 0:52.179
18Bill Will19552A 0:52.250
19Trevin Thompson28741C 0:52.343
20maximus vohland47539C 0:52.523
21Luke Fauser46003C 0:52.593
22Noah McLaughlin30022C 0:52.601
23Harrison Gafford37181C 0:52.796
24JR Reyes37458C 0:52.953
25Sonny Spicer23831C 0:53.171
26Bronson McClure40848C 0:53.171
27Christopher McPherson31857C 0:53.195
28Nick Tomasunas8501C 0:53.289
29hollywood wascom31521C 0:53.507
30Tyler Blowers32835C 0:53.578
31Zach Fischer15392C 0:53.828
32Ricky Hardman13567C 0:54.179
33carl novak24545C 0:54.250
34Emmanuel Cepeda10106C 0:54.375
35Jeremy Estrella33135C 0:54.710
36Kyler Smith40191C 0:55.671
37Tanner Thorsen16669C 0:56.648
38Aiden Freeland35998C 0:57.000
39jordan miller36618C 1:09.625
40Donald Carawan29178C 1:10.781
41Curt Wilkins47245C 1:25.585
42Jack Fowler9092ANo Sessions
43Ashton Rakofsky24566BNo Sessions
44Jett Wisdom32889CNo Sessions
45Isaac Lawyer43399CNo Sessions
46chace lawton43584CNo Sessions
47ben scott45119CNo Sessions

250 Pro Results

1Seth Shirley3154725
2Jakob Hubbard2397122
3Frank Jackson1258120
4Evan Holte4334518
5Tyler Lang1453916
6Ethan Parks1788015
7caleb hall1004714
8alec zellner2873413
9Christopher McPherson3185712
10Zane Urek442211
11carl novak2454510
12Sonny Spicer238319
13Arthur Miranda449348
14maximus vohland475397
15Erin Rockafellow253496
16Ricky Hardman135675
17Harrison Gafford371814
18Noah McLaughlin300223
19Bronson McClure408482
20Holden Cote56291
21Zach Fischer153921
22JR Reyes374581
23Trevin Thompson287410

Open Pro Results

1Jakob Hubbard2397125
2Seth Shirley3154722
3caleb hall1004720
4Tyler Lang1453918
5Matt Cromie514916
6Frank Jackson1258115
7braden castellaneta1356814
8alec zellner2873413
9Tyler Blowers3283512
10Christopher McPherson3185711
11Zane Urek442210
12Erin Rockafellow253499
13Ricky Hardman135678
14Zach Fischer153927
15maximus vohland475396
16Evan Holte433455
17Bill Will195524

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