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Open Amateur(Open) - Top 96 Qualify

1Justin Smedley13800C 0:48.929
2Blake O'Brien17921C 0:49.531
3Nick Carvalho12802B 0:50.000
4Dale Mullins15496C 0:50.281
5Dylan Ogilby17970C 0:50.414
6Josh Hernandez7046C 0:50.484
7Sonny Edmonson7428A 0:50.820
8Lane Burkes11747C 0:50.960
9Ethan Olsen11638C 0:51.007
10Damon Ion1814C 0:51.101
11Chandler Rogers6066B 0:52.015
12Tony Rubio4455B 0:52.570
13bryan kelly11386C 0:53.289
14Paul Jakober2650C 0:55.242
15Grant Dawson10828C 0:56.695
16Erik Martin4170B 1:06.171
17Jes Colman307CNo Sessions
18Winston Wiebe 4788CNo Sessions
19Unclaimed Account6980CNo Sessions
20Kristoffer Wenerklang7250CNo Sessions
21Michael Rowbottom13415CNo Sessions
22Jacob Carter16485CNo Sessions
23Braden Carter18235ANo Sessions
24Eric O'Connor18722CNo Sessions

Lites Pro(250f/250T) - Top 96 Qualify

1Anton Edvardson4925C 0:49.085
2Brady Ginter637A 0:49.125
3Olle Sundberg13088C 0:49.171
4Mattias Lidman4909A 0:49.398
5Ivan Medina6649B 0:49.531
6Daniel Bachlet5927A 0:49.632
7Zachary Lerma4456B 0:49.945
8Jeremy Squiabro884C 0:50.203
9Chase Dunivant7418A 0:50.406
10Ethan Parks17880A 0:51.078
11Will Whiteley14553C 0:51.218
12Alex Effertz16744C 0:51.867
13William Seim15379B 0:52.257
14Josh Vanderhoof1A 0:57.734
15David Wright15131A 1:03.242
16Reid Young2535ANo Sessions
17Tony Spinelli2606ANo Sessions
18Unclaimed Account3519CNo Sessions
19Eric O'Connor18722CNo Sessions

Open Pro(Open) - Top 96 Qualify

1Jack Jeffries3068A 0:43.125
2Tyler Schmidt1602A 0:43.593
3Ben McLeod11716A 0:46.367
4Brady Standley3452A 0:46.679
5Robert Wilson8313A 0:46.804
6Alexis Leclair6454A 0:46.984
7Byron Downen1503A 0:47.164
8James Armstrong4591A 0:47.226
9Andrew O'Hagan4891C 0:47.273
10Matt James3979A 0:47.421
11Dennis Fjeldberg2472A 0:47.492
12Jeremy Smith2528C 0:47.640
13Dominic Tibberino4652C 0:48.085
14August Sanders2A 0:48.132
15Brandon Berg5784A 0:48.265
16Jeremi Seabolt9061A 0:48.460
17Zack Dupuis398C 0:48.648
18cody penwell6443A 0:48.687
19Thomas Wilcox4943A 0:48.835
20Jordan Vanderlee3832A 0:48.851
21Chris Riesenberg1663A 0:48.898
22Kellen Brauer4928A 0:49.070
23Michael Ratanakul4470C 0:49.085
24brock hardy3325A 0:49.414
25eduardo simoes2048A 0:49.460
26Peter Leik3118A 0:49.484
27Jack Fowler9092A 0:49.578
28Tyler Morin3984A 0:49.609
29Dylan Combe1509C 0:49.835
30Race Karlin6141A 0:50.390
31Matthew Model10018B 0:51.046
32Neal Wells5199A 0:51.414
33Stephen Barrington2703C 0:52.039
34daniel markham1698C 0:52.460
35Nick Uzick12424A 0:53.429
36Tom Paterson4458C 1:07.757
37Michael Wheeler176CNo Sessions
38Kasey Oehlert5189ANo Sessions

Open Amateur Results

1Ethan Olsen1163850
2Tony Rubio445544
3Blake O'Brien1792140
4Dylan Ogilby1797036
5Josh Hernandez704632
6Nick Carvalho1280230
7Justin Smedley1380028
8Lane Burkes1174726
9Erik Martin417024
10Dale Mullins1549622
11Paul Jakober265020
12Grant Dawson1082818
13Chandler Rogers606616
14bryan kelly1138614
15Damon Ion181412
16Sonny Edmonson742810

Lites Pro Results

1Mattias Lidman490950
2Will Whiteley1455344
3Olle Sundberg1308840
4Anton Edvardson492536
5Chase Dunivant741832
6Daniel Bachlet592730
7William Seim1537928
8Zachary Lerma445626
9Reid Young253524
10Ethan Parks1788022
11Ivan Medina664920
12Brady Ginter63718
13David Wright1513116
14Josh Vanderhoof114
15Jeremy Squiabro88412
16Alex Effertz1674410

Open Pro Results

1Jack Jeffries306850
2Jeremy Smith252844
3Alexis Leclair645440
4Brady Standley345236
5Tyler Schmidt160232
6Thomas Wilcox494330
7Jeremi Seabolt906130
8Byron Downen150326
9Tyler Morin398424
10Brandon Berg578422
11Jordan Vanderlee383220
12August Sanders218
13Zack Dupuis39816
14James Armstrong459114
15Chris Riesenberg166312
16Dominic Tibberino465210

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