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Open Amateur(Open) - Top 32 Qualify

1Hayden Stevenson23379B 0:20.671
2Jake Toney8963A 0:20.953
3colin cahill2517A 0:21.390
4Jacob melton19865B 0:21.437
5Austin bartlett18081C 0:21.609
6Ashe Deering22159C 0:21.632
7Wyatt Carter13203C 0:21.671
8Ty Casey11419C 0:21.757
9Jake Fisher21230B 0:21.976
10Blake Franklin11594C 0:21.992
11Justin Witteman8709C 0:22.039
12Jakob Hubbard23971A 0:22.039
13hunter friesen14317A 0:22.156
14Carter Mckissick19926C 0:22.429
15jayden vacher15742C 0:22.492
16Tanner Thorsen16669C 0:22.515
17clifford robinzine17877B 0:22.695
18Andrew Massart23273B 0:22.820
19Unclaimed Account15356C 0:22.968
20Kevin Gonzalez23185B 0:22.992
21Jaxson Whetstone11959B 0:23.109
22Kobe Herrick24552C 0:23.125
23Demetrius Crown19230C 0:23.250
24Jake Moszyk20699C 0:23.617
25Nathan Bullins7716C 0:23.750
26Ryan T21806C 0:23.875
27Thomas Stead24034B 0:23.984
28Marc Gonzalez13253C 0:24.101
29Bryan Flores20402C 0:24.640
30Connor Wells20897B 0:24.671
31Walker White21198A 0:24.781
32junior villeneuve21302C 0:24.882
33David Nolasco19863B 0:25.164
34Jacob Sedletzeck17819B 0:25.476
35Garett Crose24931C 0:27.390
36Eric Burdell23344B 0:28.914
37Mike Bird15301C 0:32.109
38Toby Stocks194ANo Sessions
39James McKie4448CNo Sessions
40Kyler Hawkey8661ANo Sessions
41Grant Dawson10828CNo Sessions
42Conner Peavy14821BNo Sessions
43griffin maxwell15180CNo Sessions
44Jayson Pace16550BNo Sessions
45Preston Taylor17377CNo Sessions
46roy cuijpers17941CNo Sessions
47Dwayne Cusano18759CNo Sessions
48Tiago Gomes18790CNo Sessions
49Nick Pomeroy20301BNo Sessions
50Josh Bellinger22061CNo Sessions

Open Novice(Open) - Top 32 Qualify

1Dylan Gatlin19835A 0:21.687
2Jordan Crowder18885B 0:22.109
3fernando andrade3449C 0:22.218
4Dixie Normous21353C 0:22.429
5Colton Durand12641C 0:22.546
6Blaine Stegenga23702B 0:22.734
7William Ranck22701B 0:22.742
8Dylan Kelso18294C 0:22.757
9Jake Dylan20456C 0:22.812
10John Murray20057A 0:22.820
11joel ranger james14361C 0:22.851
12Anthony Roe24074C 0:22.921
13Joseph Pilsner22937C 0:23.054
14Conner Pate18289A 0:23.109
15Cameron Burns21127C 0:23.265
16Ernesto Cota 23601C 0:23.359
17Colin Moore 19357C 0:23.375
18Gary Bingaman20973B 0:23.414
19Ethan Holland16925B 0:23.500
20Luca Marsalisi16572C 0:23.531
21Nick Tomasunas8501C 0:23.671
22Alef Marques2718C 0:23.718
23Brandon Quigley23972B 0:23.750
24Trevor Shaffer22919A 0:23.765
25Austin Brydges22187A 0:23.781
26Garret Sanders20451C 0:23.968
27Blake Boren22786C 0:24.007
28Adam Robson16652C 0:24.062
29Hayden Grimes24806B 0:24.382
30Bryan Newman13960C 0:24.476
31Max Spicer5804C 0:24.664
32Dylan Mecalis19126C 0:24.750
33Blake Albert24256C 0:24.820
34Brock Taylor17929C 0:24.851
35Chris Hogberg21023C 0:24.851
36Sonny Spicer23831C 0:25.070
37Nick Kuenzig16791C 0:25.203
38Aiden Coleman22455B 0:25.546
39Garrett Rohde5315C 0:26.578
40Greg McCann17079C 0:26.601
41Solomon Khalife24111C 0:26.875
42Chase Morales21437C 0:26.976
43Jeffrey Huff Jr19148C 0:27.453
44carson nealey21383C 0:29.179
45canyon white24076C 0:29.281
46Nick Casella23435A 0:29.351
47Jacob Williams22855C 0:32.679
48Jared Gumeson15121CNo Sessions
49jt dee15235BNo Sessions
50Jax Lindsay17953CNo Sessions
51Tyler Mills18387CNo Sessions
52Hunter Mead20881CNo Sessions
53Tas Hutch21887CNo Sessions
54Jake Thomas22776ANo Sessions
55Steven Mitchell22948CNo Sessions
56Ryan Woods23750CNo Sessions
57Tanner Walker24195CNo Sessions

Open Amateur Results

1Ashe Deering2215925
2Hayden Stevenson2337922
3Jake Fisher2123020
4Jakob Hubbard2397118
5Bryan Flores2040216
6Jacob melton1986515
7Ryan T2180614
8Demetrius Crown1923013
9Walker White2119812
10Jacob Sedletzeck1781911
11Blake Franklin1159410
12Wyatt Carter132039

Open Novice Results

1Brandon Quigley2397225
2Jake Dylan2045622
3Gary Bingaman2097320
4Jordan Crowder1888518
5Trevor Shaffer2291916
6Joseph Pilsner2293715
7Dylan Gatlin1983514
8Austin Brydges2218713
9Dixie Normous2135312
10Adam Robson1665211
11William Ranck2270110
12Dylan Kelso182949
13Chris Hogberg210238
14Dylan Mecalis191267
15Brock Taylor179296

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