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Open(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Colby egeland23901B 1:03.593
2Jeremy Smith2528C 1:04.460
3Caden Speck17074C 1:04.867
4Jack Zarse10854B 1:05.578
5cody penwell6443A 1:05.664
6Isaiah Dickerson23262B 1:05.726
7Trey Smith20848C 1:05.828
8Chase Blakely10410A 1:06.023
9Dakota French6217C 1:06.039
10João Victor Vieira7980A 1:06.593
11Jake Fisher21230B 1:06.921
12Clay Alfrey13020A 1:07.203
13Tyson Craig21126C 1:07.289
14Stephen Cameron10658C 1:07.578
15Matthew Parise15873B 1:08.000
16Jack Jeffries3068A 1:08.960
17Rhys Harris18426B 1:09.640
18DOUG OAKLEY5723A 1:09.929
19Jeremy Green15935A 1:10.054
20Josh Howard17794C 1:10.984
21Reno Brennan14256B 1:11.140
22bryan kelly11386C 1:11.148
23Guilherme Cabral14492B 1:11.359
24Ramon Silva5152C 1:12.148
25Ashton Rakofsky24566B 1:12.226
26Mick Skezz1171C 1:12.679
27Brandon Crase17934B 1:15.031
28Christian Reed9202A 1:16.117
29Noa Vandendaele21545C 1:16.250
30Connor Morgan22471C 1:17.171
31Alemao Formentao13918C 1:18.429
32Kyler Hawkey8661A 1:19.445
33Patrick Klein Baltink29835C 1:19.476
34JJ Werts22561C 1:21.148
35Geovane Santos24047B 1:22.312
36Gavyn Manning18730C 1:24.289
37Joseph Pilsner22937C 1:24.742
38Colby Mason29933C 1:25.257
39Mason Smith21557C 1:27.781
40logan bippes28210C 1:28.820
41Kyle Breen18153B 1:30.703
42Dawson Sleeper27846C 1:30.757
43Grant Womeldorf21653C 1:31.078
44colton kazarian25595B 1:38.125
45Gavin Derifield28400C 1:43.460
46Jake Kazarian25653C 1:43.976
47Giancarlo Harrison18484B 1:47.398
48Alex Mitchelll21894C 2:04.007
49Justin Sanders5382CNo Sessions
50Brock Taylor17929CNo Sessions
51Fabio Guido19624CNo Sessions
52Théo Bultel21884CNo Sessions
53Riley Mills23770CNo Sessions
54David Maspeyre23842CNo Sessions
55Greg Conrad24763CNo Sessions
56Ben Auldridge25004ANo Sessions
57rilan gombert27733CNo Sessions
58Caio Rocha 27752CNo Sessions
59Justin Carney29086BNo Sessions

125 Open(125) - Top 40 Qualify

1Colby egeland23901B 1:05.250
2Isaiah Dickerson23262B 1:05.726
3Dakota French6217C 1:06.570
4DOUG OAKLEY5723A 1:09.929
5Jeremy Smith2528C 1:09.945
6Guilherme Cabral14492B 1:11.429
7Ramon Silva5152C 1:12.148
8Matthew Parise15873B 1:14.125
9Trey Smith20848C 1:14.500
10Christian Reed9202A 1:16.117
11Stephen Cameron10658C 1:18.375
12Connor Morgan22471C 1:21.062
13Mick Skezz1171C 1:22.320
14Alemao Formentao13918C 1:22.765
15Jack Zarse10854B 1:23.078
16Joseph Pilsner22937C 1:24.742
17Colby Mason29933C 1:25.257
18Noa Vandendaele21545C 1:28.656
19Kyle Breen18153B 1:30.703
20Geovane Santos24047B 1:34.164
21logan bippes28210C 1:38.093
22Rhys Harris18426B 1:58.273
23cody penwell6443ANo Sessions
24Kyler Hawkey8661ANo Sessions
25Jeremy Green15935ANo Sessions
26kristian baso17277BNo Sessions
27Brock Taylor17929CNo Sessions
28Brandon Crase17934BNo Sessions
29Giancarlo Harrison18484BNo Sessions
30Fabio Guido19624CNo Sessions
31Alex Mitchelll21894CNo Sessions
32Riley Mills23770CNo Sessions
33David Maspeyre23842CNo Sessions
34Ben Auldridge25004ANo Sessions
35Jake Kazarian25653CNo Sessions
36Gavin Derifield28400CNo Sessions

Open Results

1Clay Alfrey1302025
2cody penwell644322
3Dakota French621720
4Chase Blakely1041018
5Alemao Formentao1391816
6Matthew Parise1587315
7Fabio Guido1962414
8Stephen Cameron1065813
9Guilherme Cabral1449212
10Caden Speck1707411
11Geovane Santos2404710
12Théo Bultel218849
13Noa Vandendaele215458
14Jack Zarse108547
15Joseph Pilsner229376
16Christian Reed92025

125 Open Results

1Dakota French621725
2Jack Zarse1085422
3cody penwell644320
4Fabio Guido1962418
5Guilherme Cabral1449216
6Stephen Cameron1065815
7Noa Vandendaele2154514
8Alemao Formentao1391813
9Geovane Santos2404712
10Joseph Pilsner2293711
11Trey Smith2084810
12Matthew Parise158739
13Mick Skezz11718
14Riley Mills237707
15Connor Morgan224716
16Christian Reed92025
17logan bippes282104
18Brock Taylor179293
19Gavin Derifield284002
20Ramon Silva51521

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