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250 Am(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Bertram Hansen39172C 1:03.609
2Riley Hughan23127B 1:04.445
3Juan Gomez37993C 1:06.578
4Lennart Schmidt13475C 1:07.007
5Coby Gilsdorf43144C 1:07.039
6jackson vick39217C 1:07.171
7Tucker Zimmerman40856C 1:07.500
8Bryce lizarraga48865C 1:07.515
9Miguel de Waal19848C 1:08.328
10Lucas Bruhn40598C 1:09.023
11maximus vohland47539C 1:09.289
12Cash Woods49224C 1:09.335
13Tallon Ulibarri37023C 1:09.656
14Ricky Hardman13567C 1:09.968
15Kauan Formiguinha28259C 1:10.289
16Branden Walther16931C 1:10.531
17Eli Block23100C 1:10.695
18ben rona48882C 1:10.703
19Alex Vusttos23629C 1:10.718
20Jared Gumeson15121C 1:10.765
21David Salas39768C 1:10.937
22Mads Fredsøe47784C 1:11.445
23Gauge Brown46492C 1:11.468
24Brenden Bacal40901C 1:11.890
25Deacon Denno46476C 1:11.976
26Victor Lopez48661C 1:12.156
27Billy Blundell28647A 1:12.289
28Travis Johnsmeyer47246C 1:12.554
29dakota revis27258C 1:12.562
30Zach Fischer15392C 1:12.625
31gonzalo guerrero49395C 1:13.039
32Martin Muñoz19223C 1:13.359
33chace lawton43584C 1:13.359
34Zachary Cook21287C 1:13.718
35Josh Leopold45289C 1:14.171
36Jace Baker37975C 1:14.335
37Ashton Arruda35200C 1:15.117
38Tom luberda43788C 1:15.648
39victor lazo36641C 1:15.750
40Ace Enloe43101C 1:17.148
41Cody Wells44025C 1:17.625
42carsyn forcum17002C 1:20.570
43joshua crumet44019C 1:21.085
44Cody Bartlett41759C 1:24.148
45Nathan Yoho20321C 1:24.523
46Brandon Hedge10326A 1:25.757
47Emil saxager37362C 1:28.914
48Mitchell Helmer33143C 1:30.906
49beans NOODLY38094C 1:31.859
50Michael Disalvo39122C 1:53.000
51sawyer fallis39149C 2:02.398
52Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
53ty sharp18914CNo Sessions
54Austin Frank21416CNo Sessions
55Grant Womeldorf21653CNo Sessions
56Jackson Roger29485CNo Sessions
57Hunter Wiskow34127CNo Sessions
58Bryan Efren34287CNo Sessions
59Jason Noben37081CNo Sessions
60Jimmy Cook37823CNo Sessions
61Luke Smith38037CNo Sessions
62kason little40900CNo Sessions
63Joseph Bravo44769CNo Sessions
64Tyler Bishop45596CNo Sessions
65christian jonse48115CNo Sessions
66Ben Neronha49862CNo Sessions

Open Am(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Noah Karassy19791B 1:03.562
2Pablo Vial25958C 1:03.796
3Riley Hughan23127B 1:04.445
4Brandon Cocroft14002B 1:04.898
5Bryce lizarraga48865C 1:05.148
6Christian Dresser17809C 1:05.421
7Miguel de Waal19848C 1:05.757
8Ricky Hardman13567C 1:06.078
9Johannes Breindal32312C 1:06.445
10Lennart Schmidt13475C 1:07.007
11Coby Gilsdorf43144C 1:07.039
12jackson vick39217C 1:07.171
13Zach Fischer15392C 1:07.210
14Tucker Zimmerman40856C 1:07.500
15maximus vohland47539C 1:09.289
16Tallon Ulibarri37023C 1:09.656
17ben rona48882C 1:10.210
18Kauan Formiguinha28259C 1:10.289
19Victor Lopez48661C 1:10.304
20Branden Walther16931C 1:10.531
21Alex Vusttos23629C 1:10.718
22Cory Aldridge35912C 1:10.734
23Jared Gumeson15121C 1:10.765
24David Salas39768C 1:10.937
25Gauge Brown46492C 1:11.468
26Deacon Denno46476C 1:11.976
27Walker White21198A 1:12.500
28Travis Johnsmeyer47246C 1:12.554
29dakota revis27258C 1:12.562
30Danner Barton44808C 1:12.835
31gonzalo guerrero49395C 1:13.039
32Martin Muñoz19223C 1:13.359
33chace lawton43584C 1:13.359
34Zachary Cook21287C 1:13.718
35Austin Smith39775C 1:14.742
36Ashton Arruda35200C 1:15.117
37Tom luberda43788C 1:15.648
38Ace Enloe43101C 1:16.726
39Cody Wells44025C 1:17.625
40tyler toline44483C 1:19.679
41carsyn forcum17002C 1:20.570
42joshua crumet44019C 1:21.085
43Colten Tocco28320C 1:22.367
44Brandon Huntington3965C 1:23.312
45Cody Bartlett41759C 1:24.148
46Nathan Yoho20321C 1:24.523
47Brandon Hedge10326A 1:25.757
48beans NOODLY38094C 1:31.859
49Joseph Wagner13750CNo Sessions
50Ethan Holland16925BNo Sessions
51Clint Martin 17154ANo Sessions
52Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
53ty sharp18914CNo Sessions
54Grant Womeldorf21653CNo Sessions
55Hunter Wiskow34127CNo Sessions
56Bryan Efren34287CNo Sessions
57Jason Noben37081CNo Sessions
58Jimmy Cook37823CNo Sessions
59Luke Smith38037CNo Sessions
60kason little40900CNo Sessions
61Joseph Bravo44769CNo Sessions
62ben scott45119CNo Sessions
63Ben Neronha49862CNo Sessions

250 Am Results

1Gauge Brown4649225
2David Salas3976822
3Branden Walther1693120
4Coby Gilsdorf4314418
5Lucas Bruhn4059816
6Alex Vusttos2362915
7ben rona4888214
8Deacon Denno4647613
9Travis Johnsmeyer4724612
10maximus vohland4753911
11Ricky Hardman1356710
12chace lawton435849
13Kauan Formiguinha282598
14Tallon Ulibarri370237
15Tom luberda437886
16Bertram Hansen391725
17Brenden Bacal409014
18Emil saxager373623
19Mads Fredsøe477842
20dakota revis272581
21Bryan Efren342871

Open Am Results

1Noah Karassy1979125
2Bryan Efren3428722
3Ricky Hardman1356720
4ben rona4888218
5Deacon Denno4647616
6maximus vohland4753915
7Tallon Ulibarri3702314
8Alex Vusttos2362913
9David Salas3976812
10Martin Muñoz1922311
11Tom luberda4378810
12Branden Walther169319
13Travis Johnsmeyer472468
14chace lawton435847
15Coby Gilsdorf431446
16Cory Aldridge359125
17Kauan Formiguinha282594
18Gauge Brown464923
19Victor Lopez486612
20ben scott451191

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