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Open Pro(50) - Top 40 Qualify

1James Armstrong4591A 0:41.929
2Matias Janice17932A 0:42.140
3Colby egeland23901B 0:42.460
4Tyler Horvath2800A 0:42.656
5Hunter Deisher379A 0:42.921
6Kyler Hawkey8661A 0:43.117
7Chase Blakely10410A 0:43.140
8Logan Leitzel19661A 0:43.492
9Isaiah Dickerson23262B 0:43.742
10Jeremy Cohenour6963C 0:43.789
11Thomas Silleck12860A 0:43.976
12Dale Mullins15496C 0:44.148
13Fredrik Langagergaard12475A 0:44.164
14Garrett Olver17543A 0:44.304
15Cameron Lee23800A 0:44.320
16eduardo simoes2048A 0:44.335
17Jaryd Griego20863C 0:44.367
18Noah Baker6862C 0:44.382
19Blake O'Brien17921C 0:44.414
20Kevin Ferzacca17299A 0:44.437
21Brandon Hedge10326A 0:44.632
22fernando andrade3449C 0:44.742
23Holden Cote5629A 0:44.960
24adrian wilson13890C 0:44.984
25Jack Zarse10854B 0:44.992
26Steve Harris23215B 0:45.078
27Jakob Hubbard23971A 0:45.101
28Cody Schat5726A 0:45.218
29Tyler Frye5597C 0:45.242
30Reid Young2535A 0:45.460
31carsyn forcum17002C 0:45.585
32Cody Branson15155A 0:45.773
33Unclaimed Account8479C 0:45.835
34Anthony Twidle4100A 0:45.960
35Austin Bear10651C 0:46.078
36Kevin Gonzalez23185B 0:46.179
37Tyler Lang14539A 0:46.320
38Joakim Lagerkvist16820C 0:46.328
39Dylan Copeland5675B 0:46.398
40Andreas Bergstrøm10895A 0:46.406
41Grant Phillip23301C 0:47.171
42Joseph Pilsner22937C 0:47.218
43Boddie Parker19311B 0:47.289
44Ryan Spengler8505B 0:47.335
45Mads Balzer10101A 0:47.375
46chris harper11333C 0:47.382
47Van Hicks19600C 0:47.726
48Neal Wells5199A 0:47.734
49Zach Easter23319A 0:47.828
50Caio Rocha 27752C 0:48.289
51Alef Marques2718C 0:48.968
52Damon Tavella10037B 0:49.117
53Jonas Nordli7201A 0:49.687
54Marc Gonzalez13253C 0:52.070
55Ryan Turner17899B 0:59.171
56Alan Lossendiere29874C 0:59.968
57Christian Burdine16733B 1:16.562
58colton mitchell6767ANo Sessions
59Erik Haugness8855CNo Sessions
60Mack Spokes16908CNo Sessions

250 Amateur(50) - Top 40 Qualify


450 Amateur(50) - Top 40 Qualify


Open Pro Results

1James Armstrong459125
2Holden Cote562922
3Blake O'Brien1792120
4Isaiah Dickerson2326218
5Chase Blakely1041016
6Kyler Hawkey866115
7Kevin Ferzacca1729914
8Hunter Deisher37913
9Cameron Lee2380012
10Colby egeland2390111
11Jeremy Cohenour696310
12Logan Leitzel196619
13Garrett Olver175438
14Kevin Gonzalez231857
15Brandon Hedge103266
16Josh Boaz84795
17Thomas Silleck128604
18Joseph Pilsner229373
19adrian wilson138902
20Reid Young25351
21Matias Janice179321
22Steve Harris232151

250 Amateur Results

1Michael Worthley1121025
2Alec Weiand1073922
3Antony Maso2775020
4Rowdy Houston1776418
5Ethan Holland1692516
6Jason Felkey1845215
7Jack Gatland1133714
8Trevor Shaffer2291913
9Ricky Williams1444412
10Preston Taylor1737711
11Triston Judd1854410
12Brandon Wolfe207289
13Rhys Harris184268
14Brad Ripple6417
15Eli Block231006
16Matt Taylor238205
17Brad Schmidt59204
18Fisher Houston232663
20Brock Taylor179291
21Connor Wells208971
22Trent Sheppard233521

450 Amateur Results

1Damon Ion181425
2Ashe Deering2215922
3James Ohashi1560320
4Ty Smith1118018
5Andrew Massart2327316
6Collin Blakita2118815
7Jordan Edgington62814
8kristian baso1727713
9Chris Schmieder32112
10Hubert Cliche2964311
11mike malo2812410
12jake webb121639
13Tommy Dallaire195208
14Garrett Harsch279507
15Seth Beal246366
16Braiden Ehle170035
17Josh Hernandez70464
18Kam Goff96453
19Nathan Tunnell184182
20Collin Mckinney131981
21Ricky Hardman135671

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