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Open Lites(125/250) - Top 60 Qualify

1Jeremy Smith2528C 2:10.039
2Rhys Harris18426B 2:14.539
3Jack Zarse10854B 2:15.554
4Trevor Shaffer22919A 2:16.445
5Cj Ruggero4720C 2:18.492
6Kyle Biggs20859C 2:21.398
7Dawson Sleeper27846C 2:23.593
8Erin Rockafellow25349C 2:25.593
9Simon Johansen13808C 2:47.929
10Jason Stubbs28851C 2:53.226
11Johnny Podonyi5253CNo Sessions
12Trevor Williams20615CNo Sessions
13Unclaimed Account21837CNo Sessions
14Alex Mitchelll21894CNo Sessions
15Brandon Reagle25269CNo Sessions
16Mark Demitraszek29778CNo Sessions

Open Premier(250T/450) - Top 60 Qualify

1Cj Ruggero4720C 2:13.210
2Rhys Harris18426B 2:13.484
3Ryan Larkins20776C 2:13.710
4Jack Zarse10854B 2:13.960
5Niklas Ahlfors14901C 2:17.367
6Kyle Biggs20859C 2:24.117
7Jeremy Smith2528CNo Sessions
8Anthony Twidle4100ANo Sessions
9Alemao Formentao13918CNo Sessions
10Jeremy Green15935ANo Sessions
11Conner Pate18289ANo Sessions
12William Sandqvist19332ANo Sessions
13Jarno Steegmans19627CNo Sessions
14Trevor Williams20615CNo Sessions
15Grant Womeldorf21653CNo Sessions
16Unclaimed Account21837CNo Sessions
17Alex Mitchelll21894CNo Sessions
18Austin Brydges22187ANo Sessions
19Trevor Shaffer22919ANo Sessions
20Nick Casella23435ANo Sessions
21Ashton Rakofsky24566BNo Sessions
22victor Norlander27901CNo Sessions

Open Lites Results

1Rhys Harris1842650
2Kyle Biggs2085944
3Cj Ruggero472040
4Dawson Sleeper2784636
5Erin Rockafellow2534932
6Jason Stubbs2885130
7Simon Johansen1380828
8Trevor Shaffer2291926
9Jeremy Smith252824
10Jack Zarse1085422
11Mark Demitraszek2977820

Open Premier Results

1Rhys Harris1842647
2Cameron Lee2380047
3Cj Ruggero472036
4Kyle Biggs2085930
5Simon Johansen1380827
6Erin Rockafellow2534921
7Ryan Larkins2077620
8Logan Hubbard2527520
9Trayke Metz2968316
10Niklas Ahlfors1490115
11Josh Boaz2907515
12Josh Boaz2756012
13Josh Boaz2896012
14Josh Boaz1131711
15Jason Stubbs2885111
16Conner Pate1828910
17Colby Beaulieu2994910
18Nick Guessford197449
19Mason laurent255969

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