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250(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Unclaimed Account32846C 0:56.296
2Chase Desselle6994B 0:57.734
3Riley Hughan23127B 0:58.132
4Seth Garrett18588A 0:58.390
5Kyler Hawkey8661A 0:58.937
6Ethan Gerst25569B 0:59.203
7Daniel Paz25560C 0:59.687
8Jake Thomas22776A 0:59.765
9Trevor Shaffer22919A 0:59.914
10Casey Cochran22060C 1:00.390
11Josh Collins24067C 1:00.390
12Lewis Williams7058C 1:00.546
13Colt Hans30353C 1:00.687
14Dominic Schofield21465C 1:00.734
15Kael Braden24832C 1:00.835
16Tyler Scheels30399C 1:01.078
17jake webb12163C 1:01.148
18Rowdy Houston17764C 1:01.546
19Nathan Greavette28490C 1:01.914
20Kutter beavers29225C 1:01.960
21Erin Rockafellow25349C 1:01.968
22Brandon Sanchez32363C 1:02.460
23Ryder Plouffe27574C 1:02.695
24bryan kelly11386C 1:02.828
25bronson mcclure21013C 1:03.195
26Brent Heintzelman683A 1:03.273
27Kaleb Armstrong30410C 1:04.156
28Fisher Houston23266C 1:04.281
29Sebastien Racine30368C 1:04.382
30Chuckie Nigrin32021C 1:04.976
31Logan Wright29595C 1:05.015
32Grant Eckardt18819C 1:05.609
33Charlie Ricketts32064C 1:08.632
34cody mcmurray31340C 1:09.187
35James Layle32685C 1:09.992
36Brendan Carrington33356C 1:10.554
37ryan hayward30712C 1:11.007
38gunnar bryant25434C 1:11.117
39Tyrell Foster30759C 1:11.390
40Rhys Harris33274C 1:12.375
41Jason Stubbs28851C 1:12.984
42Matteo Brusi26954C 1:16.406
43Jeremy Estrella33135C 1:17.007
44jayden mcaloon33417C 1:18.781
45Garrett Johnston30999C 1:20.367
46sdg Carbaugh25253C 1:21.156
47andrew Jones36759C 1:27.460
48Nathan Guy12523C 1:32.500
49Garrett Stice18766CNo Sessions
50Austen Bennett22655CNo Sessions
51Rich Buddy22808ANo Sessions
52Steve Harris23215BNo Sessions
53Chandler Bloxom25877ANo Sessions

450(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Unclaimed Account32846C 0:56.296
2Dago Adamo8202C 0:57.156
3Seth Garrett18588A 0:57.703
4Jay Jones11066B 0:57.789
5Trevor Shaffer22919A 0:57.875
6Riley Hughan23127B 0:58.132
7Daniel Paz25560C 0:58.351
8Josh Collins24067C 0:58.664
9Jake Thomas22776A 0:58.843
10Kyler Hawkey8661A 0:58.937
11Steve Harris23215B 0:58.992
12ryan hudson28300C 0:59.046
13Dawson Sleeper27846C 0:59.109
14Ethan Gerst25569B 0:59.203
15Erin Rockafellow25349C 0:59.390
16Cooper Hunt33108C 0:59.835
17Josh Donaruma18747C 1:00.101
18Casey Cochran22060C 1:00.296
19Lewis Williams7058C 1:00.546
20Dominic Schofield21465C 1:00.734
21Kael Braden24832C 1:00.835
22jake webb12163C 1:01.148
23Ryder Plouffe27574C 1:01.187
24Alex Conde6861C 1:01.289
25Brandon Sanchez32363C 1:02.460
26bronson mcclure21013C 1:03.195
27eric kidney8694C 1:03.234
28Kaleb Armstrong30410C 1:04.156
29Reid Robison22768C 1:04.195
30Sebastien Racine30368C 1:04.382
31Grant Eckardt18819C 1:05.609
32Charlie Ricketts32064C 1:08.632
33James Layle32685C 1:09.812
34Brendan Carrington33356C 1:10.554
35Rhys Harris33274C 1:12.375
36Jason Stubbs28851C 1:12.984
37jayden mcaloon33417C 1:16.414
38jayden iverson27953C 1:18.703
39Garrett Johnston30999C 1:20.367
40Nathan Guy12523C 1:32.500
41DABZZZ Allday 32332C 1:46.007
42Austin LaBo22236CNo Sessions
43Gavin Wilson29786BNo Sessions

125 All Stars(125) - Top 40 Qualify

1Seth Garrett18588A 0:58.765
2Trevor Shaffer22919A 0:59.914
3Ethan Gerst25569B 0:59.992
4Jake Thomas22776A 1:00.406
5Casey Cochran22060C 1:00.437
6Kyler Hawkey8661A 1:00.546
7Josh Collins24067C 1:00.664
8Kael Braden24832C 1:00.921
9jake webb12163C 1:01.585
10Dominic Schofield21465C 1:01.851
11Erin Rockafellow25349C 1:01.968
12Brandon Sanchez32363C 1:02.929
13Ryder Plouffe27574C 1:03.820
14Kaleb Armstrong30410C 1:04.156
15Brent Heintzelman683A 1:06.171
16Charlie Ricketts32064C 1:11.343
17Chuckie Nigrin32021C 1:18.062
18Garrett Johnston30999C 1:41.375
19James Layle32685C 1:52.351
20Lewis Williams7058CNo Sessions
21eric kidney8694CNo Sessions
22bryan kelly11386CNo Sessions
23Nathan Guy12523CNo Sessions
24Garrett Stice18766CNo Sessions
25Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
26Riley Hughan23127BNo Sessions
27Daniel Paz25560CNo Sessions
28Jason Stubbs28851CNo Sessions
29Kutter beavers29225CNo Sessions
30Tyrell Foster30759CNo Sessions
31DABZZZ Allday 32332CNo Sessions
32Rhys Harris33274CNo Sessions

250 Results

1Josh Boaz3284625
2Rogan McIntosh2850922
3Kael Braden2483220
4Seth Garrett1858818
5Trevor Shaffer2291916
6Josh Collins2406715
7Kyler Hawkey866114
8Dominic Schofield2146513
9Casey Cochran2206012
10Jake Thomas2277611
11Brandon Sanchez3236310
12Ryder Plouffe275749
13bronson mcclure210138
14jake webb121637
15Ethan Gerst255696
16Fisher Houston232665
17Erin Rockafellow253494
18Colt Hans303533
19Brent Heintzelman6832

450 Results

1Seth Garrett1858825
2Rogan McIntosh2850922
3Jay Jones1106620
4Josh Boaz3284618
5Dago Adamo820216
6Trevor Shaffer2291915
7Kael Braden2483214
8Dawson Sleeper2784613
9Kyler Hawkey866112
10ryan hudson2830011
11Ryder Plouffe2757410
12Jake Thomas227769
13Alex Conde68618
14Josh Collins240677
15jake webb121636
16Brandon Sanchez323635
17Dominic Schofield214654
18eric kidney86943
19Ethan Gerst255692

125 All Stars Results

1Seth Garrett1858825
2Trevor Shaffer2291922
3Ethan Gerst2556920
4Casey Cochran2206018
5Josh Collins2406716
6Rogan McIntosh2850915
7Dominic Schofield2146514
8Jake Thomas2277613
9Erin Rockafellow2534912
10Kael Braden2483211
11Ryder Plouffe2757410
12Brandon Sanchez323639
13Kyler Hawkey86618
14Kaleb Armstrong304107
15jake webb121636
16Charlie Ricketts320645
17Chuckie Nigrin320214
18Brent Heintzelman6833
19Garrett Johnston309992
20James Layle326851

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