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OPEN(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Brandon Nigrin22612B 1:27.882
2Jonathan Alexander29287A 1:28.195
3Rogan McIntosh28509C 1:29.664
4Chris Watts8679C 1:30.304
5Steven Drew32374C 1:30.671
6Nick Casella23435A 1:30.718
7Brady White10163A 1:30.812
8Dale Mullins15496C 1:31.648
9Khamar Glover34168C 1:31.820
10gunner johnson36799C 1:32.109
11Seth Shirley31547C 1:32.164
12Noah Karassy19791B 1:32.250
13Casey Cochran22060C 1:32.414
14Trevor Shaffer22919A 1:32.468
15Ryan Stewart35288C 1:32.773
16Nathan Guy12523C 1:32.789
17LIAM Atkinson25419C 1:32.820
18mael hermant28791C 1:33.007
19Austen Bennett22655C 1:33.156
20Joey Arico34999A 1:33.250
21Dean Tye32968C 1:33.382
22Jax Lindsay17953C 1:33.593
23Tyler Blowers32835C 1:33.671
24Keegan Riley34834C 1:34.109
25Trystan Williams25134C 1:34.257
26Brandon Eade25006C 1:34.406
27Ethan Olsen23759B 1:34.656
28lachie winchester33911C 1:34.664
29Dash McMillin34134C 1:34.703
30Chad Greene32606B 1:34.789
31seth crotty20073C 1:35.203
32george knight31555C 1:35.210
33TJ Harrison33863C 1:35.343
34wilson fleming3939C 1:35.546
35Josh Noon25074C 1:36.578
36Chuckie Nigrin32021C 1:36.710
37Carter Halpain30376C 1:36.820
38Tanner Scott36549C 1:36.882
39Luke Fauser31147C 1:36.984
40seth carr33662C 1:37.062
41Noa Houque25473C 1:37.375
42Troy Bienert35546C 1:37.429
43Adam Smerdon31327C 1:37.796
44Joseph Wagner13750C 1:38.476
45Zac Palm17309C 1:38.515
46Koa Scott33408C 1:38.820
47Ryan Mundell30020C 1:39.015
48Justin Witteman32814C 1:39.031
49Rhys Harris33274C 1:39.125
50tukker mclean33089C 1:39.476
51Sebastien Racine30368C 1:39.531
52Corey Brennan35731C 1:39.601
53seth devers39448C 1:39.789
54Aiden Eyler25014C 1:40.429
55Zachary Adams18905B 1:41.031
56Tristan Raycraft33540C 1:41.375
57jayden mcaloon33417C 1:41.679
58blake curry2346A 1:41.773
59Ben Kongmany35560C 1:43.273
60Bayler Mckellar38678C 1:43.734
61Jacob Johnson34695C 1:44.164
62Luca Giampaolo19617C 1:45.726
63chris harper11333C 1:46.757
64Thomas McBain30633B 1:48.679
65Dalton Scharnagl22700C 1:49.187
66James Layle32685C 1:49.968
67tharp brayden26349C 1:50.859
68Brendan Carrington33356C 1:52.070
69Alex Hoskin37599C 1:52.765
70Tyler Mollet27463C 1:55.070
71Ethan Holland16925B 1:56.828
72Zach Kyte36749C 2:00.906
73Connor Cappetta34211C 2:04.382
74aydan devolin36057C 2:44.796
75fernando andrade3449CNo Sessions
76Jake Toney8963ANo Sessions
77will clark11019CNo Sessions
78Gustavo Lincon15676CNo Sessions
79Brandon ma16133CNo Sessions
80Grant Eckardt18819CNo Sessions
81Ricard Caellas20865CNo Sessions
82Bentley Tondu22207CNo Sessions
83Nicolas Kirsch22272CNo Sessions
84Chris Post22504CNo Sessions
85Brandon Quigley23972BNo Sessions
86Skylar Belcher25145CNo Sessions
87William Snow25320CNo Sessions
88Ryder Plouffe27574CNo Sessions
89Breno Loss27754CNo Sessions
90Leandro Murray27755CNo Sessions
91Gianluca Holder30249CNo Sessions
92thomas ralston32998CNo Sessions
93Nathan murray36923CNo Sessions
94chase matott39918CNo Sessions

OPEN Results

1Brady White1016325
2Casey Cochran2206022
3Khamar Glover3416820
4Jonathan Alexander2928718
5Brandon Nigrin2261216
6Tanner Scott3654915
7will clark1101914
8Austen Bennett2265513
9Tyler Blowers3283512
10Ryan Mundell3002011
11Chad Greene3260610
12Trystan Williams251349
13Josh Noon250748
14george knight315557
15LIAM Atkinson254196
16Dale Mullins154965
17Nathan Guy125234
18Brandon Eade250063
19gunner johnson367992
20Zac Palm173091
21Trevor Shaffer229191
22Dean Tye329681

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