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Pro 250(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Rico de Laat19896C 1:09.953
2Timm Friedrichs19915C 1:11.039
3Tim 2092009CNo Sessions
4Jonathan Hughes9262ANo Sessions
5Anders Kirial10886BNo Sessions
6Patrick Stewart10952ANo Sessions
7William Seim15379BNo Sessions
8Anaker VALAYER18138CNo Sessions
9Ryan woods 19956CNo Sessions
10SVGE179 | VENOM23213BNo Sessions
11Hayden Stevenson23379BNo Sessions
12Jakob Hubbard23971ANo Sessions
13Ashton Rakofsky24566BNo Sessions

Pro 450(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Justin Caron1102C 1:06.679
2Gregory van Hoeve6574A 1:11.359
3Cameron McDonald8114B 1:16.796
4James Armstrong4591ANo Sessions
5Jake West6739ANo Sessions
6Unclaimed Account6812CNo Sessions
7Jeremi Seabolt9061ANo Sessions
8Andreas Bergstrøm10895ANo Sessions
9Tyler Groening14814BNo Sessions
10Tommy Dallaire19520ANo Sessions
11Logan Leitzel19661ANo Sessions

Open AMS(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1David Prevost6819C 1:04.906
2hunter braun19534C 1:07.734
3Kurtis Thiele1583A 1:07.773
4michael mudge14924C 1:08.484
5Dale Mullins15496C 1:08.734
6Connor Robertson9656C 1:09.484
7Matthew Marguglio19387C 1:11.796
8Maxime Roussel18637C 1:13.945
9John Murray20057A 1:14.226
10Josh Donaruma18747C 1:15.117
11Lukas Reagan17661B 1:16.257
12Alexander lagerkvist11392C 1:18.531
13Oskari Kurtti24816C 1:19.132
14Greg McCann17079C 1:21.726
15Bill Moynes18613A 1:23.773
16Tallon Pemberton24722C 1:48.429
17Damon Ion1814CNo Sessions
18Adam Barnett4322CNo Sessions
19Lacoste Jordan6058CNo Sessions
20verpoest kenny8271CNo Sessions
21Kieran Hildebrand10808CNo Sessions
22Sebastian Bang Jensen10812CNo Sessions
23André Marcondes Feitosa11361CNo Sessions
24Colton Durand12641CNo Sessions
25jaden lee13137CNo Sessions
26zac towill13363CNo Sessions
27jt dee15235BNo Sessions
28jayden vacher15742CNo Sessions
29Dar Bolicki16684CNo Sessions
30Kyle LaFrance17338CNo Sessions
31Tim Althaus17537ANo Sessions
32spencer brooking18109CNo Sessions
33Dalton Witter18454BNo Sessions
34Robbie Fratscher18529BNo Sessions
35Tom Lees Jr19228CNo Sessions
36Bill Will19552ANo Sessions
37Noah Karassy19791BNo Sessions
38Lance Ament19853BNo Sessions
39Arthur Theisen19888CNo Sessions
40Ian Brauning19909CNo Sessions
41Martin Karlsson20024CNo Sessions
42Dylan Hale20763CNo Sessions
43Tim Scholtes20977CNo Sessions
44Kevin Gonzalez23185BNo Sessions
45Steve Harris23215BNo Sessions
46pruvost theo23451CNo Sessions
47Dylan Bolinger24011CNo Sessions

Pro 250 Results

1Tanner Lovell2353525
2Anaker VALAYER1813822

Pro 450 Results

1Jake West673925
2Justin Caron110222
3David Prevost681920
4Finn Collins1204918
5Maxime Roussel1863716
6Anaker VALAYER1813815
7Cameron McDonald811414

Open AMS Results

1Lacoste Jordan605825
2Kurtis Thiele158322
3Dale Mullins1549620
4pruvost theo2345118
5jack perry1830616
6Kieran Hildebrand1080815
7Shane McDonald1877514
8Tim Althaus1753713

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