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Novice(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Jeremias Dutra21318C 1:34.742
2kevin hergle22217C 1:36.210
3Sergey Kurashev13104C 1:36.718
4Lemarchand Samuel23455C 1:39.562
5renoux lucas22624C 1:39.601
6Ivan Mirzoev12154C 1:39.734
7Aaron Stackhouse18405C 1:39.828
8Trent Adams20274B 1:40.085
9Nick Casella23435A 1:40.757
10colton kazarian25595B 1:40.828
11Tanner Bryant20810C 1:40.875
12Ryan DECELAS11891C 1:41.882
13Reio Peilman25570C 1:42.265
14roy cuijpers17941C 1:42.414
15Chase Morales21437C 1:42.414
16damien pineau21951C 1:42.484
17Braxton Knapp23492C 1:43.171
18sven giesbers29781C 1:43.171
19Evan Welle19854B 1:43.437
20Jack Boylan28607C 1:43.679
21Tanner KENT25221B 1:44.390
22Elliot Ringström27756C 1:45.289
23Riley Hunt27596C 1:45.656
24Matthias Thijsen21923C 1:46.101
25Travis Dare21133C 1:47.882
26Fabien Culot15573C 1:47.914
27Ian Brauning19909C 1:48.140
28Tyler Bannister11844C 1:48.695
29Roy Norris22492C 1:48.750
30clifford robinzine17877B 1:49.320
31Max Prokhorov26377C 1:50.578
32Austen Bennett22655C 1:51.218
33Neil Fitzpatrick10123C 1:51.273
34Blake Starnes12863B 1:54.718
35Ryan Persinger10243C 1:58.296
36jason stevenson13272C 2:00.828
37Gavin Ping27855C 2:02.820
38dylan sevenans22270C 2:06.726
39Austin Jobe8431C 2:06.742
40Ryan Fuller26138C 2:07.062
41Aiden Coleman22455B 2:07.242
42Alex Dodson26503C 2:26.710
43ben lee6135CNo Sessions
44christian brown7523CNo Sessions
45Christian Reed9202ANo Sessions
46Josh Howard17794CNo Sessions
47Albert Tranghese18391BNo Sessions
48Colt Hans21779CNo Sessions
49Cristian George24342CNo Sessions
50Maxim Barancheev26373CNo Sessions

AMS(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Allan Larsen5826C 1:33.460
2Luchito DutraJ13799C 1:33.562
3Khamar Glover16708B 1:33.609
4Sam Higgs20943C 1:34.132
5Christian Dresser17809C 1:34.195
6Ethan Holland16925B 1:34.742
7Riley Mills23770C 1:35.390
8Kenny Berkman6702C 1:35.726
9Johnny Wilder22055C 1:36.921
10Dwayne Cusano18759C 1:37.085
11Felipe Alves29929C 1:37.242
12Mads Balzer10101A 1:37.359
13Austin bartlett18081C 1:38.320
14Jacob Gosche17019B 1:39.148
15trey northrop21422C 1:39.851
16Jaden Wilson29859C 1:41.640
17justen stolz21265A 1:43.304
18Gustavo Navega10352C 1:43.718
19Tanner Walker24195C 1:44.585
20Rhys Harris18426B 1:44.867
21caden lovgren28618C 1:44.921
22Ethan Gerst25569B 1:45.843
23Christian Jonse29867C 1:46.031
24ryan hudson28300C 1:47.476
25Billy Pack23133C 1:47.750
26Hunter Fullwood17067B 1:49.578
27Johnny Mayo23155B 1:52.492
28benjamin Perez7037CNo Sessions
29Unclaimed Account27560CNo Sessions
30Leandro Murray27755CNo Sessions

PROS(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Rasmus Balzer11076C 1:30.210
2Seth Garrett18588A 1:31.203
3eduardo simoes2048A 1:31.492
4Mads Gasberg8923C 1:32.367
5Ashe Deering22159C 1:32.601
6Keehan Rocheford21932C 1:33.390
7Ryan Turner17899B 1:33.890
8sam stephen23009C 1:34.406
9Cj Ruggero4720C 1:49.414
10Fredrik Langagergaard12475A 1:51.328
11eric kidney8694CNo Sessions
12Tyler Groening14814BNo Sessions
13Charles Gable17611BNo Sessions
14Dylan Gatlin19835ANo Sessions
15John Murray20057ANo Sessions
16Collin Blakita21188CNo Sessions
17Joseph Pilsner22937CNo Sessions
18Kevin Gonzalez23185BNo Sessions

Novice Results

1kevin hergle2221745
2Jeremias Dutra2131844
3Fabien Culot1557338
4Ryan DECELAS1189137
5Aaron Stackhouse1840533
6Tanner Bryant2081032
7Ivan Mirzoev1215427
8renoux lucas2262425
9Trent Adams2027423
10Roy Norris2249220
11Jack Boylan2860719
12Austen Bennett2265518
13Ian Brauning1990914
14caden lovgren2861814
15damien pineau2195111
16Evan Welle198546
17Gavin Ping278555
18Ryan Fuller261384
19Ryan Persinger102433
20Blake Starnes128632

AMS Results

1Luchito DutraJ1379947
2Khamar Glover1670847
3Kenny Berkman670234
4Ethan Holland1692534
5Jaden Wilson2985931
6Johnny Wilder2205528
7Johnny Mayo2315527
8Christian Jonse2986725
9Rhys Harris1842624
10justen stolz2126522
11Leandro Murray2775521
12trey northrop2142220
13Ethan Gerst255699
14Josh Boaz275609

PROS Results

1Kevin Gonzalez2318543
2Jeremias Dutra2131825
3Kenny Berkman670222
4Rasmus Balzer1107622
5Seth Garrett1858820
6Johnny Mayo2315520
7Keehan Rocheford2193218
8eduardo simoes204816
9Austen Bennett2265516
10Ian Brauning1990915
11Ethan Holland1692514
12Luchito DutraJ1379913

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