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ALL OPEN CLASS(Open) - Top 70 Qualify

1Ethan Howell15268A 2:02.203
2Riley Hughan23127B 2:03.039
3Antony Maso27750C 2:03.437
4Olle Freij15794C 2:05.085
5Jessie Calaway11545B 2:05.882
6Tyler Nichols12071A 2:05.984
7Craig Leake5669A 2:06.023
8bocquet jean michel22931C 2:06.054
9Ashe Deering22159C 2:06.156
10Benjamin Saves29882A 2:06.210
11Gustavo Navega10352C 2:06.328
12eduardo simoes2048A 2:06.601
13Daniel Larsson25281C 2:07.007
14Kyle Howard21415C 2:07.179
15Luke Barnes21903B 2:07.179
16Ryan DECELAS11891C 2:07.515
17Michael Lacore 24711A 2:07.570
18alex cuntingham7878C 2:07.687
19George Hodkinson6222B 2:07.804
20Jay Jones11066B 2:07.804
21Fabien Culot15573C 2:08.046
22Steve Harris23215B 2:08.210
23Kam Goff19283C 2:08.351
24Jeremy Green15935A 2:08.500
25jordan shaheen24527A 2:08.757
26Tristan James29714C 2:08.765
27Taylor Payne27856C 2:08.796
28trey northrop21422C 2:08.859
29Muzart Muz29698C 2:08.921
30Blake Herzog23639C 2:08.976
31colten savage23279C 2:08.984
32Evan Welle19854B 2:09.156
33Rhys Harris18426B 2:09.765
34kevin jenkins 17062C 2:10.046
35Ryan Kelly29789C 2:10.281
36bryan kelly11386C 2:10.320
37Will Whiteley14553C 2:10.453
38Tom Lees Jr19228C 2:10.687
39Ethan Gerst25569B 2:10.734
40Anton Andersson29533C 2:10.953
41Brodie Richardson28501C 2:11.179
42Dylan Cox25605C 2:11.421
43Josh Hernandez7046C 2:11.531
44Ramon Silva5152C 2:11.695
45Bryan Johnson4133C 2:11.828
46glenn fisher27299C 2:12.484
47Jett Wisdom18931B 2:12.500
48Neil Fitzpatrick10123C 2:12.546
49Tanner KENT25221B 2:12.585
50Connor Wells20897B 2:13.289
51Ryan Bellamy25122C 2:13.382
52Ryan T21806C 2:13.421
53Leandro Murray27755C 2:13.507
54Wayde Finley21563C 2:13.570
55Wyatt Bozarth10244C 2:13.640
56Braden Carter18235A 2:14.093
57Felipe Alves29929C 2:15.007
58Josh Clark24949A 2:15.203
59Max Prokhorov26377C 2:15.250
60Anthony Twidle4100A 2:15.515
61Austin bartlett18081C 2:16.242
62Roy Norris22492C 2:16.289
63nathan aguilar25168C 2:16.726
64Josh Howard17794C 2:18.140
65blake curry2346A 2:19.156
66Chandler Bloxom25877A 2:19.250
67Joshua Brown7309C 2:19.500
68Dylan Roberts27203C 2:19.679
69philip meisner17281C 2:19.742
70Austen Bennett22655C 2:19.750
71Breno Loss27754C 2:19.804
72David Underhill28667C 2:20.687
73Geovane Santos24047B 2:20.773
74Justin Carney29086B 2:21.312
75Adam Robson16652C 2:21.453
76Alemao Formentao13918C 2:21.632
77christian brown7523C 2:22.781
78Walker White21198A 2:22.851
79Moto Agogo18756C 2:23.515
80Brandon Atkinson29411C 2:24.984
81Christian Jonse29867C 2:25.453
82jacob Mullins28807C 2:31.250
83Kevin Van De Keer27989C 2:31.664
84Carson Trites26806C 2:35.039
85Cory Ackerman22188C 2:42.273
86Trevor Shaffer22919A 2:46.937
87Alex Villefrance29803C 2:55.968
88jayden iverson27953C 3:16.796
89dylan sevenans22270C 3:37.671
90fernando andrade3449CNo Sessions
91Dustin Tipton4108CNo Sessions
92ben lee6135CNo Sessions
93Austin Jobe8431CNo Sessions
94Kyler Hawkey8661ANo Sessions
95eric kidney8694CNo Sessions
96Jake Toney8963ANo Sessions
97Christian Reed9202ANo Sessions
98Tory Lanez10037BNo Sessions
99Brady White10163ANo Sessions
100Chase Blakely10410ANo Sessions
101Aleksander Silva10414CNo Sessions
102Blake Starnes12863BNo Sessions
103Tyler Lang14539ANo Sessions
104jt dee15235BNo Sessions
105Zach Fischer15392CNo Sessions
106James Ohashi15603BNo Sessions
107Joel Melo15758CNo Sessions
108Tanner Thorsen16669CNo Sessions
109Braiden Ehle17003BNo Sessions
110Hunter Fullwood17067BNo Sessions
111kristian baso17277BNo Sessions
112Chad Dzanko17574CNo Sessions
113Lamblin Benjamin17588CNo Sessions
114Jax Lindsay17953CNo Sessions
115Seth Garrett18588ANo Sessions
116Josh Donaruma18747CNo Sessions
117Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
118Demetrius Crown19230CNo Sessions
119Trevor Williams20615CNo Sessions
120Sam Higgs20943CNo Sessions
121Zachary Cook21287CNo Sessions
122wristin grigg21385BNo Sessions
123Chase Morales21437CNo Sessions
124Mason Smith21557CNo Sessions
125Brock Ballinger21809CNo Sessions
126Alec Floyd22157CNo Sessions
127Joseph Pilsner22937CNo Sessions
128Eli Block23100CNo Sessions
129Brittan Lees24402CNo Sessions
130CJ Clookey24542CNo Sessions
131dylan aguilar25169CNo Sessions
132colton kazarian25595BNo Sessions
133Dawson Sleeper27846CNo Sessions
134logan bippes28210CNo Sessions
135keven lessard28551CNo Sessions
136connor thompson29415CNo Sessions
137Mark Demitraszek29778CNo Sessions
138sven giesbers29781CNo Sessions


1Michael Lacore 2471150
2Craig Leake566944
3Will Whiteley1455336
4Ryan DECELAS1189128
5Antony Maso2775028
6Neil Fitzpatrick1012326
7Daniel Larsson2528123
8colten savage2327921
9Riley Hughan2312720
10Jessie Calaway1154519
11Fabien Culot1557319
12Wayde Finley2156319
13Taylor Payne2785617
14Jay Jones1106613
15kristian baso1727710
16Geovane Santos2404710
17Alex Villefrance2980310
18kevin jenkins 170629
19Josh Hernandez70468
20Jack Baldwin253848
21Christian Jonse298678
22Brodie Richardson285017
23Steve Harris232155
24Rhys Harris184264
25Ethan Gerst255692
26Chase Blakely104101
27eduardo simoes20480
28alex cuntingham78780
29Alemao Formentao139180
30Jeremy Green159350
31Kyle Howard214150
32Blake Herzog236390
33Tanner KENT252210
34Dylan Cox256050
35Brandon Atkinson294110

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