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125(125) - Top 36 Qualify

1Unclaimed Account32846C 2:16.617
2Seth Garrett18588A 2:18.781
3Ethan Gerst25569B 2:22.843
4JJ Werts22561C 2:22.984
5Jeremy Kinson23233C 2:23.312
6jontavious snogglebottoms32029C 2:24.476
7Charles Gable17611B 2:24.539
8Jack Curtis24386B 2:25.062
9Ben Humphries30001C 2:26.265
10Leith Ness31023C 2:26.281
11Jason Stubbs28851C 2:26.507
12Brandon Sanchez32363C 2:27.179
13george knight31555C 2:27.554
14Eli Block23100C 2:28.000
15layne wofford32983C 2:28.093
16Josh Donaruma18747C 2:29.281
17Rogan McIntosh28509C 2:29.312
18bocquet jean michel22931C 2:29.562
19JT Cox24640C 2:29.718
20Erin Rockafellow25349C 2:29.898
21ryan hayward30712C 2:30.234
22Noah McLaughlin30022C 2:30.523
23Damion Lawyer33936C 2:30.617
24Caden Speck17074C 2:30.968
25Leandro Murray27755C 2:31.101
26Ricky Williams14444B 2:31.250
27Ty Lahtinen25076C 2:31.460
28Dominic Schofield21465C 2:31.562
29Johnny Mayo23155B 2:31.648
30Evan Welle19854B 2:31.843
31Jeff Giffen30089C 2:32.000
32Brent Heintzelman683A 2:32.601
33Chuckie Nigrin32021C 2:33.273
34Walker White21198A 2:33.437
35Trevin Thompson28741C 2:34.039
36Kaleb Armstrong30410C 2:35.820
37Seth Shirley31547C 2:35.945
38Guilherme Herrero15676C 2:37.187
39bronson mcclure21013C 2:37.195
40Wesley Carbaugh25253C 2:37.234
41LIAM Atkinson25419C 2:37.523
42blake curry2346A 2:37.929
43joey bradstreet26321C 2:38.968
44eduardo simoes2048A 2:39.101
45ryan hudson28300C 2:39.148
46Brandon Lynch21708C 2:39.875
47Gavin Wilson29786B 2:40.000
48Adam Robson16652C 2:40.453
49Dany Thiery24543C 2:40.929
50Ethan Holland16925B 2:41.265
51Claudio Garcia21512B 2:42.664
52Charlie Owen34141C 2:44.335
53luke cameron17554B 2:44.546
54Colby Ostbye30950C 2:44.742
55Ryan Webley25396C 2:44.875
56Thomas McBain30633B 2:46.335
57Spencer Burley30200C 2:46.562
58Logan Montgomery27330C 2:47.742
59Brandon Nigrin22612B 2:47.984
60thomas ralston32998C 2:50.039
61Codee Tarlton15624C 2:51.101
62Mason Daugherty30129C 2:52.218
63Jake Thomas22776A 2:53.156
64kody tomich32379C 2:53.664
65Henri Naaijer19330C 2:55.718
66Charlie Ricketts32064C 2:57.000
67Brendan Carrington33356C 2:57.328
68Nathan Guy12523C 3:05.617
69Josh Collins24067C 3:06.070
70Hamish Douglas29192C 3:09.414
71James Layle32685C 3:17.570
72Dominic Paolini22903C 3:19.296
73Dago Adamo8202CNo Sessions
74Freddy Karlsson12577CNo Sessions
75Lennart Schmidt13475CNo Sessions
76Dylan Gatlin19835ANo Sessions
77Austin Brydges22187ANo Sessions
78Trevor Shaffer22919ANo Sessions
79Kael Braden24832CNo Sessions
80lance hatchett25284CNo Sessions
81taylor miller25608CNo Sessions
82Ryder Plouffe27574CNo Sessions
83Dawson Sleeper27846CNo Sessions
84SAM Jefferies28169CNo Sessions
85Billy Blundell28647ANo Sessions
86Jonathan Alexander29287ANo Sessions
87Trevor Winn31208CNo Sessions
88ryan bailey31552CNo Sessions
89dale lyons32517CNo Sessions
90tyran tomich32866CNo Sessions
91Trace Palmer33023ANo Sessions
92Logan Geib34019CNo Sessions
93Mikael Augustus34661CNo Sessions
94Dylan Palmer36394CNo Sessions

Open AM(Open) - Top 36 Qualify

1Johnny Wilder22055C 2:18.468
2fernando andrade3449C 2:18.835
3Zach Fischer15392C 2:20.656
4Evan Welle19854B 2:21.546
5Jeremy Kinson23233C 2:21.609
6Nathan Guy12523C 2:21.726
7Jason Stubbs28851C 2:22.109
8Jack Curtis24386B 2:22.132
9caleb hall10047A 2:23.085
10ryan hudson28300C 2:23.320
11Ricky Hardman13567C 2:23.765
12Adam Robson16652C 2:23.804
13Eli Block23100C 2:24.203
14Brandon Sanchez32363C 2:24.390
15Ricky Williams14444B 2:24.570
16Walker White21198A 2:24.828
17ryan hayward30712C 2:25.609
18Leith Ness31023C 2:25.710
19Austen Bennett22655C 2:25.718
20bocquet jean michel22931C 2:25.757
21LIAM Atkinson25419C 2:25.906
22george knight31555C 2:26.093
23Noah McLaughlin30022C 2:27.429
24Thomas McBain30633B 2:27.453
25Lucas Aredes36457C 2:27.546
26Hamish Douglas29192C 2:27.742
27Brandon Nigrin22612B 2:28.156
28Dany Thiery24543C 2:28.859
29Noah Napoli14996C 2:29.101
30Ty Lahtinen25076C 2:29.796
31Austin LaBo22236C 2:29.835
32jayden mcaloon33417C 2:30.726
33Chad Greene32606B 2:31.820
34Jeff Giffen30089C 2:32.000
35kevin jenkins 17062C 2:32.101
36bronson mcclure21013C 2:33.015
37Gavin Wilson29786B 2:33.226
38Chuckie Nigrin32021C 2:33.273
39Trace Palmer33023A 2:33.914
40Trevin Thompson28741C 2:34.039
41Malakai DeMoines27650C 2:34.765
42Brendan Carrington33356C 2:35.179
43Kaleb Armstrong30410C 2:35.820
44Seth Shirley31547C 2:35.945
45Dominic Paolini22903C 2:36.203
46luke cameron17554B 2:36.601
47joey bradstreet26321C 2:36.625
48Wesley Carbaugh25253C 2:37.234
49Luca Giampaolo19617C 2:37.648
50Christian Jonse29867C 2:38.789
51SAM Jefferies28169C 2:39.359
52Logan Montgomery27330C 2:39.562
53Ryan Webley25396C 2:39.671
54Brandon Lynch21708C 2:39.875
55Reid Robison22768C 2:40.351
56Breno Loss27754C 2:40.445
57Trevor Winn31208C 2:41.375
58Ronaldo Andrade27517C 2:42.359
59Claudio Garcia21512B 2:42.664
60dale lyons32517C 2:45.773
61jayden iverson27953C 2:46.867
62Mason Daugherty30129C 2:52.218
63Charlie Ricketts32064C 2:53.421
64kody tomich32379C 2:53.664
65Jordan Carlton30887C 2:54.953
66andrew Jones36759C 2:57.632
67jack perry18306C 3:01.421
68Lliam Rowella26987C 3:06.406
69James Layle32685C 3:17.570
70Ryder Plouffe27574C 3:24.367
71Logan Geib34019C 4:17.250
72Harvey Isborne5364CNo Sessions
73Lennart Schmidt13475CNo Sessions
74Nic Swensgard22996CNo Sessions
75lance hatchett25284CNo Sessions
76taylor miller25608CNo Sessions
77Matteo Brusi26954CNo Sessions
78Dawson Sleeper27846CNo Sessions
79Sebastien Racine30368CNo Sessions
80JR Reyes31209CNo Sessions
81ryan bailey31552CNo Sessions
82jake hawkins32849CNo Sessions

Open PRO(Open) - Top 36 Qualify

1Unclaimed Account32846C 2:12.070
2Seth Garrett18588A 2:13.156
3Dago Adamo8202C 2:15.437
4eduardo simoes2048A 2:15.492
5JJ Werts22561C 2:15.585
6jontavious snogglebottoms32029C 2:15.859
7Muzart Muz29698C 2:16.320
8tyran tomich32866C 2:16.851
9Caden Speck17074C 2:17.351
10Josh Collins24067C 2:17.906
11fernando andrade3449C 2:18.835
12Cooper Hunt33108C 2:19.945
13Charles Gable17611B 2:20.101
14Erin Rockafellow25349C 2:20.554
15Zach Fischer15392C 2:20.656
16Ethan Gerst25569B 2:21.671
17caleb hall10047A 2:23.085
18Ricky Hardman13567C 2:23.765
19Jake Thomas22776A 2:25.796
20Leandro Murray27755C 2:27.304
21Lucas Aredes36457C 2:27.546
22Dominic Schofield21465C 2:27.882
23Rogan McIntosh28509C 2:28.375
24Jonathan Alexander29287A 2:28.734
25Noah Napoli14996C 2:29.101
26Josh Donaruma18747C 2:29.281
27Brent Heintzelman683A 2:31.328
28Johnny Mayo23155B 2:31.648
29kevin jenkins 17062C 2:32.101
30Trent Adams20274B 2:32.914
31Guilherme Herrero15676C 2:36.226
32Luca Giampaolo19617C 2:37.648
33blake curry2346A 2:37.929
34Breno Loss27754C 2:40.445
35Ethan Holland16925B 2:41.265
36Ronaldo Andrade27517C 2:42.359
37Spencer Burley30200C 2:46.562
38andrew Jones36759C 2:57.632
39jack perry18306C 3:01.421
40Billy Blundell28647A 3:02.039
41Freddy Karlsson12577CNo Sessions
42Richard Lorran15997CNo Sessions
43Jake Rose16679ANo Sessions
44Dylan Gatlin19835ANo Sessions
45Austin Brydges22187ANo Sessions
46Trevor Shaffer22919ANo Sessions
47Kael Braden24832CNo Sessions
48Colt Hans30353CNo Sessions
49Sebastien Racine30368CNo Sessions
50JR Reyes31209CNo Sessions

125 Results

1Josh Boaz3284625
2Charles Gable1761122
3Leith Ness3102320
4Brandon Sanchez3236318
5JJ Werts2256116
6Cooper Hunt3310815
7Evan Welle1985414
8jontavious snogglebottoms3202913
9Jason Stubbs2885112
10Ben Humphries3000111
11ryan hayward3071210
12Brent Heintzelman6839
13Ty Lahtinen250768
14Erin Rockafellow253497
15bocquet jean michel229316
16george knight315555
17Trevin Thompson287414
18Jeremy Kinson232333
19Noah McLaughlin300222
20Ricky Williams144441
21Dominic Schofield214651
22ryan hudson283001
23eduardo simoes20480
24Guilherme Herrero156760
25Seth Garrett185880
26Walker White211980
27Eli Block231000
28Jack Curtis243860
29Ethan Gerst255690
30Leandro Murray277550
31Rogan McIntosh285090
32Seth Shirley315470
33Damion Lawyer339360

Open AM Results

1Evan Welle1985442
2Brandon Sanchez3236336
3Nathan Guy1252331
4Ricky Hardman1356731
5Jason Stubbs2885131
6Zach Fischer1539229
7george knight3155526
8Adam Robson1665225
9Ricky Williams1444420
10Walker White2119819
11Eli Block2310018
12bocquet jean michel2293116
13Jeremy Kinson2323316
14Leith Ness3102316
15Hamish Douglas2919214
16Noah Napoli1499613
17Noah McLaughlin3002212
18Ty Lahtinen2507610
19ryan hayward307129
20Brandon Nigrin226128
21Johnny Wilder220555
22Dany Thiery245435
23Austin LaBo222364
24ryan hudson283003
25Seth Shirley315473
26jayden mcaloon334172
27Brendan Carrington333561
28Lucas Aredes364571
29caleb hall100470
30kevin jenkins 170620
31bronson mcclure210130
32Dominic Paolini229030
33Jack Curtis243860
34LIAM Atkinson254190
35Logan Montgomery273300
36Trevin Thompson287410
37Gavin Wilson297860
38Thomas McBain306330
39Chuckie Nigrin320210

Open PRO Results

1Josh Collins2406742
2tyran tomich3286642
3Josh Boaz3284635
4Muzart Muz2969834
5JJ Werts2256128
6Dago Adamo820225
7Zach Fischer1539225
8Erin Rockafellow2534923
9jontavious snogglebottoms3202922
10Ricky Hardman1356721
11Cooper Hunt3310821
12Charles Gable1761115
13Dominic Schofield2146514
14Seth Garrett1858813
15Lucas Aredes3645712
16fernando andrade344911
17Noah Napoli1499611
18Ethan Gerst2556910
19Dale Mullins154968
20Rogan McIntosh285097
21Brent Heintzelman6836
22caleb hall100476
23Jake Thomas227765
24Tanner Thorsen166694
25eduardo simoes20483
26Guilherme Herrero156760
27Caden Speck170740
28jack perry183060
29Leandro Murray277550
30andrew Jones367590

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