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125 Open(125) - Top 40 Qualify

1Hunter Deisher379A 2:08.898
2Dakota French6217C 2:13.117
3Unclaimed Account23732C 2:13.687
4Taylor Fortini12320C 2:18.734
5Jacob Gosche17019B 2:21.593
6Taylor Davis3022C 2:21.765
7Aaron Stackhouse18405C 2:22.156
8Nick Pomeroy20301B 2:22.320
9Walker White21198A 2:22.523
10Jarno Steegmans19627C 2:22.828
11Josh Donaruma18747C 2:24.648
12Bryar Russell16933C 2:28.320
13Brandon Hedge10326A 2:29.390
14Wyatt Carter13203C 2:30.351
15Karl Thunberg20061C 2:30.843
16byrd green14928C 2:34.828
17Harry Birchmore19844C 2:35.015
18Austin Brydges22187A 2:35.390
19Ashton Rakofsky24566B 2:35.468
20John Clement1572C 2:35.679
21Blake Boren22786C 2:35.851
22Solomon Khalife24111C 2:36.273
23Jake Moszyk20699C 2:37.335
24cooper kevwitch15340C 2:37.757
25Evan Welle19854B 2:39.351
26Ethan Holland16925B 2:40.046
27Zachary Adams18905B 2:40.070
28Jax Lindsay17953C 2:40.531
29luke cameron17554B 2:40.796
30Mike Bird15301C 2:48.539
31Chase Morales21437C 2:53.335
32cole Dilley24755C 2:53.710
33Tanner Walker24195C 2:59.757
34Walker Adams12262C 3:02.500
35Sonny Spicer23831C 3:16.289
36Hunter McClung23322C 3:22.281
37Braiden Ehle17003B 3:32.046
38Jacob Williams22855C 3:42.468
39Karl Thunberg943CNo Sessions
40Michael Hodge9575CNo Sessions
41Ben Lake9718ANo Sessions
42Jack Zarse10854BNo Sessions
43Alexander lagerkvist11392CNo Sessions
44Danner Barton12048CNo Sessions
45Garrett Pond12133CNo Sessions
46Kieran Evans13279BNo Sessions
47Jack Diduch14349CNo Sessions
48Guilherme Cabral14492BNo Sessions
49Luke Cameron14554CNo Sessions
50Phil Doyon14561BNo Sessions
51Tommy Zimmerman15696BNo Sessions
52Martin Lundquist15811CNo Sessions
53Matthew Parise15873BNo Sessions
54Archie Hicks16171CNo Sessions
55carsyn forcum17002CNo Sessions
56clifford robinzine17877BNo Sessions
57Austin bartlett18081CNo Sessions
58Giancarlo Harrison18484BNo Sessions
59Hunter Plomb18901CNo Sessions
60Dylan Mecalis19126CNo Sessions
61Jacob melton19865BNo Sessions
62Steve Harris23215BNo Sessions
63Zach Easter23319ANo Sessions
64Dakota Washburn23340CNo Sessions
65Braxton Knapp23492CNo Sessions
66Hayden Grimes24806BNo Sessions
67seth DEVERS24880CNo Sessions

250 Open(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Sean Klein18646A 2:05.109
2Phil Doyon14561B 2:07.828
3Hunter Deisher379A 2:08.898
4broc pearson7508C 2:10.976
5Dakota French6217C 2:11.468
6fernando andrade3449C 2:13.125
7Ethan Howell15268A 2:13.218
8Jakob Hubbard23971A 2:13.859
9Ricky Williams14444B 2:13.992
10Alexander lagerkvist11392C 2:15.343
11Kevin Gonzalez23185B 2:15.531
12Chris Santino2083B 2:16.054
13Ben Lake9718A 2:16.921
14jt dee15235B 2:17.671
15Taylor Fortini12320C 2:17.781
16byrd green14928C 2:18.960
17Tas Hutch21887C 2:20.382
18Luca Marsalisi16572C 2:21.171
19Aaron Stackhouse18405C 2:21.703
20Taylor Davis3022C 2:21.765
21Hayden Stevenson23379B 2:22.078
22Benny Geale1136C 2:22.085
23Walker White21198A 2:22.523
24Issac Morgan2249C 2:23.218
25Steve Harris23215B 2:23.242
26Nathan Bullins7716C 2:23.632
27alex cuntingham7878C 2:24.218
28Andrew Massart23273B 2:25.007
29cooper kevwitch15340C 2:27.648
30luke cameron17554B 2:27.976
31Jacob melton19865B 2:28.328
32Lukas Reagan17661B 2:29.000
33Brandon Hedge10326A 2:29.390
34Trent Sheppard23352B 2:30.226
35Ethan Holland16925B 2:30.585
36Karl Thunberg20061C 2:30.843
37Freddy Karlsson12577C 2:31.296
38Jaxson Whetstone11959B 2:32.039
39Brandon Crase17934B 2:32.039
40Dylan Gatlin19835A 2:32.968
41Stuart Cross18658C 2:33.132
42Evan Welle19854B 2:34.093
43Blake Boren22786C 2:34.976
44Austin Brydges22187A 2:35.390
45Chris Hogberg21023C 2:35.414
46Ashton Rakofsky24566B 2:35.468
47Braxton Knapp23492C 2:35.726
48John Murray20057A 2:36.015
49Solomon Khalife24111C 2:36.273
50Zachary Adams18905B 2:40.070
51Joe Lloyd17876C 2:40.500
52Anthony Roe24074C 2:43.515
53Tanner Walker24195C 2:45.625
54Lathan Stokes21787C 2:46.164
55Aiden Coleman22455B 2:48.101
56josh Clark24466C 2:49.898
57Connor Wells20897B 2:52.445
58Chase Morales21437C 2:53.335
59cole Dilley24755C 2:53.710
60Hayden Grimes24806B 2:55.703
61jason stevenson13272C 2:56.625
62Bryan Flores20402C 2:57.710
63canyon white24076C 3:02.421
64Josh Howard17794C 3:09.671
65Clayton Clary16941C 3:22.398
66Connor Papora19746C 3:26.765
67Braiden Ehle17003B 3:32.046
68Alec Cattenburg656CNo Sessions
69Karl Thunberg943CNo Sessions
70eduardo simoes2048ANo Sessions
71Roberto Santini5207CNo Sessions
72Max Spicer5804CNo Sessions
73Jeremy Gwiozdowski7750CNo Sessions
74Jack Zarse10854BNo Sessions
75Kieran Evans13279BNo Sessions
76Jack Diduch14349CNo Sessions
77Guilherme Cabral14492BNo Sessions
78Luke Cameron14554CNo Sessions
79James Beston14951CNo Sessions
80Tommy Zimmerman15696BNo Sessions
81carsyn forcum17002CNo Sessions
82Greg McCann17079CNo Sessions
83Braden Carter18235ANo Sessions
84Nolan Keckley18746BNo Sessions
85Dylan Mecalis19126CNo Sessions
86Jacob Heun19586CNo Sessions
87Brian Ruble20709BNo Sessions
88Hunter Mead20881CNo Sessions
89Tyson Parliament20904CNo Sessions
90Brandon Robinson21252CNo Sessions
91Johnny Mayo23155BNo Sessions
92Dakota Washburn23340CNo Sessions
93Nick Casella23435ANo Sessions
94Scott Pugh24321CNo Sessions
95Jack Curtis24386BNo Sessions
96Declan Hutchison24800CNo Sessions
97Jayden Pickett24897CNo Sessions

450 Open(250T/450) - Top 40 Qualify

1Dominic Tibberino4652C 2:08.585
2DOUG OAKLEY5723A 2:08.656
3jt dee15235B 2:12.640
4Brandon Houldsworth4698C 2:14.531
5Archie Hicks16171C 2:14.781
6Jakob Hubbard23971A 2:15.492
7Jacob Gosche17019B 2:16.046
8Nick Pomeroy20301B 2:16.546
9Ashe Deering22159C 2:17.546
10alex cuntingham7878C 2:17.796
11Michael Hodge9575C 2:17.945
12Josh Donaruma18747C 2:19.640
13Tyler Nichols12071A 2:20.062
14Moto Agogo18756C 2:21.273
15joel ranger james14361C 2:25.554
16Max Spicer5804C 2:26.820
17Brian Ruble20709B 2:28.773
18Bryar Russell16933C 2:30.164
19Benny Geale1136C 2:31.460
20Austin bartlett18081C 2:33.085
21Richard Lorran15997C 2:43.164
22Trey Smith20848C 2:47.335
23André Marcondes Feitosa11361C 2:50.453
24Blaine Stegenga23702B 3:00.046
25Joe Lloyd17876C 3:05.148
26Danner Barton12048C 3:08.429
27Sonny Spicer23831C 3:21.359
28Harry Birchmore19844C 3:24.570
29will clark11019C 3:28.085
30timmy conrad23447C 4:16.453
31Issac Morgan2249CNo Sessions
32James McKie4448CNo Sessions
33Bryant Harsy4723CNo Sessions
34Nathan Bullins7716CNo Sessions
35Jeremy Gwiozdowski7750CNo Sessions
36Unclaimed Account8479CNo Sessions
37eric kidney8694CNo Sessions
38Casey Sanders 10150CNo Sessions
39Grant Dawson10828CNo Sessions
40chris harper11333CNo Sessions
41Caleb Clark11831CNo Sessions
42Brandon Cocroft14002BNo Sessions
43Ricky Williams14444BNo Sessions
44Jared Gumeson15121CNo Sessions
45Matthew Parise15873BNo Sessions
46Conner Pate18289ANo Sessions
47Triston Judd18544CNo Sessions
48Hunter Plomb18901CNo Sessions
49Jett Wisdom18931BNo Sessions
50Matthew Marguglio19387CNo Sessions
51John Murray20057ANo Sessions
52Tyson Parliament20408CNo Sessions
53Hunter Mead20881CNo Sessions
54Owen Adams22023BNo Sessions
55Aiden Coleman22455BNo Sessions
56Johnny Mayo23155BNo Sessions
57Kevin Gonzalez23185BNo Sessions
58Zach Easter23319ANo Sessions
59Eric Burdell23344BNo Sessions
60Jayden Pickett24897CNo Sessions

125 Open Results

1Hunter Deisher37950
2Dakota French621742
3Phil Doyon1456142
4Jacob Gosche1701931
5Walker White2119831
6cooper kevwitch1534030
7Evan Welle1985425
8luke cameron1755422
9Aaron Stackhouse1840522
10Bryar Russell1693318
11Danner Barton1204815
12Taylor Fortini1232015
13Harry Birchmore1984414
14Braiden Ehle1700312
15Josh Donaruma1874711
16Tanner Walker2419511
17Mike Bird1530110
18Jacob melton198657
19Jacob Williams228557
20Jax Lindsay179536
21Jake Moszyk206994
22Sonny Spicer238313
23seth DEVERS248801
24Zachary Adams189050

250 Open Results

1Dakota French621745
2Hunter Deisher37944
3Phil Doyon1456143
4Ricky Williams1444438
5Jakob Hubbard2397131
6alex cuntingham787829
7Hayden Stevenson2337926
8jt dee1523519
9Tas Hutch2188718
10Benny Geale113617
11Aaron Stackhouse1840517
12Taylor Fortini1232013
13cooper kevwitch1534013
14Walker White2119813
15luke cameron1755412
16Chris Santino208311
17Issac Morgan224910
18Andrew Massart2327310
19Nathan Bullins77169
20Dylan Gatlin198359
21Evan Welle198549
22Braiden Ehle170034
23Cade Barwig181732
24Ethan Howell152681
25Austin Brydges221871
26Tanner Walker241951
27Max Spicer58040
28Joe Lloyd178760
29Jacob melton198650
30Connor Wells208970

450 Open Results

1Jacob Gosche1701944
2Jakob Hubbard2397143
3Benny Geale113638
4Trey Smith2084834
5Danner Barton1204831
6Jared Gumeson1512127
7Harry Birchmore1984426
9alex cuntingham787823
10Issac Morgan224916
11Ricky Williams1444414

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