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250 OPEN(125/250) - Top 24 Qualify

1jaquavious parker33662C 0:29.945
2cole betts42577C 0:31.062
3Cole Strawn19124C 0:31.507
4cody wells58737C 0:31.515
5jackson vick39217C 0:31.726
6Nick Casella23435A 0:31.835
7kason little40900C 0:31.843
8Ethan Lenhardt21039C 0:31.937
9carl novak24545C 0:32.000
10Jacob Kingsfield39754C 0:32.593
11joshua crumet44019C 0:32.773
12wyatt grant57485C 0:32.875
13Aden Baker55521C 0:32.945
14Brady Olson44167C 0:33.015
15Damon Evans18623C 0:33.460
16Bryce Foley18416C 0:33.562
17dakota revis27258C 0:33.593
18Dalton Witter18454B 0:33.820
19Lucas Streznetcky43398C 0:34.265
20Billy Blundell28647A 0:34.554
21cade felix55647C 0:34.882
22jordan miller36618C 0:35.164
23Ryder Darrigo59557C 0:38.382
24nolan ford57470C 0:38.734
25Easton Grant55774C 0:44.726
26Chuckie Nigrin32021CNo Sessions
27Brody Sinnott44086CNo Sessions
28cabe tangler44715CNo Sessions

Supermini(125) - Top 24 Qualify

1jaquavious parker33662C 0:30.695
2Cole Strawn19124C 0:31.507
3Nick Casella23435A 0:31.835
4Ethan Lenhardt21039C 0:31.937
5kason little40900C 0:33.289
6joshua crumet44019C 0:33.429
7dakota revis27258C 0:33.593
8carl novak24545C 0:33.687
9Dalton Witter18454B 0:34.023
10wyatt grant57485C 0:34.546
11nolan ford57470C 0:39.468
12jaxson nelson47842C 0:39.742
13Ryder Darrigo59557C 0:45.453
14Easton Grant55774C 0:48.906
15Billy Blundell28647ANo Sessions
16Chuckie Nigrin32021CNo Sessions
17jordan miller36618CNo Sessions
18jackson vick39217CNo Sessions
19Brody Sinnott44086CNo Sessions
20Brady Olson44167CNo Sessions
21cody wells58737CNo Sessions

250 OPEN Results


Supermini Results


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