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open(Open) - Top 46 Qualify

1Brett Powers2642A 1:47.882
2cody houghton30210C 1:49.921
3ethan mcmorris44601C 1:51.515
4Gabe Schmidt37152C 1:52.539
5cade miller31598C 1:53.500
6colton hartobey43278C 1:53.562
7Emmanuel Cepeda10106C 1:55.046
8Tye Hooker35781C 1:55.312
9Tobias Schitz27286C 1:55.515
10Quentin Debono39141C 1:56.484
11matt caddick39425C 1:57.132
12ben rona48882C 1:57.320
13hayden cling26433C 2:00.156
14Gauge Fuller37921C 2:01.085
15Christian Hentila25975C 2:02.062
16Bryce Davis39538C 2:02.070
17joshua crumet44019C 2:02.453
18cody akers15895C 2:03.460
19Hudson Miller46982C 2:03.789
20Jesper Juulsgaard45972C 2:09.890
21Zach Goforth24095C 2:09.992
22hayden davey45865C 2:15.703
23Ben Korn31603C 2:29.781
24Marcondess Feitosa4175CNo Sessions
25Taylor Fortini12320CNo Sessions
26James Bemrose17850CNo Sessions
27Alex Dodd18282CNo Sessions
28Seth Garrett18588ANo Sessions
29teddy leman20406CNo Sessions
30Dakota Washburn23340CNo Sessions
31Derek Jones23778CNo Sessions
32Geovane Santos24047BNo Sessions
33Brayden Tharp26349CNo Sessions
34Troy Jones26724CNo Sessions
35Cody Walker27833CNo Sessions
36darnell thigpen27940CNo Sessions
37Larry Fortin28746CNo Sessions
38Jordan newell29780CNo Sessions
39laquan williams31521CNo Sessions
40Blake Wicklund33351CNo Sessions
41Jacob Johnson34695CNo Sessions
42Ashton Arruda35200CNo Sessions
43victor lazo36641CNo Sessions
44Ryan Norton36800CNo Sessions
45Steven Short38909CNo Sessions
46Cole Rabuse39304CNo Sessions
47wyatt thurman40950CNo Sessions
48Lucas Streznetcky43398CNo Sessions
49Cody Wells44025CNo Sessions
50Joseph Bravo44769CNo Sessions
51Danner Barton44808CNo Sessions

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