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125cc Open(125) - Top 100 Qualify

1Tyler Lang14539A 1:47.984
2Colby egeland23901B 1:50.070
3Devin Ryan2283C 1:51.007
4Chase Blakely10410A 1:51.156
5Kevin Ferzacca17299A 1:51.234
6Jakob Hubbard23971A 1:53.140
7Jarett Gasque 6464C 1:53.750
8Robert Wilson8313A 1:53.976
9Dylan Copeland5675B 1:54.070
10Nick Porter4138C 1:54.570
11Justin Harper11963C 1:54.710
12Reid Young2535A 1:56.148
13skyler Kramer7045C 1:56.398
14billy kunitz18057A 1:56.976
15Seth Garrett18588A 1:57.101
16Dylan Gatlin19835A 1:57.781
17colton kazarian25595B 1:59.054
18Craig Leake5669A 1:59.070
19Cj Ruggero4720C 2:00.609
20Jacob Long21660C 2:01.007
21Fabien Culot15573C 2:02.164
22Benjamin Saves29882A 2:02.718
23bocquet jean michel22931C 2:03.039
24John Clement1572C 2:03.328
25Landen Harbick22882C 2:04.328
26Gray Batey27887C 2:05.210
27Dylan Ogilby17970C 2:05.476
28Blake Starnes12863B 2:05.578
29Robert Murray14477C 2:06.218
30Colby Mason29933C 2:06.375
31Travis Dare21133C 2:07.687
32Kael Braden24832C 2:07.703
33Alec Floyd22157C 2:09.359
34tyler castongia8639C 2:11.898
35lance hatchett25284C 2:20.046
36bryan rizzato29901C 2:21.132
37Garrett Hollenbeck19663C 2:21.320
38Alex Dodson26503C 2:34.820
39Ben Auldridge25004A 2:35.960
40Austin Jobe8431C 2:53.421
41eduardo simoes2048ANo Sessions
42Brett Powers2642ANo Sessions
43Ramon Silva5152CNo Sessions
44evan webb8516CNo Sessions
45Guilherme Lubcke16846CNo Sessions
46Jacob Gosche17019BNo Sessions
47philip meisner17281CNo Sessions
48Robert Pink17914CNo Sessions
49Austin Schafer19636BNo Sessions
50seth crotty20073CNo Sessions
51Riley Mills23770CNo Sessions
52Scott paul Hollingsbee 26423CNo Sessions
53Antony Maso27750CNo Sessions
54Leandro Murray27755CNo Sessions
55logan bippes28210CNo Sessions

Lites Open(125/250) - Top 100 Qualify

1Colby egeland23901B 1:44.929
2Chase Blakely10410A 1:46.664
3Craig Leake5669A 1:46.921
4Devin Ryan2283C 1:47.039
5Kevin Ferzacca17299A 1:47.664
6Tyler Lang14539A 1:47.984
7Jakob Hubbard23971A 1:49.210
8Dylan Gatlin19835A 1:50.257
9Robert Wilson8313A 1:50.695
10Dylan Copeland5675B 1:51.281
11Jarett Gasque 6464C 1:51.640
12Benjamin Saves29882A 1:52.117
13Garrett Hollenbeck19663C 1:52.328
14Garrett Olver17543A 1:52.929
15Jacob Long21660C 1:53.976
16Justin Harper11963C 1:54.710
17colton kazarian25595B 1:55.414
18Seth Garrett18588A 1:57.101
19Gray Batey27887C 1:57.750
20Landen Harbick22882C 1:59.890
21Ramon Silva5152C 2:00.054
22Cj Ruggero4720C 2:00.609
23Alec Floyd22157C 2:01.320
24Fabien Culot15573C 2:02.164
25John Clement1572C 2:03.328
26Dylan Ogilby17970C 2:05.476
27Blake Starnes12863B 2:05.578
28Robert Murray14477C 2:06.218
29Colby Mason29933C 2:06.375
30Kael Braden24832C 2:06.601
31Gavyn Manning18730C 2:07.250
32Austin Schafer19636B 2:08.984
33Nicolas Rozas19128B 2:10.593
34Connor Grogan10493B 2:11.625
35tyler castongia8639C 2:11.898
36benjamin Perez7037C 2:13.414
37lance hatchett25284C 2:20.046
38Alex Dodson26503C 2:25.109
39Leandro Murray27755C 2:26.734
40Ben Auldridge25004A 2:35.960
41Austin Jobe8431C 2:53.421
42eduardo simoes2048ANo Sessions
43Brett Powers2642ANo Sessions
44Sam Higgs20943CNo Sessions
45Riley Mills23770CNo Sessions
46Ethan Gerst25569BNo Sessions
47Scott paul Hollingsbee 26423CNo Sessions
48Antony Maso27750CNo Sessions
49logan bippes28210CNo Sessions

Premier Open(250T/450) - Top 100 Qualify

1Chase Desselle6994B 1:43.390
2Chase Blakely10410A 1:44.781
3Kevin Ferzacca17299A 1:45.421
4billy kunitz18057A 1:45.726
5Craig Leake5669A 1:45.960
6Robert Wilson8313A 1:46.179
7Anthony Twidle4100A 1:48.429
8Dylan Copeland5675B 1:48.656
9Jakob Hubbard23971A 1:48.859
10Daniel Chang6674C 1:49.218
11Devin Ryan2283C 1:49.234
12Dylan Gatlin19835A 1:49.906
13Jarett Gasque 6464C 1:50.000
14Justin Harper11963C 1:50.648
15Tyler Lang14539A 1:50.664
16Reid Young2535A 1:50.812
17Nick Porter4138C 1:51.375
18skyler Kramer7045C 1:51.796
19Ashe Deering22159C 1:52.007
20Seth Garrett18588A 1:52.031
21Jacob Long21660C 1:52.882
22bocquet jean michel22931C 1:53.234
23Jake Toney8963A 1:54.265
24Kam Goff19283C 1:54.539
25Josh Williams13156B 1:54.734
26Cj Ruggero4720C 1:55.882
27Benjamin Saves29882A 1:58.640
28Landen Harbick22882C 1:59.953
29Fabien Culot15573C 2:01.632
30eduardo simoes2048A 2:03.218
31James Ohashi15603B 2:06.218
32eric kidney8694C 2:08.820
33Colby Mason29933C 2:24.515
34Kael Braden24832C 2:28.414
35Alex Dodson26503C 2:57.968
36Mick Skezz1171CNo Sessions
37Ramon Silva5152CNo Sessions
38Robert Galloway5395CNo Sessions
39ben lee6135CNo Sessions
40tyler castongia8639CNo Sessions
41paladino christoffersen12235ANo Sessions
42Jacob Gosche17019BNo Sessions
43Garrett Olver17543ANo Sessions
44Austin Schafer19636BNo Sessions
45Garrett Hollenbeck19663CNo Sessions
46Jayke Robert22243CNo Sessions
47Ben Auldridge25004ANo Sessions

125cc Open Results

1Colby egeland2390147
2Dylan Copeland567542
3Chase Blakely1041038
4Dylan Gatlin1983532
5Devin Ryan228326
6Tyler Lang1453925
7Reid Young253523
8Nick Porter413821
9bocquet jean michel2293121
10Kevin Ferzacca1729919
11billy kunitz1805716
12Jarett Gasque 646414
13skyler Kramer704514
14Robert Wilson831314
15Craig Leake566912
16Landen Harbick2288212
17Alec Floyd2215710
18fernando andrade34499
19Kael Braden248329
20Justin Harper119638
21Alex Dodson265038
22Cj Ruggero47205
23Benjamin Saves298825
24Fabien Culot155734
25Ben Auldridge250044
26colton kazarian255953
27tyler castongia86392
28Jacob Long216602
29John Clement15721
30Robert Murray144770
31Seth Garrett185880
32Travis Dare211330
33lance hatchett252840
34austin irwin 263820
35bryan rizzato299010
36Colby Mason299330

Lites Open Results

1Colby egeland2390145
2Tyler Lang1453934
3Dylan Gatlin1983534
4Devin Ryan228333
5Dylan Copeland567530
6Craig Leake566925
7Chase Blakely1041025
8Landen Harbick2288221
9Cj Ruggero472020
10Alec Floyd2215720
11Kevin Ferzacca1729918
12Jarett Gasque 646416
13Connor Grogan1049314
14Kael Braden2483214
15Robert Wilson831313
16Fabien Culot1557310
17Ben Auldridge2500410
18Alex Dodson2650310
19Benjamin Saves298829
20billy kunitz180577
21Tyler Yadlosky35966
22colton kazarian255951
23Jason Stubbs288511
24John Clement15720
25Justin Harper119630
26Seth Garrett185880
27Jacob Long216600
28Trevor Shaffer229190
29austin irwin 263820
30Colby Mason299330

Premier Open Results

1Chase Desselle699447
2Chase Blakely1041045
3Dylan Gatlin1983531
4Devin Ryan228328
5Nick Porter413826
6skyler Kramer704525
7Tyler Lang1453925
8Craig Leake566922
9billy kunitz1805720
10Kevin Ferzacca1729918
11Cj Ruggero472016
12Colby egeland2390116
13Landen Harbick2288215
14Alex Dodson2650314
15bocquet jean michel2293112
16Reid Young253510
17fernando andrade34498
18Benjamin Saves298827
19Kael Braden248326
20Dylan Copeland56753
21Jarett Gasque 64642
22tyler castongia86391
23Justin Harper119631
24austin irwin 263821
25Ben Auldridge250040

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