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OPEN AM(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1kristian baso17277B 1:35.273
2Nolan Keckley18746B 1:35.320
3James McKie4448C 1:36.156
4Trevor Shaffer22919A 1:36.335
5Rhys Harris18426B 1:37.367
6Lane Burkes11747C 1:37.421
7Connor Robertson9656C 1:38.218
8Grant Phillip23301C 1:38.273
9victor norlander23953C 1:38.601
10Ryan Larkins20776C 1:38.679
11Alexander lagerkvist11392C 1:38.976
12Zach Fischer15392C 1:39.218
13Dwayne Cusano18759C 1:39.250
14jack Lea17615B 1:39.312
15Antony Maso27750C 1:39.687
16Greg McCann17079C 1:41.671
17Tyler Harris22009C 1:41.867
18Erik Thompson18194C 1:42.085
19trey northrop21422C 1:42.242
20Braxton Knapp23492C 1:42.921
21Seth Garrett18588A 1:43.078
22Blake Albert24256C 1:44.320
23Casey Cochran22060C 1:44.585
24Johnny Mayo23155B 1:47.015
25Stephen Cameron10658C 1:47.156
26Solomon Khalife24111C 1:48.234
27Kent Keyser4431C 1:51.187
28Kam Goff19283C 1:53.070
29Michael Barnett9453C 1:55.804
30Zach Easter23319A 1:56.882
31john myers21306C 1:57.921
32Eli Block23100C 2:00.656
33Dawson Sleeper27846C 2:01.882
34Tommy Dallaire19520A 2:05.187
35tyson johnson14896C 2:06.445
36Dane Sabo19306C 2:10.171
37Blaine Stegenga23702B 2:24.632
38chandler mangrum16545C 2:26.328
39Hunter McClung23322C 2:44.976
40Mick Skezz1171CNo Sessions
41ben lee6135CNo Sessions
42Jack Rogers13468ANo Sessions
43Noah Karassy19791BNo Sessions
44Jacob Heun19856CNo Sessions
45Jacob melton19865BNo Sessions
46Connor Wells20897BNo Sessions
47Walker White21198ANo Sessions
48Jakob Hellkvist22185CNo Sessions
49timmy conrad23447CNo Sessions
50Jack Curtis24386BNo Sessions
51CJ Clookey24542CNo Sessions
52Lindsay Flood24595CNo Sessions

OPEN PRO(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Craig Leake5669A 1:30.625
2Atom Holm9437A 1:31.773
3Conner Pate18289A 1:33.203
4Tyler Lang14539A 1:33.234
5Jack Zarse10854B 1:33.757
6Ty Smith11180A 1:33.960
7Harry White19518C 1:35.156
8Andrew Massart23273B 1:35.687
9Jay Turner13465A 1:36.617
10Kevin Gonzalez23185B 1:36.828
11William Sandqvist19332A 1:36.992
12Unclaimed Account8479C 1:37.460
13Jack Gatland11337C 1:41.765
14Austin Brydges22187A 1:44.851
15Jason Helm9249C 1:45.882
16fernando andrade3449C 1:47.414
17jordan shaheen24527A 1:48.976
18blake curry2346ANo Sessions
19Anthony Twidle4100ANo Sessions
20Garrett Olver17543ANo Sessions
21Ryan Turner17899BNo Sessions
22victor Norlander27901CNo Sessions

OPEN AM Results

1Grant Phillip2330150
2James McKie444844
3Lane Burkes1174740
4Ricky Hardman1356736
5jack Lea1761532
6Dwayne Cusano1875930
7victor norlander2395328
8trey northrop2142226
9Nolan Keckley1874624
10Tyler Harris2200922
11Zach Fischer1539220
12Antony Maso2775018
13Erik Thompson1819416
14Casey Cochran2206014
15Michael Barnett945312
16john myers2130610
17Seth Garrett185888
18Braxton Knapp234926
19Dawson Sleeper278464
20Kent Keyser44312
21chandler mangrum165452
22Johnny Mayo231552

OPEN PRO Results

1Atom Holm943750
2Craig Leake566944
3Conner Pate1828940
4Tyler Lang1453936
5Josh Boaz847932
6Ty Smith1118030
7fernando andrade344928
8William Sandqvist1933226
9Kevin Gonzalez2318524

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