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250s(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Fredrik Langagergaard12475A 1:43.304
2Jakob Hubbard23971A 1:47.843
3Anders Kirial10886B 1:48.148
4Alex Eriksson18204B 1:51.000
5Greg McCann17079C 1:56.921
6Dakota French6217C 1:58.406
7Christian Reed9202A 2:01.828
8Noah Karassy19791B 2:01.929
9Sebastian Bang Jensen10812C 2:16.492
10Tom Lees Jr19228C 2:17.054
11Dixie Normous21353C 2:18.843
12Brandon Quigley23972B 2:19.195
13will clark11019C 2:23.687
14Dillon Carlson17801C 2:24.945
15michael mudge14924C 2:27.015
16Dalton Witter18454B 2:32.328
17Fabreguettes Morgi6062B 2:35.875
18Ian Brauning19909C 2:57.195
19hunter friesen14317A 4:48.343
20Gabriel Pilegi3787CNo Sessions
21Jack Zarse10854BNo Sessions
22Colton Durand12641CNo Sessions
23Josh Boaz12886BNo Sessions
24Josh Williams13156BNo Sessions
25OLiver albertsen14129CNo Sessions
26James Beston14951CNo Sessions
27cody akers15895CNo Sessions
28Preston Taylor17377CNo Sessions
29Colin Moore 19357CNo Sessions
30corey dodds19431CNo Sessions
31Lance Ament19853BNo Sessions
32Evan Welle19854BNo Sessions
33Deegan Bannister21181CNo Sessions
34Hayden Stevenson23379BNo Sessions
35Matt Taylor23820CNo Sessions
36Tanner Walker24195CNo Sessions

450s(250T/450) - Top 40 Qualify

1Ty Smith11180A 1:44.539
2Corentin Delaruelle1242C 1:47.015
3morgan marlet6932C 1:49.484
4Mike Shaner20440C 1:50.421
5Josh Donaruma18747C 1:52.117
6Cade Barwig18173C 1:57.640
7Jeremy Green15935A 2:04.757
8Zac Brumfield20233C 2:11.984
9Jarno Steegmans19627C 2:16.539
10hunter braun19534C 2:31.210
11Dylan Hale20763C 3:02.804
12Tyler Anderson256CNo Sessions
13Justin Caron1102CNo Sessions
14James Armstrong4591ANo Sessions
15jake jackson7280CNo Sessions
16eric kidney8694CNo Sessions
17André Marcondes Feitosa11361CNo Sessions
18zac towill13363CNo Sessions
19Richard Lorran15997CNo Sessions
20carsyn forcum17002CNo Sessions
21Andrew Varvel18265CNo Sessions
22Bill Moynes18613ANo Sessions
23Boddie Parker19311BNo Sessions
24Tommy Dallaire19520ANo Sessions
25Bill Will19552ANo Sessions
26mads kirial20490BNo Sessions
27Blaine Stegenga23702BNo Sessions

250s Results

1Jack Zarse1085425
2Dakota French621722
3Josh Boaz1288620
4Fabreguettes Morgi606218
5Tanner Walker2419516
6Evan Welle1985415
7Dillon Carlson1780114
8Noah Karassy1979113
9Greg McCann1707912
10Hayden Stevenson2337911
11Lance Ament1985310

450s Results

1Corentin Delaruelle124225
2Ty Smith1118022
3morgan marlet693220
4Mike Shaner2044018
5Boddie Parker1931116

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