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Open Pro(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Jake Spease30371C 2:14.929
2Frank Jackson12581B 2:15.203
3Alfie Richards38192C 2:18.781
4parker allen14948B 2:19.835
5Nicholas Hewitt57682C 2:24.093
6freakin steez33556C 2:27.898
7Dylan Eacker43215C 2:30.351
8Hiury Andrade49440C 2:32.578
9Taylor Neuer49555C 2:36.046
10Andrew Garcia37308C 2:38.054
11Logan Danz43774C 2:50.765
12Maddox Baxter27843C 3:00.234
13Xavier Patterson38336C 3:02.875
14jaymison Cheney48064C 3:23.132
15Will Knau12970CNo Sessions
16Geovane Santos24047BNo Sessions
17max Wilczek42868CNo Sessions
18Rohen Croushorn43118CNo Sessions
19Cash Woods49224CNo Sessions
20juan twentyfive aka doyle55524CNo Sessions
21Tristen Finley55780CNo Sessions
22Pedro Barboza57264CNo Sessions
23wyatt grant57485CNo Sessions
24cody wells58737CNo Sessions

450 AM(250T/450) - Top 40 Qualify

1parker allen14948B 2:19.835
2Conner Kennedy56973C 2:23.226
3Nicholas Hewitt57682C 2:24.093
4isaac moyle25836C 2:26.265
5AJ Fisher15549C 2:26.609
6Gavin Brumfield59861C 2:26.906
7Mathew Grist3792C 2:27.085
8Ruger Brown9417C 2:27.156
9Luke Smith38037C 2:27.656
10freakin steez33556C 2:27.898
11Ryder Darrigo59557C 2:29.343
12Dylan Eacker43215C 2:30.351
13Bryce McLaud45487C 2:30.843
14Jacob Gosche17019B 2:31.226
15Hiury Andrade49440C 2:32.578
16Stoney Hudman38094C 2:32.976
17Kevin Eding20486C 2:39.062
18kristian robinson57654C 2:40.835
19Ashton Moore43227C 2:43.054
20will best31286C 2:46.312
21Jackson Kurre58440C 2:47.648
22Austin Smith39775C 2:55.710
23Xavier Patterson38336C 3:02.875
24Brett McLaud5340C 3:09.664
25guyver santucci53657C 9:52.828
26cody akers15895CNo Sessions
27Preston Taylor17377CNo Sessions
28Bryce Foley18416CNo Sessions
29Dylan Gatlin19835ANo Sessions
30Ian Brauning19909CNo Sessions
31Zac Brumfield20233CNo Sessions
32Hunter DaSilva20400CNo Sessions
33Caleb Anderson22787CNo Sessions
34Jayshon Porter25010CNo Sessions
35Brandon Town27722CNo Sessions
36Jack Hurst30494CNo Sessions
37Alexander Lagerkvist31538BNo Sessions
38Jacob Johnson34695CNo Sessions
39Ashton Arruda35200CNo Sessions
40Ryan Norton36800CNo Sessions
41marcus trujillo38008CNo Sessions
42Chase Carr38255CNo Sessions
43seth devers39448CNo Sessions
44Izaac Burke40377CNo Sessions
45Lane Gunning42211CNo Sessions
46Jace Williams43203CNo Sessions
47Loomy The Cleaner43992CNo Sessions
48joshua crumet44019CNo Sessions
49Brady Olson44167CNo Sessions
50Kellen Sampson45884CNo Sessions
51Gauge Brown46492CNo Sessions
52Marshall Smith | Dunlop 46911CNo Sessions
53TJ WOODS47165CNo Sessions
54Ryan Rich48111CNo Sessions
55Dylan Roper49054CNo Sessions
56Luka Aston49278CNo Sessions
57Kaden Rhodes50534CNo Sessions
58wyatt grant57485CNo Sessions
59Javy Porter59069CNo Sessions
60Devin Simonson59792CNo Sessions
61Bronx Grundy59897CNo Sessions

250 AM(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Alfie Richards38192C 2:22.054
2Tristan Coup37929C 2:24.250
3Ashton Moore43227C 2:24.843
4Gavin Brumfield59861C 2:26.039
5max watts54945C 2:27.632
6kristian robinson57654C 2:29.750
7Ruger Brown9417C 2:31.250
8isaac moyle25836C 2:32.671
9Jacob Kingsfield39754C 2:32.851
10Jordan Smith13214C 2:32.867
11Tommy Battelle48236C 2:34.414
12Kevin Eding20486C 2:34.710
13corbin mennen56302C 2:34.804
14Ryder Darrigo59557C 2:35.367
15Ashton Arruda35200C 2:36.132
16Bryce McLaud45487C 2:36.539
17Conner Kennedy56973C 2:36.585
18Andrew Garcia37308C 2:38.054
19Jacob Johnson34695C 2:40.289
20Jayshon Porter25010C 2:41.632
21Brayden Aubrey55820C 2:43.312
22Leion Brown49597C 2:44.015
23Kellen Sampson45884C 2:44.437
24Jackson Kurre58440C 2:44.585
25Devin Simonson59792C 2:47.703
26Austin Smith39775C 2:49.203
27Dylan White40202C 2:49.250
28RJ Roy16112C 2:51.046
29benjamin Perez CL7037C 2:51.484
30Josh Stover29364C 2:51.664
31darnell thigpen27940C 2:53.398
32Alexander Lagerkvist31538B 2:53.851
33Kaden Rhodes50534C 2:54.421
34Derek Jones23778C 2:55.453
35Kalven Pearson49489C 2:55.609
36will best31286C 2:55.992
37Preston Taylor17377C 2:58.367
38Maddox Baxter27843C 3:00.234
39Javy Porter59069C 3:02.695
40Stefan Ciarafoni30033C 3:03.265
41Stoney Hudman38094C 3:04.093
42Jake Keep24400C 3:06.742
43mason wharton45651C 3:07.078
44James Jackson56868C 3:09.445
45Dylan Roper49054C 3:09.492
46jaxson nelson47842C 3:11.171
47Izaac Burke40377C 3:11.867
48Austin Frank21416C 3:12.000
49Caleb Anderson22787C 3:16.265
50Logan Danz43774C 3:23.328
51Will Knau12970CNo Sessions
52Bryce Foley18416CNo Sessions
53Ian Brauning19909CNo Sessions
54Zac Brumfield20233CNo Sessions
55Hunter DaSilva20400CNo Sessions
56Geovane Santos24047BNo Sessions
57Jordan newell29780CNo Sessions
58Ben Humphries30001CNo Sessions
59Jack Hurst30494CNo Sessions
60Tyler Bannister36134CNo Sessions
61Ryan Norton36800CNo Sessions
62marcus trujillo38008CNo Sessions
63Luke Smith38037CNo Sessions
64Chase Carr38255CNo Sessions
65Steven Short38909CNo Sessions
66seth devers39448CNo Sessions
67Lane Gunning42211CNo Sessions
68max Wilczek42868CNo Sessions
69Rohen Croushorn43118CNo Sessions
70Jace Williams43203CNo Sessions
71Loomy The Cleaner43992CNo Sessions
72joshua crumet44019CNo Sessions
73Brady Olson44167CNo Sessions
74landen king45679CNo Sessions
75Nick Veneruso46075CNo Sessions
76Gauge Brown46492CNo Sessions
77Marshall Smith | Dunlop 46911CNo Sessions
78TJ WOODS47165CNo Sessions
79Tyson McManus50486CNo Sessions
80camron kalass55390CNo Sessions
81Tristen Finley55780CNo Sessions
82ashton simper55823CNo Sessions
83Jaxon Franklin56035CNo Sessions
84cody wells58737CNo Sessions
85Bronx Grundy59897CNo Sessions

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