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OPEN 125 CLASS(125) - Top 40 Qualify

1Andrew Peakman9181A 1:41.179
2Heath Cooper23765C 1:41.546
3Dylan Gatlin19835A 1:43.085
4William Snow25320C 1:44.734
5Ethan Holland16925B 1:45.218
6Nick Casella23435A 1:45.250
7Joaquin Morales19127C 1:45.960
8bocquet jean michel22931C 1:46.429
9Charles Gable17611B 1:46.617
10Jax Lindsay17953C 1:46.992
11Brent Heintzelman683A 1:47.921
12Riley Hughan23127B 1:48.078
13kevin jenkins 17062C 1:49.257
14Walker White21198B 1:49.265
15Justin Adams30971C 1:49.601
16Dylan Revis16277C 1:51.695
17Antony Maso27750C 1:51.851
18Brandon Sanchez32363C 1:53.406
19Trace Palmer33023A 1:53.414
20clifford robinzine17877B 1:53.984
21Kaihlib Tipene9806C 1:54.273
22Jacob Sedletzeck17819C 1:54.453
23Garrett Harsch27950C 1:55.554
24taylor miller25608C 1:56.500
25Evan Singletary22667C 1:58.843
26Ramon Silva5152C 2:03.007
27Race Davis30340C 2:03.578
28Lennart Schmidt13475C 2:05.296
29Spencer Burley30200C 2:33.429
30Jeremy Gwiozdowski7750CNo Sessions
31jt dee15235BNo Sessions
32Jeremy Green15935ANo Sessions
33Josh Howard17794CNo Sessions
34lewis smith18241CNo Sessions
35Josh Donaruma18747CNo Sessions
36Austin Brydges22187ANo Sessions
37Dakota Washburn23340CNo Sessions
38Ryan Woods23750CNo Sessions
39tanner walker24195CNo Sessions
40Jack Curtis24386BNo Sessions
41Leandro Murray27755CNo Sessions
42Rogan McIntosh28509CNo Sessions
43Julian Duvier28673CNo Sessions
44Clayton Murphy29862CNo Sessions
45Jake Kazarian32017CNo Sessions
46Rhys Harris33274CNo Sessions

NOVICE CLASS(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Heath Cooper23765C 1:41.546
2Tyler Bannister11844C 1:43.539
3Connor Austin15904C 1:44.484
4THOMAS MCBAIN30633C 1:45.828
5nicholas gibson16102C 1:47.914
6Gregory van Hoeve6574A 1:48.125
7kevin jenkins 17062C 1:49.257
8Seth Shirley31547C 1:49.460
9Josh Clark24949A 1:49.562
10Justin Adams30971C 1:49.601
11Garrett Smith3713A 1:49.656
12Connor Templin22231C 1:50.031
13Kevin Van De Keer27989C 1:51.890
14Brandon Sanchez32363C 1:53.406
15Sam Blundell28647C 1:53.765
16Kaihlib Tipene9806C 1:54.273
17Travis Cummings29045C 1:54.695
18Nolan Hodgson33322C 1:56.453
19Tyler Loomis24939B 1:57.148
20koby newbould30917C 1:57.718
21Kurtis Asaff25638C 2:01.679
22Race Davis30340C 2:03.578
23Evan Holland23329C 2:03.867
24Breno Loss27754C 2:14.093
25Ivan Mirzoev12154C 2:19.562
26Spencer Burley30200C 2:33.429
27Josh Howard17794CNo Sessions
28lewis smith18241CNo Sessions
29Josh Donaruma18747CNo Sessions
30John Murray20057ANo Sessions
31dylan sevenans22270CNo Sessions
32Dakota Washburn23340CNo Sessions
33Blaine Stegenga23702BNo Sessions
34tanner walker24195CNo Sessions
35Jack Curtis24386BNo Sessions
36Dylan Roberts27203CNo Sessions
37jayden iverson27953CNo Sessions
38Julian Duvier28673CNo Sessions
39Clayton Murphy29862CNo Sessions
40Kaleb Armstrong30410CNo Sessions
41Nick Hewitt31303CNo Sessions

AMATEUR CLASS(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Andrew Peakman9181A 1:41.179
2Lliam Rowella26987C 1:44.015
3William Snow25320C 1:44.734
4Ethan Holland16925B 1:45.218
5Mac Holmes25743C 1:45.304
6THOMAS MCBAIN30633C 1:45.828
7bocquet jean michel22931C 1:46.429
8Jax Lindsay17953C 1:46.992
9jack perry18306C 1:47.968
10tyran tomich32866C 1:48.343
11Walker White21198B 1:49.265
12Christian Jonse29867C 1:49.632
13Tyler Scheels30399C 1:49.820
14Henry Polderman22155C 1:51.757
15Antony Maso27750C 1:51.851
16Ryder Remenik26726C 1:52.437
17Sam Blundell28647C 1:53.765
18clifford robinzine17877B 1:53.984
19Jacob Sedletzeck17819C 1:54.453
20David Fernandez25766B 1:54.593
21Travis Cummings29045C 1:54.695
22taylor miller25608C 1:56.500
23koby newbould30917C 1:57.718
24Evan Singletary22667C 1:58.843
25Ramon Silva5152C 2:03.007
26Lennart Schmidt13475C 2:05.296
27William Oconnor30118C 2:57.968
28ben lee6135CNo Sessions
29Jeremy Gwiozdowski7750CNo Sessions
30jt dee15235BNo Sessions
31Olle Freij15794CNo Sessions
32Jeremy Green15935ANo Sessions
33Tyler Willis20455CNo Sessions
34Austin Brydges22187ANo Sessions
35Ryan Woods23750CNo Sessions
36Jake Kazarian32017CNo Sessions
37Rhys Harris33274CNo Sessions

PRO CLASS(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Dylan Gatlin19835A 1:43.085
2Jake Toney8963A 1:44.164
3Nick Casella23435A 1:45.250
4Brady White10163C 1:45.890
5Joaquin Morales19127C 1:45.960
6Charles Gable17611B 1:46.617
7Brent Heintzelman683A 1:47.921
8Riley Hughan23127B 1:48.078
9tyran tomich32866C 1:48.343
10Josh Clark24949A 1:49.562
11Trace Palmer33023A 1:53.414
12William Oconnor30118C 2:57.968
13ryan rosenbach698CNo Sessions
14Tom Paterson4458CNo Sessions
15Jordyn Burrow11945BNo Sessions
16Leandro Murray27755CNo Sessions
17Rogan McIntosh28509CNo Sessions

OPEN 125 CLASS Results

1Andrew Peakman918150
2Heath Cooper2376544
3Jacob Sedletzeck1781938
4Justin Adams3097134
5Evan Singletary2266733
6Race Davis3034031
7William Snow2532015
8kevin jenkins 1706214


1Heath Cooper2376550
3Justin Adams3097138
4nicholas gibson1610234
5Sam Blundell2864733
6Seth Shirley3154732
7Tyler Loomis2493928
8Nolan Hodgson3332226
9Travis Cummings2904525
10Race Davis3034024


1Andrew Peakman918147
2Lliam Rowella2698740
3Evan Singletary2266736
4Jacob Sedletzeck1781933
5jack perry1830633
6Mac Holmes2574330
8Christian Jonse2986729
9Sam Blundell2864728
10Ryder Remenik2672623
11Travis Cummings2904523



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