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Lites (125/250) - Top 20 Qualify

1Alex Carlo3950A 2:02.031
2Benny Geale1136C 2:05.773
3Ryan Clark1236B 2:05.867
4Chase McDonald15804A 2:07.554
5Benjamin Lester17748C 2:09.812
6Tyler Groening14814B 2:09.992
7Kyle Hager18401C 2:11.320
8Rowdy Houston17764C 2:11.562
9Josh Donaruma18747C 2:12.312
10Christian Burdine16733B 2:15.023
11Josh Hernandez7046C 2:18.242
12Justin Adams18984C 2:18.445
13William Seim15379B 2:25.554
14Chris Post16778C 2:29.289
15Jeremiah Titus12276C 2:29.734
16Aleksander Silva10414C 2:37.468
17Jes Colman307C 2:42.039
18Caleb Kingston3944CNo Sessions
19Tanner Rogers7877ANo Sessions
20Nick Tomasunas8501CNo Sessions
21Nick Carvalho12802BNo Sessions
22Kevin Ferzacca17299ANo Sessions
23Artur Stroher17967CNo Sessions
24Andrew Varvel18265CNo Sessions

Big bikes (250T/450) - Top 20 Qualify

1Alex Carlo3950A 1:58.687
2Chase McDonald15804A 2:00.031
3Josh Hernandez7046C 2:02.773
4Ryan Clark1236B 2:04.046
5Tyler Groening14814B 2:04.515
6Benny Geale1136C 2:06.296
7Weston Weets10532C 2:07.609
8jacob long14526C 2:08.960
9Benjamin Lester17748C 2:09.046
10Christian Burdine16733B 2:13.460
11William Seim15379B 2:16.593
12Carlos Beasley15805C 2:16.812
13Kyle Hager18401C 2:17.203
14blake curry2346A 2:20.281
15Jeremiah Titus12276C 2:20.390
16Blake Starnes12863B 2:22.687
17Jes Colman307C 2:23.445
18Rowdy Houston17764C 3:01.210
19Caleb Kingston3944CNo Sessions
20Cody Schat5726ANo Sessions
21Tanner Rogers7877ANo Sessions
22Cameron McDonald8114BNo Sessions
23Nick Carvalho12802BNo Sessions
24Kevin Ferzacca17299ANo Sessions
25Andrew Varvel18265CNo Sessions
26Justin Adams18984CNo Sessions
27Ethan Hester30715CNo Sessions

Lites Results

1Ryan Clark123622
2Tyler Groening1481420
3Edgar Ray1934918
4Benjamin Lester1774816
5Josh Boaz1340015
6Josh Hernandez704614
7Chase McDonald1580413
8Josh Donaruma1874712
9Benny Geale113611
10Kyle Hager1840110
11Christian Burdine167339
12jacob long145268
13shawn kosiarski140527
14Rowdy Houston177646
15Tanner Thorsen166695
16William Seim153794
17Chris Post167783
18Alex Carlo39500

Big bikes Results

1Chase McDonald1580425
2Alex Carlo395022
3Josh Boaz1340020
4Tyler Groening1481418
5Josh Hernandez704616
6Weston Weets1053215
7Ryan Clark123614
8Christian Burdine1673313
9Benjamin Lester1774812
10Edgar Ray1934911
11jacob long1452610
12shawn kosiarski140529
13Kyle Hager184018

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