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Lites(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Kevin Gonzalez23185B 1:57.656
2cody akers15895C 1:58.171
3Lukas Reagan17661B 1:58.820
4Taylor Duke18652C 1:59.242
5Aaron Bonneau17548A 1:59.773
6JJ Werts22561C 2:00.046
7Jarrett Frye14243B 2:00.820
8Brett neville 22595C 2:01.093
9sage lewis22044C 2:02.257
10nate thrasher21502C 2:02.484
11Justin Adams Jr18984C 2:03.507
12joshua edgington16982C 2:04.250
13roy cuijpers17941C 2:05.054
14colby james28640B 2:05.976
15Rhys Harris18426B 2:06.179
16cooper lara19317C 2:07.406
17Austin Brown17653B 2:07.710
18Fugier Toé24654C 2:07.859
19Preston Taylor17377C 2:10.929
20brett dolfi21339C 2:11.460
21Dylan Love29623B 2:11.867
22sven giesbers29781C 2:11.984
23Kody Avance22677C 2:12.187
24john myers21306C 2:13.929
25clifford robinzine17877B 2:13.945
26Curtis Forbes16275C 2:14.250
27Jacob Sedletzeck17819B 2:14.679
28Dustin Carrish24375C 2:15.523
29Jared Brooks20119C 2:15.632
30Gustavo Diniz3399A 2:18.742
31Gavin King24240C 2:21.195
32Austin bartlett18081C 2:21.828
33Austin Snyder19156B 2:24.203
34Tyler Anderson24861C 2:28.585
35Kiefer Martin11994C 2:35.250
36Garrett Harsch27950C 2:46.406
37Kyle Krell11279C 2:47.914
38Trevor Mcreynolds11665C 2:55.570
39Stefan van der Velde17251C 3:01.945
40caden lovgren28618C 3:25.554
41Bryant Harsy4723C 3:29.367
42Grayson Hall495CNo Sessions
43fernando andrade3449CNo Sessions
44James Coen4369ANo Sessions
45Kyle Dupuy6657CNo Sessions
46Billy Dukes9830CNo Sessions
47Jack Zarse10854BNo Sessions
48harry craig16318CNo Sessions
49Jaume Vera16901CNo Sessions
50Greg McCann17079CNo Sessions
51luke cameron17554BNo Sessions
52manuel perez17711CNo Sessions
53Dwayne Cusano18759CNo Sessions
54Tom Lees Jr.19228CNo Sessions
55Damon Wuyts21108ANo Sessions
56wristin grigg21385BNo Sessions
57Noa Vandendaele21545CNo Sessions
58Théo Bultel21884CNo Sessions
59Austin Brydges22187ANo Sessions
60clement kirsch22496CNo Sessions
61ruben steenhuis22843CNo Sessions
62Steve Harris23215BNo Sessions
63Nick Casella23435ANo Sessions
64Sonny Spicer23831CNo Sessions
65Kevin Hunion24055CNo Sessions
66Matt Nesenger24381CNo Sessions
67Brittan Lees24402CNo Sessions
68eric morciglio24586BNo Sessions
69Anthony Picchione27702CNo Sessions
70Anthony Pleash27716CNo Sessions
71Breno Loss27754CNo Sessions

Bigboys(250T/450) - Top 40 Qualify

1Ashe Deering22159C 1:52.750
2Brandon Cocroft14002B 1:55.148
3Triston Judd18544C 1:55.156
4Luchito DutraJ13799C 1:55.687
5Tom Claassen19031C 1:56.773
6luke gardiner21396A 1:57.539
7Tallon Coane18892B 1:57.976
8mike malo28124C 2:02.289
9Mick Skezz1171C 2:03.937
10Brodie Richardson28501C 2:05.601
11jordan browning21187C 2:06.242
12Kent Keyser4431C 2:07.601
13James Ohashi15603B 2:09.171
14Ricky Ferrell12837C 2:09.937
15Josh Donaruma18747C 2:10.875
16rilan gombert27733C 2:10.937
17Alexander Kerr24454B 2:15.000
18Vander Sampaio27748C 2:15.414
19Im Just A Bitch10037B 2:16.960
20Jeremias Dutra21318C 2:19.875
21Blake Starnes12863B 2:30.226
22Austin Jobe8431C 2:56.265
23Colin Libby22427C 2:57.593
24chris harper11333C 3:05.867
25Anthony Twidle4100ANo Sessions
26George Hodkinson6222BNo Sessions
27David Prevost6819CNo Sessions
28Kieran Evans13279BNo Sessions
29jt dee15235BNo Sessions
30Ethan Howell15268ANo Sessions
31Zach Fischer15392CNo Sessions
32Ryan Turner17899BNo Sessions
33Nathan Tunnell18418CNo Sessions
34jesse flock18629CNo Sessions
35Axel Dieu19748CNo Sessions
36Mason Wolf20100CNo Sessions
37Gary Bingaman20973BNo Sessions
38Walker White21198ANo Sessions
39Joseph Pilsner22937CNo Sessions
40Braxton Knapp23492CNo Sessions
41Tanner Walker24195CNo Sessions
42Caio Rocha 27752CNo Sessions
43Eduardo Xavier29764CNo Sessions

Lites Results

1Im Just A Bitch1003750

Bigboys Results

1Stefano Tavella1000850

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