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Open Amateur(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Evan Welle19854B 1:00.125
2Austinn Schafer31777C 1:00.250
3Reno Brennan14256B 1:00.296
4Ethan Gerst25569B 1:01.484
5Seth Shirley31547C 1:02.187
6Joshua Edgington34571C 1:02.312
7Chad Greene32606B 1:02.492
8Sam Blundell28647A 1:02.851
9Branden Walther16931C 1:06.554
10Tristan Powell32796C 1:06.601
11Walker White21198A 1:06.656
12Sebastien Racine30368C 1:08.187
13CHUCKIE nigrin32021C 1:08.859
14Jadon cooper36624C 1:10.859
15Jeremy Green15935A 1:11.234
16Brendan Carrington33356C 1:12.234
17Luca Giampaolo19617C 1:27.859
18Mason Tasto26750C 1:33.414
19Ben Moore31429C 2:03.007
20Jeremias Dutra21318CNo Sessions
21Claudio Garcia21512BNo Sessions
22canyon white24076CNo Sessions
23jeff giffen24835BNo Sessions
24Christian Jonse29867CNo Sessions
25thomas ralston32998CNo Sessions
26jordan miller36618CNo Sessions

Not A Class Anymore(50) - Top 40 Qualify


Open Pro(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Payson Johnson32846A 0:58.101
2Austin Ecklund23267C 0:58.875
3Ashe Deering22159C 0:59.804
4Rogan McIntosh28509C 0:59.906
5Daniel Paz25560C 1:00.210
6Trevor Spencer31221A 1:00.328
7Kyler Hawkey8661A 1:00.406
8Tyler Scheels30399C 1:00.515
9Kevin Gonzalez23185B 1:01.476
10Brady White10163A 1:02.070
11Erin Rockafellow25349C 1:03.390
12JR Reyes31209C 1:06.023
13Steve Harris23215B 1:10.468
14Brandon Holmes29598C 1:10.992
15Jett Wisdom32889C 1:11.070
16colton mitchell6767ANo Sessions
17Chase Desselle6994BNo Sessions
18Walter Gebhardt12235ANo Sessions
19Luke Sullivan22447CNo Sessions

Open Amateur Results

1Payson Johnson3284625
2Reno Brennan1425622
3Daniel Paz2556020
4Austinn Schafer3177718
5Tyler Scheels3039916
6Evan Welle1985415
7Sam Blundell2864714
8Brady White1016313
9Ethan Gerst2556912
10Chad Greene3260611
11Rogan McIntosh2850910
12Joshua Edgington345719
13Jeff Giffen300898
14LIAM Atkinson254197
15Jeremy Green159356
16JR Reyes312095
17Brandon Nigrin226124
18Branden Walther169313
19Tristan Powell327962
20Trevor Spencer312211

Not A Class Anymore Results


Open Pro Results


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