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125(125) - Top 40 Qualify

1Seth Garrett18588A 2:10.351
2Josh Collins24067C 2:11.148
3Lennart Schmidt13475C 2:14.289
4Loris Modard23106C 2:15.023
5Chris Post22504C 2:15.171
6Ethan Holland16925B 2:15.726
7Brandon Sanchez32363C 2:16.093
8Colt Hans30353C 2:16.140
9Brayden Tharp26349C 2:16.242
10Noah McLaughlin30022C 2:16.578
11Trevin Thompson28741C 2:16.671
12Jake Cawthorn36649C 2:16.789
13bocquet jean michel22931C 2:16.859
14Nathan Guy12523C 2:17.148
15Nick Casella23435A 2:17.273
16Trevor Shaffer22919A 2:17.656
17Ryan Swanson34325C 2:19.437
18Ronan Wastell36675C 2:20.375
19will clark11019C 2:20.382
20Ryder Gwynn18752C 2:20.984
21lachie winchester33911C 2:21.117
22Conner Schmude36404C 2:21.421
23Sebastien Racine30368C 2:21.945
24Nathan McLaughlin31541C 2:23.234
25Trey Smith32664C 2:23.937
26david bradley32938C 2:24.625
27Kaleb Armstrong30410C 2:25.429
28Josh Howard30333C 2:25.882
29Zachary Adams18905B 2:26.500
30TJ Harrison33863C 2:27.953
31Noah Karassy19791B 2:29.382
32Joey Arico34999A 2:29.523
33tukker mclean33089C 2:31.281
34Kobe Hershberger35923B 2:31.773
35logan bippes28210C 2:33.992
36joey bradstreet26321C 2:38.195
37John Matthews39312C 2:41.960
38bryan kelly11386C 2:42.578
39Preston Taylor17377C 2:43.156
40alec bird20948C 2:44.546
41Bobby BigLines31262C 2:45.710
42Carson West26504C 2:48.625
43chandler mangrum16545C 2:50.070
44Harvey Isborne5364CNo Sessions
45carsyn forcum17002CNo Sessions
46Zac Palm17309CNo Sessions
47Bill Will19552ANo Sessions
48Jared Romero21937CNo Sessions
49Thomas CHAVAGNAT21965CNo Sessions
50Chandler Bloxom25877ANo Sessions
51Matteo Brusi26954CNo Sessions
52Cody Walker27833CNo Sessions
53Jaden Wilson29859CNo Sessions
54james Pfleghaar30098CNo Sessions
55Kyle Orbit30893CNo Sessions
56Caleb Cauthen31058CNo Sessions
57Trestin Beets33825CNo Sessions

250(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Seth Garrett18588A 2:07.164
2Josh Collins24067C 2:11.148
3Ethan Holland16925B 2:11.296
4Noah McLaughlin30022C 2:11.421
5Colt Hans30353C 2:12.000
6Chris Post22504C 2:12.023
7Brandon Sanchez32363C 2:12.476
8Loris Modard23106C 2:12.898
9Tyson Parliament20904C 2:13.312
10Trevor Shaffer22919A 2:13.375
11Kyle Scott17417C 2:13.609
12Nathan Guy12523C 2:13.906
13Trevin Thompson28741C 2:14.281
14Lennart Schmidt13475C 2:14.289
15Brayden Tharp26349C 2:14.382
16Vetle Eriksen21015C 2:15.023
17Ryan Swanson34325C 2:16.046
18Jake Cawthorn36649C 2:16.789
19bocquet jean michel22931C 2:16.859
20Nick Casella23435A 2:17.273
21Ronan Wastell36675C 2:17.320
22Sebastien Racine30368C 2:17.664
23Ryder Gwynn18752C 2:18.648
24Conner Schmude36404C 2:18.929
25Joey Arico34999A 2:19.257
26will clark11019C 2:19.734
27Carson West26504C 2:20.593
28lachie winchester33911C 2:21.117
29Nathan McLaughlin31541C 2:21.171
30jayden iverson27953C 2:21.421
31Noah Karassy19791B 2:21.687
32Christian Jonse29867C 2:22.156
33Trey Smith32664C 2:23.937
34james Pfleghaar30098C 2:24.757
35Kaleb Armstrong30410C 2:24.875
36Josh Howard30333C 2:25.882
37tukker mclean33089C 2:26.093
38Zachary Adams18905B 2:26.500
39Josh Dalglish27944C 2:27.109
40TJ Harrison33863C 2:27.953
41Harvey Isborne5364C 2:28.101
42Trestin Beets33825C 2:31.195
43bryan kelly11386C 2:31.968
44logan bippes28210C 2:33.992
45Jesse Franks36494C 2:35.093
46John Matthews39312C 2:35.093
47Lochlan Berg28971C 2:36.179
48Kohlton Feagin26425C 2:36.554
49Jaden Wilson29859C 2:36.812
50joey bradstreet26321C 2:38.195
51Jerome Klein35347C 2:39.101
52chandler mangrum16545C 2:43.234
53alec bird20948C 2:44.546
54Matteo Brusi26954C 2:46.976
55Jake Stika32381C 2:57.234
56Thomas CHAVAGNAT21965C 3:12.406
57carsyn forcum17002CNo Sessions
58Bill Will19552ANo Sessions
59Austen Bennett22655CNo Sessions
60Chandler Bloxom25877ANo Sessions
61Kyle Orbit30893CNo Sessions
62william terava31495CNo Sessions
63Mitchell Helmer33143CNo Sessions

450(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Seth Garrett18588A 2:04.664
2Josh Collins24067C 2:05.625
3Dylan Long30440C 2:05.656
4Vetle Eriksen21015C 2:09.312
5jontavious snogglebottoms32029C 2:11.203
6Noah McLaughlin30022C 2:11.421
7Thomas Alexander15570C 2:11.890
8Colt Hans30353C 2:12.000
9Brandon Sanchez32363C 2:12.476
10Noah Karassy19791B 2:13.132
11Trevor Shaffer22919A 2:13.375
12bocquet jean michel22931C 2:13.390
13Ricky Williams14444B 2:13.664
14Trey Smith32664C 2:13.695
15Nathan Guy12523C 2:13.906
16lachie winchester33911C 2:14.203
17Trevin Thompson28741C 2:14.281
18Lennart Schmidt13475C 2:14.289
19Brayden Tharp26349C 2:14.382
20Austen Bennett22655C 2:14.460
21Ryan Swanson34325C 2:16.046
22Jake Cawthorn36649C 2:16.789
23Nick Casella23435A 2:17.273
24Sebastien Racine30368C 2:17.664
25TJ Harrison33863C 2:18.625
26Ryder Gwynn18752C 2:18.648
27Joey Arico34999A 2:19.257
28Kobe Hershberger35923B 2:19.343
29david bradley32938C 2:19.617
30Carson West26504C 2:20.593
31Nathan McLaughlin31541C 2:21.171
32Leon Tye18628C 2:21.687
33james Pfleghaar30098C 2:24.757
34Kaleb Armstrong30410C 2:24.875
35Josh Howard30333C 2:25.882
36Zachary Adams18905B 2:26.500
37Trestin Beets33825C 2:31.195
38Zac Palm17309C 2:31.507
39logan bippes28210C 2:33.992
40John Matthews39312C 2:35.093
41Lochlan Berg28971C 2:36.179
42Caleb Cauthen31058C 2:40.781
43Bobby BigLines31262C 2:45.710
44Matteo Brusi26954C 2:46.976
45dakota revis27258C 2:51.562
46Jake Stika32381C 2:57.234
47Vinny Villafane2559CNo Sessions
48Parker Leatherwood18354CNo Sessions
49Cody Walker27833CNo Sessions
50Kyle Orbit30893CNo Sessions
51Pete Simpkins32547CNo Sessions
52Jacob Kelly34905CNo Sessions

125 Results

1Seth Garrett1858850
2Loris Modard2310636
3Noah McLaughlin3002236
4Brayden Tharp2634933
5Colt Hans3035333
6Lennart Schmidt1347528
7Brandon Sanchez3236328
8Ryan Swanson3432524
9Trevin Thompson2874120
10bocquet jean michel2293119
11Nathan Guy1252316
12Nick Casella2343516
13Conner Schmude3640414
14Jake Cawthorn3664914
15Ethan Holland1692512
16Ryder Gwynn1875212
17Chris Post225049
18Trey Smith326649
19Kobe Hershberger359237
20Ronan Wastell366756
21Noah Karassy197915
22david bradley329385
23lachie winchester339115
24TJ Harrison338633
25Joey Arico349993
26Nathan McLaughlin315412
27Josh Howard303331
28will clark110190
29bryan kelly113860
30chandler mangrum165450
31Bill Will195520
32alec bird209480
33Carson West265040
34logan bippes282100
35Sebastien Racine303680
36Kaleb Armstrong304100
37tukker mclean330890
38John Matthews393120

250 Results

1Seth Garrett1858845
2Noah McLaughlin3002237
3Nathan Guy1252335
4Brandon Sanchez3236335
5Kyle Scott1741734
6Ryan Swanson3432530
7Kael Braden2483229
8Conner Schmude3640428
9bocquet jean michel2293126
10Loris Modard2310625
11Ryder Gwynn1875220
12Vetle Eriksen2101520
13Brayden Tharp2634920
14Nick Casella2343510
15Joey Arico3499910
16Nathan McLaughlin315419
17Colt Hans303537
18Ronan Wastell366757
19Noah Karassy197916
20Lochlan Berg289714
21Christian Jonse298673
22Kohlton Feagin264252
23Kaleb Armstrong304102
24Sebastien Racine303681
25Jake Cawthorn366491
26bryan kelly113860
27Lennart Schmidt134750
28chandler mangrum165450
29Chris Post225040
30jayden iverson279530
31Trevin Thompson287410
32tukker mclean330890
33Jerome Klein353470
34John Matthews393120

450 Results

1Seth Garrett1858847
2Brandon Sanchez3236340
3Vetle Eriksen2101538
4Noah McLaughlin3002238
5bocquet jean michel2293133
6Brayden Tharp2634930
7Noah Karassy1979127
8lachie winchester3391124
9Trey Smith3266421
10Ryder Gwynn1875220
11Nathan Guy1252319
12TJ Harrison3386318
13Kobe Hershberger3592315
14Kael Braden2483214
15Nathan McLaughlin3154113
16david bradley3293813
17John Matthews3931213
18Joey Arico349999
19Lochlan Berg289717
20Ryan Swanson343252
21Nick Casella234351
22Colt Hans303531
23Sebastien Racine303680
24Jacob Kelly349050

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