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125 Open(125) - Top 40 Qualify

1James Armstrong4591A 1:12.648
2Tyler Horvath2800A 1:12.945
3Craig Leake5669A 1:14.179
4Chase McDonald15804A 1:14.796
5Jakob Hubbard23971A 1:16.343
6Logan Leitzel19661A 1:16.640
7Jake Worden24316B 1:17.476
8jesse hinde2543C 1:18.851
9Alex Stinson12463C 1:19.140
10Andrew Massart23273B 1:19.640
11colin cahill2517A 1:20.062
12Hayden Stevenson23379B 1:20.210
13Bryan Newman13960C 1:20.531
14Ashe Deering22159C 1:20.601
15Dakota Washburn23340C 1:21.484
16Adam Robson16652C 1:21.984
17Hayden Grimes24806B 1:22.000
18Tanner Thorsen16669C 1:22.007
19Charles Gable17611B 1:22.796
20Matthew Parise15873B 1:22.882
21Caden Speck17074C 1:23.304
22broc pearson7508C 1:23.390
23Brandon Crase17934B 1:23.507
24Gerhard Osos20282C 1:23.531
25Jake Fisher21230B 1:23.781
26Dylan Gatlin19835A 1:23.851
27Kevin Eding20486C 1:24.125
28Jacob melton19865B 1:24.585
29Chris Hogberg21023C 1:24.703
30Unclaimed Account15356C 1:24.812
31clifford robinzine17877B 1:24.929
32Jake Moszyk20699C 1:25.164
33Trevor Shaffer22919A 1:25.492
34Jared Kern3117C 1:25.617
35Tyler Schmidt1602A 1:26.046
36Conner Pate18289A 1:26.117
37Brock Taylor17929C 1:26.125
38Tas Hutch21887C 1:27.406
39Kent Keyser4431C 1:27.757
40Aiden Coleman22455B 1:28.242
41Sonny Spicer23831C 1:28.687
42Boddie Parker19311B 1:28.984
43Greg Conrad24763C 1:35.015
44Mikey Giovamniello9082C 1:37.398
45Mike Bird15301C 1:39.976
46Zach Rexroad 21562C 1:40.882
47Brandon McCracken23041C 1:46.437
48bryan kelly11386C 1:49.484
49Walker White21198A 1:51.367
50Evan Welle19854B 2:03.843
51billy kunitz18057A 2:20.968
52fernando andrade3449CNo Sessions
53Ty Lynch3661BNo Sessions
54DOUG OAKLEY5723ANo Sessions
55Casey Sanders 10150CNo Sessions
56Stephen Cameron10658CNo Sessions
57Colton Durand12641CNo Sessions
58Jayson Pace16550BNo Sessions
59Mack Spokes16908CNo Sessions
60Preston Taylor17377CNo Sessions
61cole v18195BNo Sessions
62Braden Carter18235ANo Sessions
63Josh Donaruma18747CNo Sessions
64Jett Wisdom18931BNo Sessions
65Kam Goff19283CNo Sessions
66Noah Karassy19791BNo Sessions
67Ian Brauning19909CNo Sessions
68John Murray20057ANo Sessions
69mads kirial20490BNo Sessions
70junior villeneuve21302CNo Sessions
71Jaimy Meykens22519BNo Sessions
72Jake Thomas22776ANo Sessions
73SVGE179 | VENOM23213BNo Sessions
74jacob worth23345CNo Sessions
75Tanner Walker24195CNo Sessions

(50) - Top 40 Qualify


125 Open Results

1Jakob Hubbard2397125
2Alex Stinson1246322
3Jacob melton1986520
4Ashe Deering2215918
5Jake Fisher2123016
6Andrew Massart2327315
7Gerhard Osos2028214
8Caden Speck1707413
9Stephen Cameron1065812
10jesse hinde254311
11Bryan Newman1396010
12Trevor Shaffer229199
13Tanner Thorsen166698
14Kent Keyser44317
15Jake Worden243166
16broc pearson75085
17Conner Pate182894
18Aiden Coleman224553
19Boddie Parker193112
20Tyler Horvath28001
21Matthew Parise158731
22clifford robinzine178771



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