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Open ProAm(Open) - Top 22 Qualify

1James Armstrong4591A 0:48.843
2Tyler Horvath2800A 0:49.062
3broc pearson7508C 0:49.718
4Brandon Cummings8432C 0:50.218
5Clint Martin 17154A 0:50.343
6Cale simmey18668A 0:50.390
7skyler Kramer7045C 0:51.320
8paladino christoffersen12235A 0:51.882
9Jayden Fabry17385C 0:52.593
10Kevin Gonzalez23185B 0:53.070
11jayden vacher15742C 0:53.328
12Quinten McDaniel24002C 0:53.726
13jt dee15235B 0:53.929
14Unclaimed Account4321C 0:54.023
15Cj Ruggero4720C 0:54.601
16Timmy Briscoe19001B 0:54.609
17Nick Skakun18278B 0:54.773
18Wesley Oliveira21153C 0:55.015
19carsyn forcum17002C 0:55.632
20Jacob Long21660C 0:56.281
21Carter Mckissick19926C 0:56.468
22Geovane Santos24047B 0:57.187
23tyler shipman23551B 0:59.132
24Hunter Mead20881C 0:59.765
25Andrew Lipsett18459B 1:00.523
26eric kidney8694C 1:00.734
27Justin Wyrick13005C 1:01.492
28Blaine Stegenga23702B 1:01.734
29Kevin Ferzacca17299A 1:03.617
30Ryan T21806C 1:05.140
31Ian Brauning19909C 1:05.460
32Jake Fisher21230B 1:06.468
33colton mitchell6767ANo Sessions
34alex cuntingham7878CNo Sessions
35jacob long14526CNo Sessions
36Dale Mullins15496CNo Sessions
37Joaquin Morales19127CNo Sessions
38Zach Rexroad 21562CNo Sessions
39Matt Taylor23820CNo Sessions

Lites ProAm(125/250) - Top 22 Qualify

1Chase Desselle6994B 0:50.031
2Tyler Lang14539A 0:50.546
3Chase Dunivant7418A 0:51.093
4Chase Blakely10410A 0:51.109
5Clint Martin 17154A 0:51.375
6skyler Kramer7045C 0:51.875
7paladino christoffersen12235A 0:51.945
8Ryan Spengler8505B 0:52.398
9Kevin Gonzalez23185B 0:53.070
10Cale simmey18668A 0:53.148
11jayden vacher15742C 0:53.328
12Hayden Stevenson23379B 0:53.664
13Jayden Fabry17385C 0:53.937
14jt dee15235B 0:54.007
15Unclaimed Account4321C 0:54.023
16Timmy Briscoe19001B 0:54.609
17Wesley Oliveira21153C 0:55.015
18Grant Harlan23884B 0:55.140
19Garrett Stamper15163C 0:55.500
20carsyn forcum17002C 0:55.632
21Jacob melton19865B 0:56.078
22Connor Wells20897B 0:57.421
23Dar Bolicki16684C 0:59.171
24Hunter Mead20881C 0:59.765
25Quinten McDaniel24002C 0:59.953
26Andrew Lipsett18459B 1:00.523
27broc pearson7508C 1:00.593
28Zachary Adams18905B 1:01.078
29Justin Wyrick13005C 1:01.492
30Geovane Santos24047B 1:01.945
31Josh Betts5604A 1:02.531
32Ethan Holland16925B 1:02.578
33Ryan T21806C 1:05.140
34Ian Brauning19909C 1:05.460
35Kobe Herrick24552C 1:05.625
36Cj Ruggero4720C 1:08.679
37Aleksander Silva10414C 1:22.140
38Tyler Horvath2800ANo Sessions
39alex cuntingham7878CNo Sessions
40Alexander lagerkvist11392CNo Sessions
41hunter friesen14317ANo Sessions
42Dale Mullins15496CNo Sessions
43julien Toucheque16430CNo Sessions
44Luca Marsalisi16572CNo Sessions
45Micaias Ferreira17954CNo Sessions
46Jason Felkey18452CNo Sessions
47Zach Rexroad 21562CNo Sessions
48Jacob Long21660CNo Sessions
49Braxton Knapp23492CNo Sessions

Open ProAm Results

1Cale simmey1866825
2Seb Galea673622
3Brandon Cummings843220
4skyler Kramer704518
5Chase Dunivant741816
6Kevin Gonzalez2318515
7Jayden Fabry1738514
8Josh Boaz432113
9Nick Skakun1827812
10Ethan Holland1692511
11Quinten McDaniel2400210
12Wesley Oliveira211539

Lites ProAm Results

1Tyler Lang1453925
2Chase Desselle699422
3Chase Dunivant741820
4Kevin Gonzalez2318518
5skyler Kramer704516
6Cale simmey1866815
7Josh Boaz432114
8Garrett Stamper1516313
9Jayden Fabry1738512
10Hayden Stevenson2337911
11Wesley Oliveira2115310
12paladino christoffersen122359

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