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PRO(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1barkevious mingo14794A 2:15.835
2Chase Blakely10410A 2:18.578
3Jarett Gasque 6464C 2:22.781
4colton mitchell6767A 2:24.406
5kristian baso17277B 2:26.265
6derek deroco28134C 2:27.289
7Brett Powers2642A 2:29.445
8Zoa Cross10610A 2:29.765
9Reno Brennan14256B 2:30.375
10Garrett Hollenbeck19663C 2:32.718
11Dylan Gatlin19835A 2:33.187
12Tyler Lang14539A 2:34.210
13fernando andrade3449C 2:34.976
14Jake Worden24316B 2:37.984
15jack Lea17615B 2:43.640
16Kevin Gonzalez23185B 2:44.765
17Chase LaVancher4489A 2:54.828
18Micaias Ferreira17954C 3:02.828
19Unclaimed Account8479C 3:03.812
20Sabrina Ritzler661ANo Sessions
21Jack Haley1486CNo Sessions
22eduardo simoes2048ANo Sessions
23Devin Ryan2283CNo Sessions
24Anthony Twidle4100ANo Sessions
25Dylan Copeland5675BNo Sessions
26Daniel Chang6674CNo Sessions
27João Victor Vieira7980ANo Sessions
28rasmus bemberg8592ANo Sessions
29Justin Harper11963CNo Sessions
30paladino christoffersen12235ANo Sessions
31Alemao Formentao13918CNo Sessions
32James Ohashi15603BNo Sessions
33joshua edgington16982CNo Sessions
34Kevin Ferzacca17299ANo Sessions
35Charles Gable17611BNo Sessions
36Braden Carter18235ANo Sessions
37Cale simmey18668ANo Sessions
38John Murray20057ANo Sessions
39Junior Benevides20912BNo Sessions
40Damon Wuyts21108ANo Sessions
41Tim Vredegoor21157CNo Sessions
42Joseph Pilsner22937CNo Sessions
43Isaiah Dickerson23262BNo Sessions
44Nick Casella23435ANo Sessions
45Geovane Santos24047BNo Sessions
46Chandler Bloxom25877ANo Sessions

AMEATURE(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Ryan Guggen9336B 2:33.320
2Unclaimed Account4321C 2:34.843
3fernando andrade3449C 2:34.976
4Samuel Lancellotti27783C 2:36.570
5tyler castongia8639C 2:38.507
6Braxton Knapp23492C 2:38.585
7Luchito DutraJ13799C 2:42.632
8Anton Andersson29533C 2:51.210
9bruce murphy15640C 3:16.515
10Mark Demitraszek29778C 3:27.132
11Daniel Chang6674CNo Sessions
12Kiefer Martin11994CNo Sessions
13Alemao Formentao13918CNo Sessions
14jt dee15235BNo Sessions
15joshua edgington16982CNo Sessions
16Hunter Fullwood17067BNo Sessions
17Braden Carter18235ANo Sessions
18jack perry18306CNo Sessions
19Trey Smith20848CNo Sessions
20Gary Bingaman20973BNo Sessions
21Damon Wuyts21108ANo Sessions
22Walker White21198ANo Sessions
23Claudio Garcia21512BNo Sessions
24Ashe Deering22159CNo Sessions
25kevin hergle22217CNo Sessions
26Sonny Spicer23831CNo Sessions
27Thomas Stead24034BNo Sessions
28Geovane Santos24047BNo Sessions
29jordan shaheen24527ANo Sessions
30Chandler Bloxom25877ANo Sessions
31Jason Stankovich28063CNo Sessions
32mike malo28124CNo Sessions
33Justin Carney29086BNo Sessions

NOVICE(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Ethan Lenhardt21039C 2:37.093
2Braxton Knapp23492C 2:38.585
3Taylor Payne27856C 2:39.140
4Colby Mason29933C 2:44.710
5Rogan McIntosh28509C 2:45.609
6Jeremias Dutra21318C 2:50.484
7bronson mcclure21013C 2:53.703
8jackson rogister25225A 2:57.640
9Dylan Love29623B 2:59.304
10Micaias Ferreira17954C 3:02.828
11Gavin Derifield28400C 3:15.078
12Leandro Murray27755C 3:17.671
13Breno Loss27754C 3:26.656
14Ethan Gerst25569B 3:30.625
15Jonathan Tomlin7700C 3:42.093
16Billy Dukes9830CNo Sessions
17Travis Schreuder11252CNo Sessions
18Nicolas Grosso13829CNo Sessions
19Marc Eberz Jr16201CNo Sessions
20Jaume Vera16901CNo Sessions
21max white17406CNo Sessions
22Trey Smith20848CNo Sessions
23kevin hergle22217CNo Sessions
24Nick Casella23435ANo Sessions
25Sonny Spicer23831CNo Sessions
26Stuart Gengler24473BNo Sessions
27Reio Peilman25570CNo Sessions
28colton kazarian25595BNo Sessions
29Anthony Picchione27702CNo Sessions
30Jason Stankovich28063CNo Sessions
31Justin Carney29086BNo Sessions
32Tristan James29714CNo Sessions
33sven giesbers29781CNo Sessions
34Ryan Kelly29789CNo Sessions

FUN CLASS(125) - Top 40 Qualify

1Brett Powers2642A 2:29.445
2Garrett Hollenbeck19663C 2:32.718
3Dylan Gatlin19835A 2:33.187
4Luchito DutraJ13799C 2:42.632
5Colby Mason29933C 2:44.710
6Kevin Gonzalez23185B 2:44.765
7Jeremias Dutra21318C 2:50.484
8Anton Andersson29533C 2:51.210
9jackson rogister25225A 2:57.640
10Unclaimed Account8479C 3:03.812
11Gavin Derifield28400C 3:15.078
12Leandro Murray27755C 3:17.671
13Breno Loss27754C 3:26.656
14Mark Demitraszek29778C 3:27.132
15Ethan Gerst25569B 3:30.625
16tyler castongia8639CNo Sessions
17Ryan Guggen9336BNo Sessions
18Justin Harper11963CNo Sessions
19Nicolas Grosso13829CNo Sessions
20jt dee15235BNo Sessions
21Marc Eberz Jr16201CNo Sessions
22Hunter Fullwood17067BNo Sessions
23Charles Gable17611BNo Sessions
24Gary Bingaman20973BNo Sessions
25Walker White21198ANo Sessions
26Claudio Garcia21512BNo Sessions
27Joseph Pilsner22937CNo Sessions
28Thomas Stead24034BNo Sessions
29jordan shaheen24527ANo Sessions
30colton kazarian25595BNo Sessions
31Anthony Picchione27702CNo Sessions

PRO Results

1barkevious mingo1479425
2Jarett Gasque 646422
3Zoa Cross1061020
4Tyler Lang1453918
5Garrett Hollenbeck1966316
6Cale simmey1866815
7joshua edgington1698214
8Charles Gable1761113
9colton mitchell676712
10derek deroco2813411
11Braden Carter1823510
12Jake Worden243169
13Daniel Chang66748
14fernando andrade34497
15Clint Martin 171546
16Braxton Knapp234925
17Taylor Payne278564
18Trey Smith208483
19Micaias Ferreira179542
20Luchito DutraJ137991
21Dylan Gatlin198351
22Geovane Santos240471
23Jack Haley14860
24Josh Boaz43210
25tyler castongia86390
26jt dee152350
27bronson mcclure210130
28Ethan Lenhardt210390
29Joseph Pilsner229370
30Jason Stankovich280630
31Gavin Derifield284000
32Dylan Love296230
33Colby Mason299330


1joshua edgington1698225
2Daniel Chang667422
3Ryan Guggen933620
4Trey Smith2084818
5Hunter Fullwood1706716
6fernando andrade344915
7Braden Carter1823514
8Braxton Knapp2349213
9Jason Stankovich2806312

NOVICE Results

1Taylor Payne2785625
2Micaias Ferreira1795422
3Trey Smith2084820


1Garrett Hollenbeck1966325
2Dylan Gatlin1983522
3jt dee1523520
4Charles Gable1761118
5Luchito DutraJ1379916
6Walker White2119815
7tyler castongia863914
8Gary Bingaman2097313
9Ryan Guggen933612
10Gavin Derifield2840011
11Hunter Fullwood1706710
12Breno Loss277549
13jackson rogister252258
14Colby Mason299337

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