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250(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Unclaimed Account32846C 0:57.617
2tyran tomich32866C 0:58.632
3Ethan Gerst25569B 0:59.375
4Rhys Harris33274C 0:59.468
5layne wofford32983C 1:00.414
6Sam Blundell28647A 1:00.695
7Mason Broome31015C 1:00.976
8Emmett Sund31619C 1:01.195
9Noah McLaughlin30022C 1:01.234
10Tyler Scheels30399C 1:01.703
11Ryder Plouffe27574C 1:01.898
12Carson West26504C 1:02.265
13Dominic Paolini22903C 1:02.554
14Aaron Wills30696C 1:02.812
15Kyle Biggs20859C 1:03.406
16Alex Griffiths36676C 1:03.437
17Guillem Farres34010C 1:03.507
18Austinn Schafer31777C 1:04.546
19Lennart Schmidt13475C 1:04.578
20Brett Powers2642A 1:04.593
21Brent Heintzelman683A 1:04.632
22Alexis Harbonnier9035C 1:04.765
23Jeremy Estrella33135C 1:04.804
24Nathan McLaughlin31541C 1:05.343
25george knight31555C 1:05.492
26Brendan Carrington33356C 1:05.867
27Luca Giampaolo19617C 1:06.203
28colten savage23279C 1:06.328
29Ryan Swanson34325C 1:06.593
30Owen Adams22023B 1:06.867
31Kaleb Armstrong30410C 1:07.398
32gage brehm23236C 1:08.781
33Christian Arnold33891C 1:12.304
34Brody Biggs34527C 1:12.585
35Chuckie Nigrin32021C 1:13.335
36dupre erwan20192C 1:20.859
37aydan devolin36057C 1:26.375
38Wesley Carbaugh25253C 1:26.445
39Tanner Rogers7877ANo Sessions
40luke cameron17554BNo Sessions
41Timothy Van Dyk19961CNo Sessions
42Trevor Shaffer22919ANo Sessions
43Ryan Woods23750CNo Sessions
44Tyla G27952CNo Sessions
45trevor burns32029CNo Sessions
46Alex Rose32087CNo Sessions

Open(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1João Victor Vieira7980A 0:57.117
2Caden Speck17074C 0:57.421
3Adam Robson16652C 0:58.984
4Dylan Long30440C 0:58.984
5LIAM Atkinson25419C 0:59.031
6Erin Rockafellow25349C 0:59.203
7Kyler Hawkey8661A 1:00.828
8Chase LaVancher4489A 1:00.890
9Ricky Hardman13567C 1:01.257
10Matthew Model10018B 1:01.281
11Trystan Williams25134C 1:01.406
12ryan dimmock477C 1:02.132
13Victor Redondo19412C 1:02.390
14Zach Fischer15392C 1:02.398
15Ryan Mundell30020C 1:03.476
16Hunter DaSilva20400C 1:04.781
17Keegen Fant26523C 1:05.187
18joey bradstreet26321C 1:05.257
19TJ Harrison33863C 1:05.742
20will clark11019C 1:06.273
21Ramon Vidal Collell33816C 1:06.390
22marc perez33967C 1:06.421
23Jacob Kelly34905C 1:07.523
24blake kiber24232C 1:08.539
25Ryan DECELAS11891C 1:08.945
26Austin Brydges22187A 1:09.062
27Ricard Caellas16313C 1:14.929
28Ryan Larkins20776C 1:15.328
29Jarno Steegmans19627C 1:16.406
30eduardo simoes2048ANo Sessions
31caleb hall10047ANo Sessions
32braden castellaneta13568CNo Sessions
33Noah Napoli14996CNo Sessions
34mutt cameron18331CNo Sessions
35Walker White21198ANo Sessions
36Trayke Metz29683CNo Sessions

250 Results

1Tanner Rogers787725
2tyran tomich3286622
3layne wofford3298320
4Brett Powers264218
5Tyler Scheels3039916
6Noah McLaughlin3002215
7Dominic Paolini2290314
8Rhys Harris3327413
9Carson West2650412
10Sam Blundell2864711
11Brent Heintzelman68310
12luke cameron175549
13Chuckie Nigrin320218
14Owen Adams220237
15Emmett Sund316196
16Josh Boaz328465
17Ryan Swanson343254
18Trevor Shaffer229193
19Ethan Gerst255692
20Wesley Carbaugh252531
21Ryder Plouffe275741
22Austinn Schafer317771

Open Results

1Kyler Hawkey866125
2Ricky Hardman1356722
3LIAM Atkinson2541920
4Caden Speck1707418
5Trayke Metz2968316
6Ryan DECELAS1189115
7Erin Rockafellow2534914
8Aj Meadows235713
9Keegen Fant2652312
10Trystan Williams2513411
11ryan dimmock47710
12Adam Robson166529
13Jacob Kelly349058
14João Victor Vieira79807
15Ryan Mundell300206
16Zach Fischer153925
17will clark110194
18braden castellaneta135683
19joey bradstreet263212
20caleb hall100471

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