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Open Pro(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Anthony Twidle4100A 1:08.914
2Colby egeland23901B 1:09.085
3Reid Young2535A 1:09.132
4Jack Zarse10854B 1:10.429
5Brett Powers2642A 1:10.460
6Tyler Lang14539A 1:10.882
7Ryan Mahan2958A 1:11.101
8Rasmus Balzer11076C 1:12.664
9Boddie Parker19311B 1:13.015
10cody penwell6443A 1:13.406
11Steve Harris23215B 1:13.453
12Seth Garrett18588A 1:13.695
13Tyler Horvath2800A 1:14.414
14André Marcondes Feitosa11361C 1:14.843
15colton mitchell6767A 1:14.890
16Cole Heberlein7533C 1:15.023
17Charles Gable17611B 1:15.937
18Dylan Gatlin19835A 1:16.718
19alex cuntingham7878C 1:18.054
20Joseph Pilsner22937C 1:18.914
21Jan Buysse23936C 1:19.468
22blake curry2346A 1:20.531
23Reno Brennan14256B 1:22.296
24Ramon Silva5152C 1:22.414
25Gregory van Hoeve6574A 1:23.914
26bryan kelly11386C 1:24.632
27eduardo simoes2048ANo Sessions
28Gustavo Diniz3399ANo Sessions
29Josh Williams13156BNo Sessions
30Marc Gonzalez13253CNo Sessions
31barkevious mingo14794ANo Sessions
32Bradley Smith21414CNo Sessions
33Tyler Taylor25446CNo Sessions
34rilan gombert27733CNo Sessions

Open AM(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1João Victor Vieira7980A 1:08.601
2Anthony Picchione27702C 1:12.781
3James Coen4369A 1:13.101
4Josh Gilmore10981B 1:13.148
5Jarno Steegmans19627C 1:13.265
6Alemao Formentao13918C 1:13.382
7Gustavo Henrique Lucena 5046C 1:13.398
8Tyler Harris22009C 1:13.437
9Damon Ion1814C 1:13.460
10Logan Seese14241C 1:13.945
11Brock Ballinger21809C 1:13.960
12Daniël Van Tetering20295C 1:13.984
13Nick Pomeroy20301B 1:14.273
14Hunter Fullwood17067B 1:14.507
15Trevor Shaffer22919A 1:14.523
16Frank Barna12484C 1:14.671
17Ben Toye11874A 1:15.250
18Ryan Larkins20776C 1:15.296
19Erik Thompson18194C 1:15.523
20timmy conrad23447C 1:15.710
21Nathan Tunnell18418C 1:15.726
22Connor Robertson9656C 1:16.117
23Jeremy Denny13366C 1:16.242
24Anders Kirial10886B 1:16.835
25Colin Moore 19357C 1:17.148
26trey northrop21422C 1:17.164
27Ryan T21806C 1:17.164
28Greg Conrad24763C 1:17.781
29Jordan Edgington628C 1:18.492
30bocquet jean michel22931C 1:18.609
31Trevor Williams20615C 1:18.632
32Luchito DutraJ13799C 1:18.687
33philip meisner17281C 1:18.718
34Tas Hutch21887C 1:18.914
35Ryan Persinger10243C 1:19.148
36Austin Boganes24580C 1:19.562
37Brock Stewart19075C 1:19.570
38Guilherme Herrero15676C 1:19.898
39Hayden Grimes24806B 1:20.140
40jt dee15235B 1:20.351
41Jacob Sedletzeck17819B 1:20.492
42Marvin Maes17658C 1:20.742
43steven azarkiewicz3727A 1:20.929
44andrew ryan7860C 1:21.882
45Ashton Rakofsky24566B 1:21.992
46Sonny Spicer23831C 1:22.914
47Jett Wisdom18931B 1:23.031
48JJ Werts22561C 1:23.156
49Jonathan Tomlin7700C 1:23.523
50Reio Peilman25570C 1:23.601
51Josh Bellinger22061C 1:24.468
52Claudio Garcia21512B 1:25.937
53Evan Heyman16673C 1:27.062
54Patrick Klein Baltink29835C 1:27.351
55Ian Brauning19909C 1:27.664
56Jake Kazarian25653C 1:27.710
57James Ohashi15603B 1:27.953
58Cj Ruggero4720C 1:28.351
59Gavin Derifield28400C 1:29.539
60Riley Pilsner29203C 1:31.718
61Ethan Holland16925B 1:32.750
62Jax Lindsay17953C 1:32.773
63Colby Mason29933C 1:33.367
64Dawson Sleeper27846C 1:34.796
65Mason Morris25445C 1:40.695
66Solomon Khalife24111C 1:50.062
67Brandon Nigrin22612B 2:03.921
68Mick Skezz1171CNo Sessions
69Dustin Tipton4108CNo Sessions
70Michael Hodge9575CNo Sessions
71Matthew Parise15873BNo Sessions
72Jeremy Green15935ANo Sessions
73juan cocito17664CNo Sessions
74Micaias Ferreira17954CNo Sessions
75Dalton Witter18454BNo Sessions
76Triston Judd18544CNo Sessions
77Zachary Adams18905BNo Sessions
78Kevin Eding20486CNo Sessions
79Kody Packy20998CNo Sessions
80justen stolz21265ANo Sessions
81Alex Mitchelll21894CNo Sessions
82kevin hergle22217CNo Sessions
83William Ranck22701BNo Sessions
84sam stephen23009CNo Sessions
85Ben Alderson23696CNo Sessions
86Michael Lacore 24711ANo Sessions
87Ben Auldridge25004ANo Sessions
88Owen Snyder27899CNo Sessions
89Christian Jonse29867CNo Sessions

Open Pro Results

1Jack Zarse1085447
2Reid Young253543
3Ryan Mahan295838
4Colby egeland2390136
5Boddie Parker1931132
6Steve Harris2321531
7cody penwell644328
8alex cuntingham787827
9bryan kelly1138623
10Cole Heberlein753315
11Dylan Gatlin1983511

Open AM Results

1James Coen436947
2Damon Ion181445
3Tyler Harris2200940
4Trevor Shaffer2291938
5Anthony Picchione2770232
6Colin Moore 1935729
7Frank Barna1248425
8João Victor Vieira798024
9Hunter Fullwood1706724
10Sonny Spicer2383118
11Tas Hutch2188716
12Guilherme Herrero1567615
13Nick Pomeroy2030114
14Hayden Grimes2480614
15andrew ryan786012
16Ian Brauning1990912
17Ryan Persinger1024311
18Jacob Sedletzeck1781911
19Jonathan Tomlin770010
20Dawson Sleeper278464
21James Ohashi156031
22Josh Bellinger220611
23Ashton Rakofsky245661
24MXSLobby Administration00
25philip meisner172810
26bocquet jean michel229310

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