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125/250F(125/250) - Top 24 Qualify

1Daniel Irvine7108C 0:55.382
2Tanner Rogers7877A 0:56.953
3hunter braun19534C 0:57.828
4Noah McLaughlin30022C 0:57.859
5Noah Smerdon29577C 0:58.484
6Brent Heintzelman683A 0:58.828
7Anthony Twidle4100A 1:00.757
8Josh Collins24067C 1:02.578
9Maxime Vanderbeek1248C 1:03.515
10luke cameron17554B 1:03.843
11Austen Bennett22655C 1:04.640
12Brandon Sanchez32363C 1:08.296
13michael mudge14924C 1:15.453
14Jake Madgwick30035C 1:17.148
15Jacob Kelly34905C 1:22.664
16Nathan Guy12523CNo Sessions
17Brandon Nigrin22612BNo Sessions
18Dominic Paolini22903CNo Sessions
19Ethan Gerst25569BNo Sessions
20Kaleb Armstrong30410CNo Sessions
21Seth Shirley31547CNo Sessions
22Chuckie Nigrin32021CNo Sessions
23Unclaimed Account32846CNo Sessions
24layne wofford32983CNo Sessions
25TJ Harrison33863CNo Sessions
26Christian Arnold33891CNo Sessions

OPEN(Open) - Top 24 Qualify

1Daniel Irvine7108C 0:55.382
2Tanner Rogers7877A 0:56.953
3Noah McLaughlin30022C 0:57.859
4Noah Smerdon29577C 0:58.484
5Brent Heintzelman683A 0:58.828
6Anthony Twidle4100A 1:00.757
7Josh Collins24067C 1:02.578
8Maxime Vanderbeek1248C 1:03.515
9luke cameron17554B 1:03.843
10Brandon Sanchez32363C 1:08.296
11Jake Madgwick30035C 1:17.148
12caleb hall10047ANo Sessions
13Ty Smith11180ANo Sessions
14Nathan Guy12523CNo Sessions
15Caden Speck17074CNo Sessions
16Dominic Paolini22903CNo Sessions
17Ethan Gerst25569BNo Sessions
18Seth Shirley31547CNo Sessions
19Chuckie Nigrin32021CNo Sessions
20Unclaimed Account32846CNo Sessions
21TJ Harrison33863CNo Sessions
22Christian Arnold33891CNo Sessions

125/250F Results

1Josh Collins2406750
2Maxime Vanderbeek124844
3Noah McLaughlin3002238
4Brent Heintzelman68333
5layne wofford3298333
6luke cameron1755431
7Seth Shirley3154728
8Chuckie Nigrin3202128
9Dominic Paolini2290325
10Brandon Nigrin2261220
11Jacob Kelly3490518
12TJ Harrison3386314
13Christian Arnold3389114
14Brandon Sanchez3236311
15Austen Bennett2265510
16Nathan Guy125237

OPEN Results

1Maxime Vanderbeek124850
2Brent Heintzelman68338
3Josh Collins2406738
4Noah McLaughlin3002238
5Seth Shirley3154738
6luke cameron1755428
7brenden martin3143415
8Ty Smith1118014

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