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OPEN AM(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Ashe Deering22159C 1:33.578
2bradley clay14061C 1:35.125
3David Prevost6819C 1:35.414
4Arla Green3682C 1:35.898
5Tommy Dallaire19520A 1:35.921
6Nolan Keckley18746B 1:36.039
7Charles Gable17611B 1:36.625
8Jack Rogers13468A 1:36.695
9Bryan Newman13960C 1:36.820
10Alexander lagerkvist11392C 1:36.828
11Rhys Harris18426B 1:36.898
12Dakota Washburn23340C 1:37.054
13Trevor Shaffer22919A 1:37.062
14Austin bartlett18081C 1:37.195
15Alec Weiand10739C 1:37.296
16Adam Robson16652C 1:37.429
17Ryan Larkins20776C 1:37.445
18mike malo28124C 1:37.523
19William Sandqvist19332A 1:37.929
20Stephen Cameron10658C 1:38.078
21Théo Bultel21884C 1:38.125
22Matt Taylor23820C 1:38.125
23Lane Burkes11747C 1:38.546
24chris harper11333C 1:38.570
25Roberto Dieguez18476B 1:38.601
26bocquet jean michel22931C 1:38.703
27Michael Hodge9575C 1:38.726
28jordan shaheen24527A 1:38.796
29Trey Smith20848C 1:38.929
30Seth Garrett18588A 1:39.046
31James McKie4448C 1:39.234
32victor Norlander27901C 1:39.312
33jack Lea17615B 1:39.445
34Dylan Love29623B 1:39.851
35timmy conrad23447C 1:39.914
36trey northrop21422C 1:40.109
37Tyler Harris22009C 1:40.203
38Matthew Parise15873B 1:40.601
39Connor Wells20897B 1:40.765
40Greg McCann17079C 1:40.843
41Triston Judd18544C 1:40.875
42Anders Kirial10886B 1:40.929
43Justin Witteman8709C 1:40.953
44Kyle Dupuy6657C 1:40.968
45Antony Maso27750C 1:41.015
46Hayden Stevenson23379B 1:41.445
47Grant Phillip23301C 1:41.710
48Jacob melton19865B 1:41.789
49wristin grigg21385B 1:41.796
50Garrett Smith3713A 1:41.820
51Brandon Wolfe20728C 1:42.101
52cody akers15895C 1:43.398
53Blaine Stegenga23702B 1:43.718
54Mick Skezz1171C 1:44.195
55Evan Welle19854B 1:44.781
56Steve Harris23215B 1:45.882
57CJ Clookey24542C 1:47.851
58Taylor Payne27856C 1:47.875
59Braxton Knapp23492C 1:48.210
60eric kidney8694C 1:48.562
61chandler mangrum16545C 1:49.109
62Caleb Scott22840C 1:54.820
63Anthony Picchione27702C 1:55.656
64tyson johnson14896C 1:56.054
65Tanner Walker24195C 1:56.625
66Seth Beal24636C 1:56.812
67Kevin Eding20486C 1:56.898
68Solomon Khalife24111C 2:00.976
69john myers21306C 2:02.359
70Grant Eckardt18819C 2:03.304
71Jax Lindsay17953C 2:03.429
72Patrick Klein Baltink29835C 2:08.484
73Walker White21198A 2:08.812
74Gary Bingaman20973B 2:12.156
75Breysse Yoni22082C 2:17.796
76Eric Burdell23344B 2:18.820
77Justin Carney29086B 2:20.429
78Jesse Lemery22697C 2:20.789
79seth DEVERS24880C 2:24.195
80Gregory van Hoeve6574ANo Sessions
81bryan kelly11386CNo Sessions
82Tyler Nichols12071ANo Sessions
83Jarrett Frye14243BNo Sessions
84Jaume Vera16901CNo Sessions
85Ethan Holland16925BNo Sessions
86Clayton Clary16941CNo Sessions
87Alex Helms18915CNo Sessions
88Colin Moore 19357CNo Sessions
89Jarno Steegmans19627CNo Sessions
90Jacob Heun19856CNo Sessions
91Chase Morales21437CNo Sessions
92kevin hergle22217CNo Sessions
93Matt Miles22326CNo Sessions
94Aiden Coleman22455BNo Sessions
95William Ranck22701BNo Sessions
96Bryan Jenkins23036CNo Sessions
97Eli Block23100CNo Sessions
98Hunter McClung23322CNo Sessions
99Austin Boganes24580CNo Sessions
100Caio Rocha 27752CNo Sessions
101Jarno Bleekman29131CNo Sessions
102Felipe Alves29929CNo Sessions

OPEN PRO(Open) - Top 40 Qualify


OPEN AM Results

1Adam Robson1665225
2Nolan Keckley1874622
3bocquet jean michel2293120
4Matt Taylor2382018
5trey northrop2142216
6Matthew Parise1587315
7Lane Burkes1174714
8Michael Hodge957513
9Trey Smith2084812
10mike malo2812411
11kristian baso1727710
12Ryan Larkins207769
13Antony Maso277508
14Grant Phillip233017
15Braxton Knapp234926
16jack Lea176155
17Tyler Harris220094
18Charles Gable176113
19chandler mangrum165452
20bradley clay140611
21Seth Garrett185881
22john myers213061
23Hayden Stevenson233790

OPEN PRO Results

1Conner Pate1828925
2Garrett Olver1754322
3Matthew Parise1587320
4Charles Gable1761118
5Jakob Hubbard2397116
6William Sandqvist1933215
7Stephen Cameron1065814
8Jacob melton1986513
9Ricky Ferrell1283712
10Cj Ruggero472011
11MXSLobby Administration00

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