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MX3(125) - Top 40 Qualify

1Josh Hamilton8430B 1:48.476
2Seb Galea6736C 1:48.578
3Tim Althaus17537A 1:52.570
4Kieran Hildebrand10808C 1:53.492
5Jacob Hunger12281B 1:55.921
6Dale Mullins15496C 1:56.289
7Mack Spokes16908C 1:58.578
8Kurtis Thiele1583A 2:27.726
9jack perry18306C 2:43.601
10Benny Geale1136CNo Sessions
11Corentin Julian2233ANo Sessions
12Ty Lynch3661BNo Sessions
13alex cuntingham7878CNo Sessions
14Connor Robertson9656CNo Sessions
15Gavin Smith10250BNo Sessions
16zac towill13363CNo Sessions
17byrd green14928CNo Sessions
18griffin maxwell15180CNo Sessions
19jayden vacher15742CNo Sessions
20cody akers15895CNo Sessions
21Dom Beal16607CNo Sessions
22Aiden Shewcow17355BNo Sessions
23Giancarlo Harrison18484BNo Sessions
24Tom Lees Jr19228CNo Sessions
25Sam Higgs20943CNo Sessions
26Damon Windham23067CNo Sessions
27Bronson Leiataua23196CNo Sessions
28Steve Harris23215BNo Sessions
29Jeremy Kinson23233CNo Sessions
30Kenyon Moran23339CNo Sessions
31Tanner Walker24195CNo Sessions

MXD(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Seb Galea6736C 1:48.578
2Tim Althaus17537A 1:52.570
3Kieran Hildebrand10808C 1:53.492
4Jacob Hunger12281B 1:54.671
5Dale Mullins15496C 1:55.757
6jayden vacher15742C 1:56.117
7Connor Fitzpatrick17227C 1:57.437
8Mack Spokes16908C 1:58.578
9Steve Harris23215B 1:58.578
10James Beston14951C 2:00.156
11Bradley Robinson18834C 2:03.296
12Matthew Marguglio19387C 2:05.523
13Zane Evans16392C 2:07.453
14jack perry18306C 2:07.468
15Jes Colman307C 2:10.101
16Noah Karassy19791B 2:13.414
17Troy Cochrane20685C 2:21.023
18Johnny Mayo23155B 2:21.101
19Jake Cahir21060C 2:23.554
20Dylan Gatlin19835A 2:23.789
21Kurtis Thiele1583A 2:27.726
22Jack Bird20689C 2:50.593
23Ty Lynch3661BNo Sessions
24alex cuntingham7878CNo Sessions
25Dylan Bartle8474CNo Sessions
26Connor Robertson9656CNo Sessions
27Nick Sanbrailo14797CNo Sessions
28byrd green14928CNo Sessions
29cody akers15895CNo Sessions
30Dom Beal16607CNo Sessions
31Nick Kuenzig16791CNo Sessions
32Aiden Shewcow17355BNo Sessions
33s d17536CNo Sessions
34Dalton Witter18454BNo Sessions
35Logan Leitzel19661ANo Sessions
36TANNER Abeyta20036CNo Sessions
37Sam Higgs20943CNo Sessions
38Damon Windham23067CNo Sessions
39Bronson Leiataua23196CNo Sessions
40Zach Easter23319ANo Sessions
41Trent Sheppard23352BNo Sessions
42Brandon Quigley23972BNo Sessions
43Thomas Stead24034BNo Sessions

MX2(250f/250T) - Top 40 Qualify

1Finn Collins12049A 1:41.570
2Reggie Dunlop4118C 1:49.679
3Kyle Morgan13789C 1:52.562
4Seantavius Kitkat17154A 1:53.585
5Tyler Morin3984A 1:54.335
6Matias Janice17932A 1:58.382
7broc pearson7508C 1:59.023
8hunter friesen14317A 2:00.148
9James Beston14951C 2:00.156
10Logan Heagney6521A 2:01.070
11Noah Karassy19791B 2:13.414
12Troy Cochrane20685C 2:21.023
13Zane Evans16392C 2:21.640
14Dylan Gatlin19835A 2:30.406
15Toby Stocks194ANo Sessions
16Jake West6739ANo Sessions
17Jonas Nordli7201ANo Sessions
18Blake Starnes12863BNo Sessions
19griffin maxwell15180CNo Sessions
20Alex Eriksson18204BNo Sessions
21Jordan Moxey18285ANo Sessions
22David Hale18827CNo Sessions
23TANNER Abeyta20036CNo Sessions
24Zach Easter23319ANo Sessions

MX1(250T/450) - Top 40 Qualify

1Finn Collins12049A 1:41.570
2Fredrik Langagergaard12475A 1:47.617
3Josh Hamilton8430B 1:48.476
4Robert Wilson8313A 1:51.656
5Seantavius Kitkat17154A 1:53.585
6Andreas Bergstrøm10895A 1:56.476
7Connor Fitzpatrick17227C 1:57.437
8Cody Schat5726A 1:58.484
9Chase LaVancher4489A 1:59.453
10Ethan Purchase24560B 2:08.234
11Logan Heagney6521A 2:08.335
12Toby Stocks194ANo Sessions
13Mick Skezz1171CNo Sessions
14Corentin Julian2233ANo Sessions
15Zachary Corbett3262CNo Sessions
16Jake West6739ANo Sessions
17broc pearson7508CNo Sessions
18Gavin Smith10250BNo Sessions
19Manuel Wiedmann10673CNo Sessions
20chris harper11333CNo Sessions
21Richard Lorran15997CNo Sessions
22s d17536CNo Sessions
23Giancarlo Harrison18484BNo Sessions
24Logan Leitzel19661ANo Sessions
25Jeremy Kinson23233CNo Sessions
26Kenyon Moran23339CNo Sessions

MX3 Results

1Josh Hamilton843050
2Kieran Hildebrand1080842
3Steve Harris2321542
4Dom Beal1660731
5Kurtis Thiele158328
6Jacob Hunger1228128
7alex cuntingham787827
8Mack Spokes1690827
9Ty Lynch366124
10Tim Althaus1753724
11jayden vacher1574223
12Dale Mullins1549618
13jack perry1830618
14Bronson Leiataua2319618

MXD Results

1Connor Fitzpatrick1722744
2Ty Lynch366143
3jayden vacher1574243
4Kieran Hildebrand1080834
5Jacob Hunger1228128
6Steve Harris2321527
7Mack Spokes1690826
8Dale Mullins1549623
9Dom Beal1660723
10Tim Althaus1753723
11Matthew Marguglio1938720
12jack perry1830618
13Kurtis Thiele158316
14alex cuntingham787816
15Bronson Leiataua2319613
16Jes Colman3077
17Zane Evans163926
18Dylan Gatlin198355
19Noah Karassy197913

MX2 Results

1Finn Collins1204950
2Logan Heagney652134
3Tyler Morin398422
4Jacob Hunger1228122
5Seantavius Kitkat1715420
6MXSLobby Administration018
7Noah Karassy1979116
8jayden vacher1574215
9Dylan Gatlin1983515
10Zane Evans1639214
11Connor Fitzpatrick1722714

MX1 Results

1Finn Collins1204950
2Josh Hamilton843042
3Seantavius Kitkat1715437
4Connor Fitzpatrick1722733
5Logan Heagney652132
6Kieran Hildebrand1080832
7jayden vacher1574227
8Zachary Corbett326218
9jack perry1830614
10Jacob Hunger1228113
11Tim Althaus1753712

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Protesting Rider: jack perry

Protested Rider: Ben McLeod(11716)

Protest Message: "lel"

He is a pleb

Demo Time:1min