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250(125/250) - Top 40 Qualify

1Robbe Gys31923C 1:38.367
2Pablo Vial25958C 1:39.179
3Owen Adams22023B 1:39.484
4Esteban Minisini17743C 1:40.070
5Madias El Mohor30698C 1:40.890
6pierre maria34031C 1:41.546
7Maxime Junier34085C 1:41.859
8Arnaud Evrard38908C 1:43.234
9seth petersen19993C 1:45.914
10Mats Gys25303C 1:47.882
11Brent Heintzelman683ANo Sessions
12JUNIOR BAL17570CNo Sessions
13Brayden Hall20030CNo Sessions
14Josh Bellinger22061CNo Sessions
15Dylan Brard22215CNo Sessions
16lance legstrong24320CNo Sessions
17Ashton Rakofsky24566BNo Sessions
18Jake Beech27590CNo Sessions
19Riley Hunt27596CNo Sessions
20Aurélien BAILLIF29641CNo Sessions
21Josh Howard30333CNo Sessions
22Kaleb Armstrong30410CNo Sessions
23BRADY GILMORE31338CNo Sessions
24Ben Moore31429CNo Sessions
25Alex Rose32087CNo Sessions
26Trestin Beets33825CNo Sessions
27Corey Brennan35731CNo Sessions
28shelby Rempel36241CNo Sessions
29Zach Kyte36749CNo Sessions
30Ashton kreiger37147CNo Sessions
31Dominic Dunford38719CNo Sessions
32Bertram Hansen39172CNo Sessions

450(250T/450) - Top 40 Qualify

1Tanguy Prost20285C 1:32.437
2Joulyan Ory24277C 1:32.679
3Lilian Oury21771C 1:33.054
4Alexandre Couderc34582C 1:34.164
5Jason Mena35202C 1:35.593
6Tom Pister33710C 1:37.203
7Clément Carpentier37650C 1:38.617
8Tim Vredegoor21157C 1:38.742
9Jeff Ohe30451C 1:40.132
10Jarno Steegmans19627CNo Sessions
11Senor Bob19799CNo Sessions
12blake kiber24232CNo Sessions
13matt bernabe27451CNo Sessions
14Luke Griffin29543CNo Sessions
15Retse de smedt31424CNo Sessions
16Justin Witteman32814CNo Sessions
17Arthur Valin33959CNo Sessions
18Mathias DIDIER34676CNo Sessions
19Jérémy Babu36565CNo Sessions
20Brad Rosembarg37110CNo Sessions

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450 Results


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