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250 CLASS(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1broc pearson7508C 2:06.531
2Tanner Rogers7877A 2:07.703
3Brad Smith31092C 2:08.351
4Brayden Tharp26349C 2:09.070
5Jett Holyhead30293C 2:10.179
6Owen Adams22023B 2:10.656
7Benjamin Miljkovic18517C 2:10.695
8Joey Arico34999A 2:12.601
9Logan Heagney6521A 2:13.929
10Noa Houque25473C 2:17.859
11Thomas McBain30633B 2:19.632
12tukker mclean33089C 2:20.273
13Magnus Gregersen37330C 2:20.343
14Brent Brennan25025C 2:20.375
15Jake Cawthorn36649C 2:20.695
16Nick Niles20656C 2:21.867
17Charlie Owen34141C 2:23.476
18Kjae Thompson38384C 2:25.078
19Christian Jonse29867C 2:26.562
20Ashton kreiger37147C 2:26.578
21nathan briggs31768C 2:26.757
22Ashton Rakofsky24566B 2:26.945
23Gabriel Hernandez20339C 2:27.406
24Caleb Cauthen31058C 2:27.601
25Mitchell Helmer33143C 2:27.640
26jayden mcaloon33417C 2:27.976
27Dominic Dunford38719C 2:32.851
28Stefan Ciarafoni30033C 2:36.367
29Hans Christian Mattson 39075C 2:37.398
30Dale Mullins15496C 2:41.695
31Corey Langdon12789C 2:42.203
32Mason McKinney34163C 2:43.757
33jack willis38428C 2:43.882
34justin stevick33948C 2:52.906
35Myles Elliott34970C 3:00.171
36Pablo Goncalves26306C 3:06.453
37Aj Meadows2357CNo Sessions
38Steven Riant7335CNo Sessions
39will clark11019CNo Sessions
40Joseph Wagner13750CNo Sessions
41Connor Austin15904CNo Sessions
42Jax Lindsay17953CNo Sessions
43Nolan Keckley18746BNo Sessions
44Ryder Gwynn18752CNo Sessions
45Tom Lees Jr19228CNo Sessions
46Ryder Pietro19408CNo Sessions
47Luca Giampaolo19617CNo Sessions
48Noah Karassy19791BNo Sessions
49Bentley Tondu22207CNo Sessions
50Trevor Shaffer22919ANo Sessions
51Nick Casella23435ANo Sessions
52Derek Jones23778CNo Sessions
53Tyler Scheels23780CNo Sessions
54sdg Carbaugh25253CNo Sessions
55LIAM Atkinson25419CNo Sessions
56Cole Roberts 25561CNo Sessions
57Kyle Heald25795CNo Sessions
58Josh Howard30333CNo Sessions
59Sebastien Racine30368CNo Sessions
60Jack Hurst30494CNo Sessions
61Madias El Mohor30698CNo Sessions
62Luke Fauser31147CNo Sessions
63Eyvan Sylvestre31297CNo Sessions
64christopher rodriguez31653CNo Sessions
65Tyler More31898CNo Sessions
66Koa Scott33408CNo Sessions
67Tristan Raycraft33540CNo Sessions
68Keaton Durham33569CNo Sessions
69Nathan Collard33717CNo Sessions
70Connor Heller33817CNo Sessions
71nolan yarrington33905CNo Sessions
72Dash McMillin34134CNo Sessions
73colten beattie34442CNo Sessions
74Justin Thomas35148CNo Sessions
75Ryan Stewart35288CNo Sessions
76Troy Bienert35546CNo Sessions
77Ashton Kreiger35555CNo Sessions
78Corey Brennan35731CNo Sessions
79Peyton Prouty35936CNo Sessions
80shelby Rempel36241CNo Sessions
81Tanner Scott36549CNo Sessions
82Devin DUH Simonson36799CNo Sessions
83Dean Frank37006CNo Sessions
84Kaden Koepke37339CNo Sessions
85Emil saxager37362CNo Sessions
86Bayler Mckellar38678CNo Sessions
87seth devers39448CNo Sessions
88Jye Schroeder39495CNo Sessions

450 CLASS(250T/450) - Top 40 Qualify

1broc pearson7508C 2:06.531
2Tanner Rogers7877A 2:07.703
3Brad Smith31092C 2:08.351
4Brayden Tharp26349C 2:09.070
5Jett Holyhead30293C 2:10.179
6Owen Adams22023B 2:10.656
7Kobe Barton9116C 2:10.703
8mael hermant28791C 2:11.687
9Keegan Riley34834C 2:12.570
10Joey Arico34999A 2:12.601
11Logan Heagney6521A 2:13.929
12James Ward22013C 2:14.750
13Lorenzo Butelli32362C 2:14.945
14Noa Houque25473C 2:17.859
15tukker mclean33089C 2:20.273
16Magnus Gregersen37330C 2:20.343
17Nick Lowry16614C 2:20.750
18Ashton Rakofsky24566B 2:26.945
19Caleb Cauthen31058C 2:27.601
20TJ Harrison33863C 2:29.453
21Stefan Ciarafoni30033C 2:36.367
22Dale Mullins15496C 2:41.695
23justin stevick33948C 2:52.906
24Aj Meadows2357CNo Sessions
25Connor Austin15904CNo Sessions
26Quentin Culot16126CNo Sessions
27Jax Lindsay17953CNo Sessions
28Nolan Keckley18746BNo Sessions
29Ryder Pietro19408CNo Sessions
30Luca Giampaolo19617CNo Sessions
31Noah Karassy19791BNo Sessions
32Walker White21198ANo Sessions
33Josh Bellinger22061CNo Sessions
34Bentley Tondu22207CNo Sessions
35Austen Bennett22655CNo Sessions
36Trevor Shaffer22919ANo Sessions
37Nick Casella23435ANo Sessions
38Ethan Olsen23759BNo Sessions
39Tyler Scheels23780CNo Sessions
40LIAM Atkinson25419CNo Sessions
41Cole Roberts 25561CNo Sessions
42Josh Howard30333CNo Sessions
43Sebastien Racine30368CNo Sessions
44Luke Fauser31147CNo Sessions
45Tyler More31898CNo Sessions
46Justin Witteman32814CNo Sessions
47Koa Scott33408CNo Sessions
48Connor Heller33817CNo Sessions
49Dash McMillin34134CNo Sessions
50colten beattie34442CNo Sessions
51Troy Bienert35546CNo Sessions
52Corey Brennan35731CNo Sessions
53Tanner Scott36549CNo Sessions
54Devin DUH Simonson36799CNo Sessions
55Jonathan Hewitt38722CNo Sessions
56nicolai skovbjerg39463CNo Sessions
57Jye Schroeder39495CNo Sessions

250 CLASS Results

1Owen Adams2202347
2Brad Smith3109247
3Tanner Rogers787740
4broc pearson750832
5Jett Holyhead3029332
6tukker mclean3308928
7Brayden Tharp2634927
8Joey Arico3499926
9Logan Heagney652123
10Magnus Gregersen3733021
11Caleb Cauthen3105820
12Charlie Owen3414118
13Gabriel Hernandez2033916
14Noa Houque2547316
15Mitchell Helmer3314312
16Kjae Thompson3838412
17Bentley Tondu222079
18Dale Mullins154966
19Stefan Ciarafoni300336
20Dominic Dunford387193
21Christian Jonse298672
22jack willis384281
23Hans Christian Mattson 390751

450 CLASS Results

1Brad Smith3109247
2Tanner Rogers787743
3Logan Heagney652138
4Kobe Barton911633
5Jett Holyhead3029333
6Magnus Gregersen3733032
7Nick Lowry1661425
8Noa Houque2547324
9Corey Brennan3573123
10Brayden Tharp2634922
11TJ Harrison3386320
12Lorenzo Butelli3236219
13Owen Adams2202317
14Dale Mullins1549616
15broc pearson750811
16Bentley Tondu222079
17tukker mclean330897
18Caleb Cauthen310585
19mael hermant287912
20Stefan Ciarafoni300331
21Joey Arico349991

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