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NOVICE(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Luchito DutraJ13799C 1:59.593
2Ryan Guggen9336B 1:59.812
3jt dee15235B 2:00.156
4Tyler Silvia25834A 2:00.882
5Trevor Shaffer22919A 2:03.195
6Jared Romero21937C 2:03.359
7Claudio Garcia21512B 2:03.773
8max white17406C 2:06.078
9Trevor Williams20615C 2:06.187
10Frank Jackson12581B 2:06.281
11Nick Casella23435A 2:06.343
12Mark Demitraszek29778C 2:06.773
13Taylor Payne27856C 2:07.640
14philip meisner17281C 2:08.539
15Josh Donaruma18747C 2:09.195
16victor Norlander27901C 2:09.468
17CODY RACINE28518C 2:09.742
18Reio Peilman25570C 2:09.976
19Anthony Carcaramo3007C 2:10.257
20Christian Jonse29867C 2:11.007
21Harvey Isborne5364C 2:12.187
22Kevin Van De Keer27989C 2:13.007
23Tom Lees Jr.19228C 2:14.085
24Nicolas Grosso13829C 2:15.929
25Ryan DECELAS11891C 2:16.523
26Kyle Krell11279C 2:16.578
27Robert Murray14477C 2:17.453
28Bryce Foley18416C 2:18.960
29Mac Holmes25743C 2:20.726
30Braxton Knapp23492C 2:21.250
31kevin hergle22217C 2:21.539
32Jake Moszyk20699C 2:22.828
33Jake Kazarian25653C 2:25.031
34Justen Cate28104C 2:27.187
35caden lovgren28618C 2:44.304
36Kael Braden24832C 2:50.046
37Ethan Gerst25569B 3:03.109
38Unclaimed Account8479CNo Sessions
39Neil Fitzpatrick10123CNo Sessions
40Josh Howard17794CNo Sessions
41Giancarlo Harrison18484BNo Sessions
42Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
43Cameron Burns21127CNo Sessions
44ryan Friedly21340CNo Sessions
45damien pineau21951CNo Sessions
46Aiden Coleman22455BNo Sessions
47Ernesto Cota 23601CNo Sessions
48Blaine Stegenga23702BNo Sessions
49Tanner Walker24195CNo Sessions
50Caio Rocha 27752CNo Sessions
51Breno Loss27754CNo Sessions
52Cody Racine28515CNo Sessions
53Patrick Klein Baltink29835CNo Sessions

AMS(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Ashe Deering22159C 1:59.851
2bocquet jean michel22931C 2:00.804
3Tim Vredegoor21157C 2:08.070
4Solomon Khalife24111C 2:29.070
5Tanner Thorsen16669CNo Sessions
6joshua edgington16982CNo Sessions
7Roberto Dieguez18476BNo Sessions
8Connor Wells20897BNo Sessions
9Joseph Pilsner22937CNo Sessions
10Ashton Rakofsky24566BNo Sessions
11mike malo28124CNo Sessions
12Justin Carney29086BNo Sessions

PROS(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1blake curry2346A 1:58.304
2Rasmus Balzer11076C 1:58.937
3Garrett Hollenbeck19663C 2:02.750
4Austin Brydges22187A 2:07.343
5Chase LaVancher4489A 2:08.414
6Jake Toney8963A 2:21.539
7eduardo simoes2048ANo Sessions
8Brett Powers2642ANo Sessions
9João Victor Vieira7980ANo Sessions
10Kieran Evans13279BNo Sessions
11Niklas Ahlfors14901CNo Sessions
12Connor Lynds17192CNo Sessions
13John Murray20057ANo Sessions
14Chandler Bloxom25877CNo Sessions

NOVICE Results


AMS Results


PROS Results

1Rhys Harris1842641
2Christian Jonse2986737
3Ryan Guggen933636
4Tim Vredegoor2115733
5Cristian George2434233
6Harvey Isborne536432
7Niklas Ahlfors1490125
8blake curry234622

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