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Schoolboy(125) - Top 40 Qualify


Open C(Open) - Top 40 Qualify


250 B(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify


450 B(250T/450) - Top 40 Qualify


125 Open(125) - Top 40 Qualify


Open Pro(Open) - Top 40 Qualify


Schoolboy Results

1Joakim Lagerkvist1682025
2Dylan Gatlin1983522
3Brady White1016320
4Harry White1951818
5Jack Gatland1133716
6Tyler Nichols1207115
7trey northrop2142214
8Austin Brydges2218713
9Nick Fiorito1941312
10Brandon Wolfe2072811
11Trey Smith2084810
12Jeremy Gwiozdowski77509
13Lane Burkes117478
14Stephen Cameron106587
15Justin Adams189846
16Tom Lees Jr.192285

Open C Results

1trey northrop2142225
2Austin Brydges2218722
3Tyler Harris2200920
4Nick Fiorito1941318
5Justin Adams1898416
6Aaron Stackhouse1840515
7Trey Smith2084814
8Brandon Wolfe2072813
9Brady White1016312
10Lucas fosse2774811
11john myers2130610
12Michael Barnett94539
13Tom Lees Jr.192288

250 B Results

1fernando andrade344925
2Dylan Gatlin1983522
3Joakim Lagerkvist1682020
4Jack Gatland1133718
5Jeremy Gwiozdowski775016
6Dominick Picchione1080215
7Justin Dye828714
8Jeremy Green1593513
9Brandan Allen1371012
10Brett neville 2259511
11Harry White1951810
12Anthony Picchione277029
13Lucas fosse277488
14Benji Spurgeon141967
15Demetrius Crown192306
16Stephen Cameron106585

450 B Results

1Joakim Lagerkvist1682025
2Ian Holm666822
3Jack Gatland1133720
4Brett neville 2259518
5Tyler Nichols1207116
6Jeremy Gwiozdowski775015
7Anthony Picchione2770214
8Justin Dye828713
9Dominick Picchione1080212
10Tyler Vertrees1773011
11Harry White1951810

125 Open Results

1Jack Zarse1085425
2Dakota French621722
3Tyler Nichols1207120
4Alex Carlo395018
5Austin Brydges2218716
6Anthony Picchione2770215
7Tyler Vertrees1773014
8Christian Burdine1673313
9Tom Lees Jr.1922812
10Brandon Hedge1032611
11Jeremy Green1593510
12Demetrius Crown192309
13Brittan Lees244028
14Clayton Clary169417
15john myers213066

Open Pro Results

1Alex Carlo395025
2Dakota French621722
3Christian Burdine1673320

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