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250(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Neil Fitzpatrick10123C 2:22.070
2Ivan Mirzoev12154C 2:24.593
3Cody Walker27833C 2:31.039
4Nathan McLaughlin31541C 2:37.328
5Brent Heintzelman683ANo Sessions
6Brett Powers2642ANo Sessions
7bryan kelly11386CNo Sessions
8Sergey Kurashev13104CNo Sessions
9luke cameron17554BNo Sessions
10Jax Lindsay17953CNo Sessions
11Seth Garrett18588ANo Sessions
12Lilian Oury21771CNo Sessions
13Chris Post22504CNo Sessions
14Kirill Nikitin25908CNo Sessions
15matt bernabe27451CNo Sessions
16Ryder Plouffe27574CNo Sessions
17Bryan Lee28849CNo Sessions
18Emmett Sund31619CNo Sessions
19DonAld WILLLSON32087CNo Sessions
20layne wofford32983CNo Sessions
21teo niang 33631CNo Sessions
22Jacob Kelly34905CNo Sessions
23Jadon cooper36624CNo Sessions

OPEN(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Neil Fitzpatrick10123C 2:22.070
2Nathan McLaughlin31541C 2:37.328
3Brent Heintzelman683ANo Sessions
4bryan kelly11386CNo Sessions
5Sergey Kurashev13104CNo Sessions
6luke cameron17554BNo Sessions
7Jax Lindsay17953CNo Sessions
8Seth Garrett18588ANo Sessions
9Chris Post22504CNo Sessions
10kennouda mehdi22736CNo Sessions
11matt bernabe27451CNo Sessions
12Lochlan Berg28971CNo Sessions
13Kamil Benhayoun31590CNo Sessions
14layne wofford32983CNo Sessions
15teo niang 33631CNo Sessions

250 Results


OPEN Results

1Josh Collins2406745
2layne wofford3298344
3Noah McLaughlin3002243
4Ivan Mirzoev1215436
5Emmett Sund3161933
6Brent Heintzelman68328
7matt bernabe2745128
8Cody Walker2783328
9Nathan McLaughlin3154124
10Jacob Kelly3490518
11Bryan Lee2884912
12Seth Garrett1858810
13Eyvan Sylvestre3129710
14steve luke271989
15Brett Powers26428
16Lilian Oury217716
17Ryder Plouffe275745
18kennouda mehdi227364
19Lochlan Berg289713
20Kamil Benhayoun315902
21teo niang 336311

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