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open(Open) - Top 40 Qualify

1Tanner Rogers7877ANo Sessions
2eric kidney8694CNo Sessions
3will clark11019CNo Sessions
4Seth Garrett18588ANo Sessions
5Zachary Adams18905BNo Sessions
6Ram MeHas21737CNo Sessions
7Brandon Nigrin22612BNo Sessions
8dakota revis27258CNo Sessions
9Noah McLaughlin30022CNo Sessions
10Colt Hans30353CNo Sessions
11Nathan McLaughlin31541CNo Sessions
12Seth Shirley31547CNo Sessions
13Christopher McPherson31857CNo Sessions
14Tyler More31898CNo Sessions
15jeffrey bruns31947CNo Sessions
16Chuckie Nigrin32021CNo Sessions
17James Layle32685CNo Sessions
18Jace Hinrichs32919CNo Sessions
19tukker mclean33089CNo Sessions
20Cooper Hunt33108CNo Sessions
21Landon Bartol34215CNo Sessions
22Joey Arico34999ANo Sessions
23Tanner Scott36549CNo Sessions
24Dean Frank37006CNo Sessions
25Joseph Naia37385CNo Sessions
26Peter Jones37999CNo Sessions
27Lucas Arriagada38842CNo Sessions
28John Matthews39312CNo Sessions

open Results

1Josh Vanderhoof125
2Josh Vanderhoof125
3August Sanders222
4August Sanders222
5August Sanders222
6August Sanders222
7August Sanders222
8August Sanders222
9August Sanders222
10August Sanders222
11Ronnie Mac320
12Ronnie Mac320
13Ronnie Mac320
14Ronnie Mac320
15Ronnie Mac320
16Ronnie Mac320
17Morgan Migneault418
18Morgan Migneault418
19Morgan Migneault418
20Morgan Migneault418
21Hayden Windsor516
22Hayden Windsor516
23Hayden Windsor516
24Hayden Windsor516
25Hayden Windsor516
26Hayden Windsor516
27Hayden Hoffarth615
28Hayden Hoffarth615
29Hayden Hoffarth615
30Hayden Hoffarth615
31Hayden Hoffarth615
32Hayden Hoffarth615
33Hayden Hoffarth615
34Hayden Hoffarth615
35Hayden Hoffarth615
36Hayden Hoffarth615
37Hayden Hoffarth615
38Hayden Hoffarth615
39Hayden Hoffarth615
40Michael Sellmer714
41Michael Sellmer714
42Michael Sellmer714
43Michael Sellmer714
44Michael Sellmer714
45Michael Sellmer714
46Michael Sellmer714
47Michael Sellmer714
48Michael Sellmer714
49Michael Sellmer714
50Michael Sellmer714
51Michael Sellmer714
52Michael Sellmer714
53Michael Sellmer714
54Michael Sellmer714
55Coby Gilsdorf813
56Kristian Johansen912
57Joe Sawler1011
58Josh Boaz1110
59pnwhipplec Holland129
60Josh Boaz138
61Josh Boaz147
62Josh Boaz156
63Josh Boaz165
64Josh Boaz174
65Mika Tiaho183
66Josh Boaz192
67Josh Boaz201
68Daniel Mills211
69Mark Zeidler221
70Mark Zeidler221
71Josh Boaz-7940
72Josh Boaz-1530
73Josh Boaz-1150
74Josh Boaz-970
75Josh Boaz-760
76Josh Boaz-350
77Josh Boaz-330
78Josh Boaz-290
79Josh Boaz-190
80Josh Boaz-160
81Josh Boaz-140
82Josh Boaz-140
83Josh Boaz-90
84Josh Boaz-80
85Josh Boaz-70
86Josh Boaz-70
87Josh Boaz-50
88Josh Boaz-10
89Josh Boaz-10
90MXSLobby Administration00
91MXSLobby Administration00
92MXSLobby Administration00
93MXSLobby Administration00
94MXSLobby Administration00
95MXSLobby Administration00
96MXSLobby Administration00
97MXSLobby Administration00
98MXSLobby Administration00
99MXSLobby Administration00
100MXSLobby Administration00
101MXSLobby Administration00
102MXSLobby Administration00
103MXSLobby Administration00
104MXSLobby Administration00
105MXSLobby Administration00
106MXSLobby Administration00
107MXSLobby Administration00
108MXSLobby Administration00
109MXSLobby Administration00
110MXSLobby Administration00
111MXSLobby Administration00
112MXSLobby Administration00
113MXSLobby Administration00
114MXSLobby Administration00
115MXSLobby Administration00
116MXSLobby Administration00
117MXSLobby Administration00
118MXSLobby Administration00
119MXSLobby Administration00
120MXSLobby Administration00
121MXSLobby Administration00
122MXSLobby Administration00
123MXSLobby Administration00
124MXSLobby Administration00
125MXSLobby Administration00
126MXSLobby Administration00
127MXSLobby Administration00
128MXSLobby Administration00
129MXSLobby Administration00
130MXSLobby Administration00
131MXSLobby Administration00
132MXSLobby Administration00
133MXSLobby Administration00
134Josh Vanderhoof10
135Josh Vanderhoof10
136Josh Vanderhoof10
137Josh Vanderhoof10
138Josh Vanderhoof10
139Josh Vanderhoof10
140Josh Vanderhoof10
141Josh Vanderhoof10
142Josh Vanderhoof10
143Josh Vanderhoof10
144Josh Vanderhoof10
145Josh Vanderhoof10
146Josh Vanderhoof10
147Josh Vanderhoof10
148Josh Vanderhoof10
149Josh Vanderhoof10
150Josh Vanderhoof10
151Josh Vanderhoof10
152Josh Vanderhoof10
153Josh Vanderhoof10
154Josh Vanderhoof10
155Josh Vanderhoof10
156Josh Vanderhoof10
157Josh Vanderhoof10
158Josh Vanderhoof10
159Josh Vanderhoof10
160Josh Vanderhoof10
161Josh Vanderhoof10
162August Sanders20
163August Sanders20
164August Sanders20
165August Sanders20
166August Sanders20
167August Sanders20
168August Sanders20
169August Sanders20
170August Sanders20
171August Sanders20
172August Sanders20
173August Sanders20
174August Sanders20
175August Sanders20
176August Sanders20
177August Sanders20
178August Sanders20
179Hayden Hoffarth60
180Josh Boaz150
181Josh Boaz150
182Daniel Mills210
183Josh Boaz230
184Josh Boaz230
185Josh Boaz240
186Josh Boaz250
187Quentin Belle330
188Josh Boaz430
189Josh Boaz490
190Jan Manuel660
191tj hartman780
192vito lavopa990
193Josh Boaz1120
194Josh Boaz1140
195Josh Boaz1260
196Josh Boaz1380
197Josh Boaz1390
198Josh Boaz1460
199Josh Boaz1510
200Michael Wheeler1760
201massimo lanzarini2500
202massimo lanzarini2500
203massimo lanzarini2500
204massimo lanzarini2500
205massimo lanzarini2500
206massimo lanzarini2500
207massimo lanzarini2500
208massimo lanzarini2500
209massimo lanzarini2500
210massimo lanzarini2500
211massimo lanzarini2500
212massimo lanzarini2500
213massimo lanzarini2500
214massimo lanzarini2500
215massimo lanzarini2500
216massimo lanzarini2500
217massimo lanzarini2500
218massimo lanzarini2500
219massimo lanzarini2500
220massimo lanzarini2500
221Josh Boaz2640
222Josh Boaz2850
223Josh Boaz3170
224Josh Boaz3310
225Josh Boaz3950
226Josh Boaz4410
227Josh Boaz5220
228Josh Boaz7210
229Josh Boaz8050
230Josh Boaz8280
231Tanner Rogers78770
232eric kidney86940
233will clark110190
234Seth Garrett185880
235Zachary Adams189050
236Ram MeHas217370
237Brandon Nigrin226120
238Noah McLaughlin300220
239Lucas Becker300390
240Mike Spangenberg314610
241Nathan McLaughlin315410
242Seth Shirley315470
243Christopher McPherson318570
244Tyler More318980
245jeffrey bruns319470
246Chuckie Nigrin320210
247James Layle326850
248Jace Hinrichs329190
249tukker mclean330890
250Joey Arico349990
251Tanner Scott365490
252Joseph Naia373850
253Peter Jones379990
254Lucas Arriagada388420
255John Matthews393120

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