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OPEN(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Justin Carney29086B 1:40.960
2Cj Ruggero4720C 1:58.351
3Grayson Hall495CNo Sessions
4Mick Skezz1171CNo Sessions
5Chase LaVancher4489ANo Sessions
6Gustavo Henrique Lucena 5046CNo Sessions
7João Victor Vieira7980ANo Sessions
8Rasmus Balzer11076CNo Sessions
9Alemao Formentao13918CNo Sessions
10Daniel Cooper14237CNo Sessions
11Robert Murray14477CNo Sessions
12Jack Wormald15736CNo Sessions
13James Parkin16615CNo Sessions
14joshua edgington16982CNo Sessions
15Fabio Guido19624CNo Sessions
16teddy leman20406CNo Sessions
17Trevor Williams20615CNo Sessions
18Kody Packy20998CNo Sessions
19Tim Vredegoor21157CNo Sessions
20Théo Bultel21884CNo Sessions
21Cornet Grégory22048CNo Sessions
22Ashe Deering22159CNo Sessions
23Trevor Shaffer22919ANo Sessions
24bocquet jean michel22931CNo Sessions
25Joseph Pilsner22937CNo Sessions
26Lemarchand Samuel23455CNo Sessions
27jackson rogister25225ANo Sessions
28Reio Peilman25570CNo Sessions
29rilan gombert27733CNo Sessions
30Landon Johnson28170CNo Sessions
31ryan hudson28300CNo Sessions
32Mark Demitraszek29778CNo Sessions
33Alan Lossendiere29874CNo Sessions

OPEN Results

1Rasmus Balzer1107645
2João Victor Vieira798041
3Fabio Guido1962438
4joshua edgington1698237
5Cornet Grégory2204834
6Lemarchand Samuel2345526
7Reio Peilman2557026
8Chase LaVancher448923
9teddy leman2040623
10Daniel Cooper1423721
11James Parkin1661519
12Tim Vredegoor2115719
13Robert Murray1447717
14Alan Lossendiere2987417
15Jack Wormald1573616
16Justin Carney2908615
17jackson rogister2522513
18Alemao Formentao139183

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