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gfd(125/250) - Top 575 Qualify


dg(125) - Top 575 Qualify


gfd Results

1fernando andrade344940
2Cameron Campbell1540938
3Luca Marsalisi1657238
4Jack Gatland1133737
5Zach Garcia429832
6Tyson Craig2112631
7logan boye1973728
8Mick Skezz117127
9Alan Nevers2312925
10Harry White1951823
11Nick Fiorito1941316
12Max Pleyer2835616
13Josh Howard1779412
14caleb hall1004711
15Guilherme Cabral1449211
16Ricky Hardman1356710
17Josh Boaz237329
18Breno Loss277548
19Michael Barnett94537
20Alemao Formentao139186
21Khamar Glover167085
22Slade Tressler281145
23Zach Fischer153922
24Noah Napoli149961
25Garrett Smith37130
26Chandler Rogers60660
27André Marcondes Feitosa113610
28Jaxson Whetstone119590
29keith ball149560
30trey northrop214220
31Michel Assuncao277510
32Garrett Harsch279500

dg Results

1Jakob Hubbard2397147
2Greg Conrad2476343
3Mick Skezz117142
4James McKie444833
5Ian Holm666833
6Trey Smith2084830
7Gustavo Henrique Lucena 504625
8caleb hall1004724
9Ricky Hardman1356721
10Kent Keyser443119
11Kyle Cloaked1439117
12Zach Fischer1539214
13Collin Blakita2118814
14Kirkland Adams2374814
15Ricky Ferrell1283713
16Garret Sanders2045113
17Stuart Gengler2447311
18Justin Adams Jr189848
19trey northrop214226
20Ashe Deering221594
21Noah Napoli149961
22joshua edgington169821
23Seth Beal246361
24Zach Easter233190

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