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250(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1kevin Massart37066C 2:25.937
2Nate van Tatenhove25469C 2:29.601
3Derek Jones23778C 2:35.085
4Magnus Gregersen37330C 2:35.914
5Kaleb Armstrong30410C 2:36.851
6Hayden Stevenson23379B 2:39.851
7Mats Gys25303C 2:40.054
8Landon Bartol37215C 2:44.742
9Robbe Gys31923C 2:44.820
10Bertram Hansen39172C 2:46.070
11Emil saxager37362C 2:46.656
12Hans Christian Mattson 39075C 2:46.914
13Kaden Koepke37339C 2:48.984
14Dean Frank37006C 2:49.210
15Thomas Kaiser37475C 3:09.468
16Zach Kyte36749C 3:54.007
17Jared Romero21937C 4:28.062
18carsyn forcum17002CNo Sessions
19Alec Horn19554CNo Sessions
20Kyle Biggs20859CNo Sessions
21Bentley Tondu22207CNo Sessions
22Dylan Brard22215CNo Sessions
23Aiden Eyler25014CNo Sessions
24Oscar Arias26422CNo Sessions
25matt bernabe27451CNo Sessions
26jack garfoot27630CNo Sessions
27Jonathan Alexander29287ANo Sessions
28Seth Dennis29872CNo Sessions
29Josh Howard30333CNo Sessions
30Thomas McBain30633BNo Sessions
31Madias El Mohor30698CNo Sessions
32Retse de smedt31424CNo Sessions
33Chuckie Nigrin32021CNo Sessions
34Pete Simpkins32547CNo Sessions
35tukker mclean33089CNo Sessions
36Nathan Collard33717CNo Sessions
37Ryan Swanson34325CNo Sessions
38Brody Biggs34527CNo Sessions
39Alistair Dickert35205CNo Sessions
40Peyton Prouty35936CNo Sessions
41Brad Rosembarg37110CNo Sessions
42ayrton hibberd39147CNo Sessions
43Mack Spokes39326CNo Sessions

450(250T/450) - Top 40 Qualify

1Seth Garrett18588A 2:22.890
2Ashton Rakofsky24566B 2:23.062
3jayden iverson27953C 2:30.070
4Zac joy37814C 2:30.812
5Mathias DIDIER34676C 2:34.796
6Gianluca Holder30249C 2:37.437
7Jarno Steegmans19627C 2:44.773
8Joey Mortada23049C 2:46.195
9Dalton Scharnagl22700C 2:48.281
10Marco Rudolph33912C 2:51.156
11Diego Ferreira16245C 3:02.828
12Leon Tye18628CNo Sessions
13clement kirsch22496CNo Sessions
14Trevor Shaffer22919ANo Sessions
15Eric Burdell23344BNo Sessions
16dakota revis27258CNo Sessions
17Arthur Valin33959CNo Sessions
18Keegan Riley34834CNo Sessions
19Justin Thomas35148CNo Sessions
20Diego De Luise35359CNo Sessions
21shelby Rempel36241CNo Sessions

250 Results

1kevin Massart3706650
2Bertram Hansen3917240
3Hans Christian Mattson 3907532
4Magnus Gregersen3733022
5Ryan Swanson3432520
6Emil saxager3736220
7Nate van Tatenhove2546916
8Landon Bartol3721515

450 Results

1Hayden Stevenson2337947
2Josh Boaz3959145
3Keegan Thomas1463840
4Magnus Gregersen3733020
5shelby Rempel3624118
6Emil saxager3736216

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